US Pokémon Event: McDonald’s Hoopa

After waiting for weeks to hear an official date for the United Sates Hoopa event,we have finally receive word. Between November 27th through December 23rd you can receive the mythical pokémon Hoopa via any participating McDonald’s. You can download your Hoopa onto XY and ORAS, and don’t forget to visit a pokémart in either ORAS to trigger the ingame event for the Prison Bottle, otherwise you won’t be able to transform your Hoopa to it’s Unbound form.

Pokémon Event: 20th Anniversary Celebi

The 20th Anniversary Celebi event is now live in North America. Players are able to download this Mythical pokémon via WiFi now through March 24th. To receive this event into your Gen VI game (X&Y and ORAS) , follow the instructions bellow:

  1. Make sure your 3DS is connected to the internet.
  2. Open up the Gen VI game of your choice.
  3. From the main menu go to Mystery Gift.
  4. Select Receive Gift and then select Get Via Internet.
  5. When prompted to connect to the internet select Yes.
  6. Select The Mystical Pokémon Celebi event (It should be the only option)
  7. Once received visit any pokémon center to pick up your new mon!