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His family sent him a letter while he was in the medicine wing. Percival read it, pale and nauseous, and then frowned and ducked his gaze, the nurse that brought it to him politely looked away. Percival Edwardson Graves was released after three weeks at the medicine (he said released, the nurses said coerced), and spent the next week buying a new flat on the outskirts of New York, and moving there despite the nurses’ warnings that he should be resting after the sort of turmoils he’d just put his body through. As though he chose for it to happen.

No place was safe. Grindlewald was never going to be behind bars for long, and with Grindlewald, Percival’s secrets would also be a liability in the long run, if Percival didn’t kill him first. So Percival laid in wait, recuperating, watching for an opportunity to commit the first major crime in his life as an upstanding Auror. On this day, he went to work as though routine, greeting Red on the way up the escalator, and gripped his wand inside his sleeve to the point of pain as he walked down the hall toward where Grindlewald was currently being held.

He hadn’t counted on Tina Goldstein marching Newt Scamander down the hall in the opposite direction, Tina glancing twice at Percival’s direction, and Percival realized he was being suspected. He paused his steps, “Goldstein. Scamander.” This was actually the first time Percival’d met face to face the Brit that’d saved him. He glanced over the man - shy, nervous, the odd one out in this office environment.

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Scott shifted to face her as he tried to defend himself, “I get that but-”

“No, you don’t.” Charlotte cut Scott off sharply, the frustrations of the last few hours catching up to her. “I was already on edge when you and Malia found me. This is how it happens. A pack takes me in out of pity, and then within a day or two I’m thrown out again. Theo actually needs me. I haven’t had that in a long time.”

Scott’s eyes softened as he watched her. She had expected him to raise his voice back at her, to tell her to get out then, but instead he was shifting to face her properly. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realise. But maybe we need you too.”

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chapter 4's gon be so sexy im shaking

Almost half of the chapter is beautiful omega heat beast sex and the rest is them bein lovey dovey af. 
This chapter is pure bliss.


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(Part ) I have a headcanon that the captain of the football team, who is an omega who is a beast in football and is one of the best players in the state or whatever, is being hit on by every alpha at his school, except for one. The alpha that isn't bothering him is a super nerd, and he's polite to the omega. The omega isn't sure how to feel about it, because he does like being complimented and this alpha is kinda indifferent towards him. And so the omega tries to court the alpha



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Many people think Percival is an alpha thanks to many years mastering how to be dominate and intimidating ( and taking supplements) No one bothers him not even suspect he’s an omega expect one person knows what Percival really is. 

Percival is at the pub after finishing work feeling a drink can do some good. However he can’t help but feel someone watching him. Turning around he spots a man with brown hair, green eyes, and freckles peppered around his face. He’s just staring at Percival smirking even it made him very uneasy. This guy didn’t look the part but Percival caught on that this person is indeed an alpha.

He couldn’t…shouldn’t know that I’m….NO! That’s impossible…maybe the pills are wearing off I’ll just take more!

 Percival drowned his shot of whiskey ignoring the burn in his throat hurrying to the restroom to take his supplements. He was glad no one else was in there.

“Careful with those taking to much is harmful.”

Percival jumped dropping his pill bottle on the floor, it was him.  If anyone saw him you say it was innocent but that was far from the truth. He walked up to Percival hands in his pocket towering over him looking down made Percival feel small. He felt so many emotions, Percival is used to being on top the one to scare others he can’t even remember feeling this type of way. Even worse this was making him aroused what the fuck!? The stranger smiled letting at a chuckle seeming to be please, not saying a word he left. Percival dropped to  the floor very confused body feeling hot all of a sudden. Damn it

After taking care of himself Percival saw the stranger was no longer in the pub, he was quite relieved about it honestly. 

“ Hey buddy some guy wanted me to give you this.”

It was business card judging by the size he took the card inspecting it.  The stranger name was Newton Scamander he’s a veterinarian, had a number and home address. Percival turned the card over going a bit pale at what was written on it. 

Come to my place whenever you’re ready I’ll be waiting. P.S I be careful with amount of supplements you take-Newt

 Percival shoved the card in his pocket, placing money on the bar table he left quickly hoping no one sees him blushing.  The man’s voice kept ringing in his mind. 

He wondered if he should go now or just forget about Scamander…..