Thank you for participating you guys made it awesome!, here are the winners:

- Flaahgra (Metroid Prime)

- Crocomire (Super Metroid)

- Goyagma (Metroid Other M)

- Nightmare (Metroid Fusion)

- Quadraxis (Metroid Prime 2 Echoes)

- Imago (Metroid Zero Mission)

- Omega Metroid (Metroid 2 Return of Samus)

- Berserker Lord (Metroid Prime 3 Corruption)

- Ridley ( Metroid)


I’m providing a link to all the patterns I’ve made so far with a link to the source image! Enjoy :D 

Howl’s moving Castle Pattern - Source image: Mitchleo on reddit!

Rose Quartz - Pattern made by me.

Eternal Sailor Moon - From the game Fuwa Fuwa Panic (2 I think)

Blue Space Dandy - Pattern made from the opening of the anime! 

Sailor Moon Cameo Brooch - I designed and made this one too ^_^

Crescent Moon Wand - Source Image: Bitmap Dreams!

Henshin and Disguise Pens! - Bitmap Dreams! 

Omega Metroid - Metroid Fusion sprite

Outer Senshi Liprods - Bitmap Dreams again (she has made the most gorgeous Sailor Moon pixels if you cant tell)


The omega metroid was scary when it first appeared in 1992 in Metroid II: The Return of Samus (not an easy feat on an 8-bit, monochrome handheld) and I think that image was maintained pretty well when it finally reappeared 10 years later in Metroid Fusion.

That was the loudest and most inhuman noise I’ve ever heard the GBA emit.