omegameg replied to your post: The Hound of the Baskervilles is absolutely…

It is AMAZING. Of the bigger stories it’s my favorite. And idk if you’re watching any of series 2 of Sherlock in your class, but their take on the story is excellent too imo.

We’ll be watching select episodes of Sherlock in a few weeks and the prof. is open to suggestions on which episodes so I imagine that we’ll be watching Hounds. Super excited now!

These are my birthday gifts from my best friends :) the book on the left is a recipe book of only avocado recipes. The book on the right is jgl’s hitrecord tiny book of tiny stories. The thing in the bottom of the pic is a plushy of a T4 bacteriophage. All of these things represent everything I love. My friends know me all too well. Thanks guys <3 happy birthday (which is tomorrow) to me!

Handwriting Challenge! I was tagged by omegameg

Answer these questions in your own handwriting:

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I guess I’ll tag captjessicacrunch, dopesickles, and graphiterubber
….only if you haven’t already done this…because idk and I have a terrible memory. :)