omega cloth

There’s no way jungkook got his jacket cleaned in just a day right? unless his cordi noona got it done for him. Uhh but I believe their stylists had let them don their own outfits yesterday. Jimin was spotted wearing THE SAME jacket, which fyi belongs to Jeon Jungkook -who had once stated he doesn’t like sharing clothes- today on his outing with Jin. If it’s still not washed, doesn’t this mean Jungkook’s scent was still on that jacket when Jimin wore it? Jungkook’s perfume? sc-scent? lingering on Jimin?


This is perfect, Saint Seiya original intro recreated with Myth Cloths.

Vanilla #11

((Shiro is ignoring Lance in this chapter because it’s what Lance asked him to do, not because he’s an asshole and I’m posting this today becauSE I DO WHAT I WAN T.))

((I’m sorry I didn’t mean to yell))

Lance had stayed where he was for at least another hour, he wasn’t quite sure. He stopped counting the time by seconds and started counting it by how many times he heard footsteps outside the door. Every time he heard them he’d tense. He hadn’t moved a muscle, he was still balled up, naked on the floor of a storage room, clothes piled beside him.

He had hardly noticed the gentle hand on his back but every part of him made him want to turn his head in submission to them. There was a second of silence before Keith spoke “Lance…?” His voice was cautious and nurturing. In less than a second Lances arms had been wrapped around Keith’s neck and he was shivering into the alpha. Keith brought his hands up in surprise, letting one fall on the blue Paladins soft skin. He pulled his hand off momentarily, with his arms wrapped around Lance he used his hands to pull off his gloves. His palm landed back on Lance. He was cold and sweaty and Keith started rubbing circles into the omegas shoulder-blades. He rest his chin on Lances head and his other hand cupped the back of his hair protectively. He breathed in and his pupils slimmed. ‘Shiro.’ He squeezed Lance slightly tighter.

Lance was by no means Keith’s omega. Keith was by no means Lances alpha. They had slept together and felt safe with each other, despite Lance being angry at Keith previously. Their relationship was currently under stress to say the least. But Shiro? Where did he fit into the picture? Keith gripped Lance even tighter and the omega let a gentle purr rumble from his chest at how genuinely safe he felt.

Keith wanted to rip Shiros head off. Keith wanted to find the alpha and challenge his command, attack him relentlessly but Keith knew his omega needed him. 'He’s not your omega.’ He corrected himself. His mind went sour and mournful at the thought. He suddenly moved his arm to adjust Lance and the boy sunk away from Keith’s hand, yelping in pain as it grazed his shoulder. “Lance?” Keith looked to the skin he had touched and his face slacked with disbelief. There, on the nape of Lances neck, was a giant, bruising bite mark that still had damp blood settling on it.

Shiro had marked Lance.

Shiro had fucking marked Lance.

If Keith wasn’t going to kill him before. The red paladin was fuming! Disgusted! Horrified! He felt lance shake suddenly against him and realized he must’ve been presenting aggressive pheromones, he suddenly put his mouth to the top of Lances head, burying his nose in the smell and hummed something soothing. Despite Keith’s anger towards the other Alpha, he let his nerves calm and tried to change his smell to something safe. There was only a few more seconds where Lance was tense before he stopped shaking and was comfortable again. Lance seemed to does off lightly. The alpha examined the bite mark with distaste. He was literally going to fucking murder Shiro.

Keith had helped the panicked Lance into his clothes. The omega was being a hassle, every few seconds between pieces of cloth he’d reach for Keith like a child reaching for candy. His arms would outstretch and he’d cling to any piece of clothing he could lace his fingers through and pull himself towards it, earning a grunt from Keith when he pulled to hard. Keith didn’t mind, in fact the red paladin near enjoyed how Lance felt so safe with him.

“Lance you should go lay down.” Lance groaned at the idea of moving.

“I don’t want to go out there.” He mumbled into Keith’s chest.

“I know man but you gotta.” He wasn’t exactly… the best, at comforting people. “I’ll walk with you to your room.”

