omega recoil


A/n: This was based off something I thought of a while back. An AU where Arthur is an omega and lives in a small town where no one finds him attractive or mate-worthy because they’ve all literally grown up with him. He’s the local lil’ bro. A new then alpha moves in and he’s practically head over heels with him… and Arthur has no idea what to do.

Also thanks @katryusha for beta-ing half of it! 

“Ah, Arthur, finally arrived to swindle me of my money.” the shopkeeper declared as the blond struggled through the heavy glass doors. He shoved through them with a slight grunt, groaning as he tugged his scarf free of the closed door’s hold. 

“What is it now, hm? Bread for fifty-percent off? Half the store for free? Anything to serve His Royal Highness.” 

The beta shopkeep punctuated this with a small burst of hearty laughter as his large hand came smashing down onto the counter. The omega jumped at the sudden noise, drawing yet a louder laugh from the other man’s lips. 

Arthur crinkled his nose in response, sniffing as he slowly unraveled his scarf, face pink from the cold and hair like spun gold tucked under his woolen cap.

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Snake Bites

“Jesus Christ, you’re drunk again.”

The words were flat and unimpressed, but Alfred sighed regardless at the form leaning bent against his doorframe. This wasn’t the first time this had happened. 

It also wouldn’t be the last.

The omega mumbled something but his head was cocked down against his stylishly ripped hoodie and Alfred couldn’t make the words out. He didn’t care for them anyway. Excuses. It was always excuses.

“Whatever. Get in here.” The alpha muttered, yanking his not-quite-friend into the building and navigating him through the shared house up to his room. A couple of the other guys who were still awake looked up, but then went back to what they were doing.

They were no stranger to Arthur stopping by.

The omega stumbled in his boots and Alfred wondered for not the first time how he could even walk in them at all before he shut the door to his room and pushed the other boy onto his bed. Arthur floundered in his stupor, groaning and slurring in all his dyed-red hair and pierced ear glory. Alfred rolled his eyes.

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