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question!! how exactly do i go about using your fshali save and importing my shep's headmorph?? im very new to modding me2 so i have literally no idea what im doing but i need my femshep to kiss tali lol

Hey there! Sorry I didn’t get to this immediately last night but I fell asleep. But now I’m fully rested and ready to give unto thee, anon, the ancient secrets of Gibbed’s Save Editor, headmorphs, and obtaining sweet sweet fshali romance.

I’m going to take screencaps to make this super easy. The larger caps are kinda squished by tumblr so I made them click through links to full sized screencaps. Just click ‘em!

Step One: Open up Gibbed’s Saved Editor and open the save in Gibbed’s.

This is pretty easy and self explanatory- open up the correct save file that you want to edit. First we’re going to extract your Shep’s headmorph for use in other saves. Select a save with the correct headmorph of your Shepard and open it. 

Step Two: Exporting Your Shep’s Headmorph

Helpful red guiding circles! For some reason the Player>Appearance tab was never implemented in ME2 Gibbed’s (It is fully functional in ME3 Gibbed’s, but that’s a different topic all together) so all headmorph work happens in the Toolbox tab. First we need to make an .me2headmorph file of your Shepard. With your Shepard’s save opened up, go to Toolbox, then hit Export Entire Head. Save the resulting headmorph file anywhere you want, just as long as you know where it is on your computer. It doesn’t have to be in any certain game file like some other types of mods. (I keep a huge collection of headmorphs in a folder on my desktop, for example)

Step Three: Open My FShali Save

No pictures for this one ‘cuz you did this already in Step One. This time, instead of opening your Shepard’s save file, we’ll be opening my fShali save in Gibbed’s. Place my fShali save in your Shepard’s save folder in My Documents > Bioware > Mass Effect 2 > Saves. Then, go to Gibbed’s and open it up just like we did with your Shepard’s save.

Step Four: Importing Your Headmorph

Time to transform my Shepard into yours! Once again, go back to the Toolbox tab and this time hit “Import”. Select the .me2headmorph file of your Shepard’s headmorph that we made in Step Two and open it. Now the Shepard in this save will have the appearance of your Shepard!

Step Five: Changing Gender

The final step is upon us and sweet, sweet fShali kisses are almost within your grasp. Simply go to Basic and then down to the Gender option and make sure it is set to Female (and optionally rename and adjust the class to fit your Shep but that’s totally optional). Once that’s done, hit save, open up Mass Effect 2, go through the Omega Four Relay and be rewarded with….

….. And that’s about it! If you have ANY more questions, let me know and I will do everything I can to help you achieve the Great FShali Dream. Anything to spread the joyful gospel of fShali to the world. Also fShep gives the best bedroom eyes when she takes off Tali’s mask- it’s so much better than the dopey face mShep makes- so prepare for that.

Now go forth and have your femShep smooch her beloved Quarian engineer girlfriend!!!!

→   You can pay a soldier to fire a gun. You can pay him to charge the enemy and take a hill. But you can’t pay him to believe. When you went up against Sovereign there was no good reason to believe you’d win. But your crew didn’t seem to care; they went along anyway. Your trip through the Omega Four relay? That was a suicide mission if there ever was one. Yet there your crew was, standing beside you, proud to serve. Why?

Because they believed in you. Their leader. 

Fic: Strictly Casual (1/5)

So I’m still working on new fic, but it’s going a bit slowly at present.

However, I found this old fic while I was looking for something else on my hard drive. I must have posted this to the kmeme a year ago, or so, and I thought I’d finally clean it up a bit and repost it.

Title: Strictly Casual

Summary: What Shepard has with Garrus is just a little blowing off steam. Right? (post-Suicide Mission, pre-ME3)

Rating: This section, T for language and discussion of sexual situations. Later installments will be more explicit.


When Shepard arrived for the weekly Normandy “Girls’ Night,” Kasumi was already behind the bar mixing drinks. “Hey, Shep,” she greeted her. “Got some asari liqueurs, so I’m trying out some new cocktails. Wanna try one?”

Shepard decided she was best off not knowing where Kasumi had gotten the liqueurs from. “Sure, hit me.”

Kasumi passed her a glass filled with something pink and bubbly. She waited until Shepard had taken a mouthful before saying, “So, you and Garrus?”

Shepard part-swallowed, part-inhaled her mouthful. Sweet. “I, ah… we’re just friends, Kasumi.”

“Mm-hm. Friends who shared a bottle of wine together before we hit the Omega-Four Relay, is what I hear.”

The door slid open. “What are you talking about?” Tali asked, coming in with Kelly in tow.

“Nothing,” said Shepard quickly.

“Nothing except how Garrus went up to Shepard’s quarters before we hit the relay.” Kasumi passed fresh glasses to both of the other women, Tali’s in a special bulb with a straw.

“Ooh, I knew it!” cried Kelly, settling herself on a stool.

Tali squealed, accepting her drink. “Really? It is about time something happened with you two.”

This time Shepard managed to swallow without inhaling anything. “What?”

“Please, Shepard. I’ve been watching you two together for a long time.”

“We’re friends,” Shepard said defensively.

Kelly pouted. “So are you saying nothing happened? That would be very disappointing.” She gazed at Shepard over the rim of her glass with big pleading eyes.

“Well…” she admitted, and all three of them leaned forward slightly. “Yeah. Okay. There was a little… tension relief. Just… blowing off some steam.”

Kasumi said, “So are we talking, what, a back rub here, or something a little more sweaty and naked?”

“Sweaty and naked?” asked Jack, making her entrance late, as usual. “Aw, I like the sound of this. Catch me up.”


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