Lance gripped a little tighter onto Keith “but he’s out there what if he sees me.” Keith shuddered, what had Shiro done? Did Lance not say yes? Did Shiros alpha get too strong? His heart sank into his gut and he tried to push the thoughts away. Shiro would never. “I don’t want to talk to him.”

That was a lie. Lance wanted nothing more than to go towards Shiro. He was fully aware of the mark on his neck and fully aware of the fact that it was rendering him weak. Alphas usually stayed after the marking process, which usually happened when mating, and helped clean everything. Marking also usually happened in a nest made by the omega. Marking also usually happened with intimate partners. Marking also usually was done on the shoulder. This situation was highly irregular, not unheard of but a very serious issue.

There was something in the saliva of Alphas that contains a component that helps omegas heal faster, that’s why when omegas are sick or injured, the alpha is always by their side and cleaning or grooming them gently. Marking was only slightly different. The alpha would spoon around its omega and could sense whenever she/he started to become distressed. At the first sign of discomfort, the alpha would clean the mark, making sure it stayed healthy. Lances Alpha was gone. Lance cringed at the term 'Lances alpha.’ Shiro wasn’t Lances alpha, Shiro was the alpha that claimed Lance. There was a difference.

None the less, the stinging was starting to set in, the subtle pain on his neck. He turned his head slightly, trying to get it to stop. Suddenly he felt a tongue swipe over it, it stung at first but soon started soothing him. Lance let out a soft unintentional purr.

Keith could smell the rancid scent coming from the omega, it stung his nostrils and he could tell that the man was not happy and in pain. He furrowed his eyebrows in pity. He leaned in and with a second of hesitance stuck out his tongue and gently wiped it over the mark, cleaning it in a similar fashion as if it were his own. Keith sighed through his nose. 'As if it were his own’, he had wished it were his, he’d’ve stayed.

Once Lance seemed to calm down Keith hoisted the tall man up, carrying him bridal style to the door. Lance was in a cold sweat, arms in Keith’s chest, taking in every second of the smell, knowing that once he was back in his room that Keith would leave. The red paladin checked around corners before turning them. The alpha had a plan, he was going to take Lance to keiths room and go and find as many pillows and blankets as he could muster. In a time like this he knew that the omega would appreciate being engulfed in the alphas scent. He was almost to his room when Shiro turned the corner, in quiet conversation with pidge. Keith narrowed his eyes and picked up his pace, hoping to get to his room before having to pass Shiro.

Shiro hadn’t said very much to pidge but appreciated her talking to him. Taking his mind off


He could smell the distressed omega and looked up, ears perked and nostrils flared. He saw Keith carrying him and suddenly felt angry. He furrowed his brow in confusion at his own emotions. Why did he feel so possessive over Lance. Sleeping with someone didn’t do this. Shiro saw Keith pick up his pace and stop at his door, opening it and walking in. At this point, the black paladin zoned pidge out. They were extremely close to Keith’s room when he emerged.

Keith set Lance on his bed and stepped away, feeling the need to curl around the omega protectively when he whined at the loss of contact. “I’ll be right back.” Lances hand slumped on the bed. “I promise.”

Lance nodded as Keith turned to leave. “Keith?” His voice was strangely strong considering the circumstances, Keith turned around. “Thank you.” He smiled and continued, leaving his room.

Shiro glared at the red paladin who shot the look back, a million times worse. A growl rumbled in there throats as the brushed shoulders. “Shiro!” Keith’s voice was sharp and interrupted pidge. Instantly the black paladin turned to him and almost as quickly keith nailed him in the jaw. Shiro went stumbling back as his hand cupped his face. He thudded onto the ground, unable to regain balance.

“KEITH WHAT THE HELL.” Pidges voice was instantly surprised and she flattened herself against the wall of the hallway. If alphas were about to fight, Pidge; a beta, was smart to stay out of the way.

And they did. Keith jumped on top of Shiro and straddled his hips, placing a hand on the mans throat, Shiro let out a low growl that was cut off by another punch to his face. Shiro bucked his hips to one side, rolling on top of Keith. His nose was bleeding, dropping spots onto Keith’s grey shirt. Keith struggled underneath the bigger alpha and Shiro growled dominantly. Every nerve told keith to cower and submit to him, every thought told him to fight back.

And he did. When Shiro threw a punch, Keith swung his head out of the way and as his fist hit the ground, Keith swung his arm into the bigger mans elbow. Shiro buckled with a yelp and fell onto his shoulder. The red paladin pushed out of Shiros grasp and launched himself back onto the bigger man, teeth bared. Before Shiro could react, Keith was biting down roughly into the mans shoulder. The black paladin hollered and brought his galra hand over to Keith’s throat, pulling him off and flinging him to the wall across from him effortlessly. They both scrambled to their feet, blood dripping from Keith’s mouth, Shiros nose and now his shoulder. They froze and stared at each other, ready to attack again, trying to make themselves look as big as possible.

Then they stopped, Keith scented the air at the sudden change from aggression and spite to discomfort and pain. It wasn’t Shiros or his own, it was Lances. He knew Shiro could smell it too, the other alphas eyes wide and searching, his nose twitching as he scented. They both took a step towards Keith’s room and glanced at each other. “Stop.” Keith’s voice was more commanding than ever and for a brief second he thought he saw Shiro pull away in an act of submission but the man quickly regained composure. The other alpha instantly looked to Keith, then back to the room. He shook his head, trying to get rid of thoughts or temptation and he turned to leave.

Keith turned to see pidge, fear prominent in her eyes. She had just witnessed an all out alpha fight. It wasn’t even a fight for dominance, no, it was worse, it was a fight for possession over an omega. A fight for possession was the most serious level of aggression an Alpha could reach and pidge had just witnessed it.

She scanned Keith up and down, he paused to look at her, she bared her neck to him and he walked up to her, pulling her into a hug. She didn’t react, he scented her gently and she seemed to calm down slightly. He pulled away but kept his hands on her shoulders, giving her a questioning look, asking if she was ok. Of course, Shiros blood lining his mouth left Keith’s sincere look looking not-so-sincere. Still, pidge looked to him and nodded, he brought a hand up to brush her hair out of her face. Keith gave Pidges shoulder a swift squeeze of comfort and pulled away, turning to his room. He opened the door, closing it behind him. He found Lance curled in his bed, already having arranged the available blankets and pillows.

Keith’s mouth opened slightly as he realized that not only did Lance take all of his pillows and blankets, but the omega had started taking his clothes out of his drawers. “Lance?” Keith walked over to him slightly. “How is it?” He hummed, not daring to actually enter the nest. Rule #1, never enter an omegas nest unless they invite you.

“It hurts.” He breathed into one of Keith’s shirts. “It really, really hurts and stings.” His eyes didn’t look up to the red paladin but Keith could tell by his choked tone that he was fighting tears of pain.

“May I?” Keith offered, already reaching for Lances shoulder blade to comfort him.

Lance didn’t respond, he just shifted slightly so his neck was easy-access for Keith. Keith frowned, the bite-mark had gotten worse. It was bruised and swollen. He leaned in and gently started licking it, cleaning the wound as best as he could. Lances skin tasted sour at first, the taste of another alpha, it soon faded to that sickly-sweet lull that Lance tasted like. Lance winced in pain at first contact but was soon pushing into Keith slightly, a small purr rumbling from his throat.

Poor Lance. That’s all Keith could think, y'know, aside from his burning desire to rip Shiros throats out.

…to be continued…

Random text HCs for the YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - Kids 01

Exactly as stated. Self-indulgent rambling headcanons around themes/questions on the OC kids of the YOI Future!Verse ABO AU. Some of this may be when they are a bit older.

New to the AU? Basics here, rest of the posts HERE.

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Hidden Prize (alpha yondu x Omega reader)

Letting his men go first Yondu followed in after them. He watched as his men took over the ship they were currently plundering. Looking about he saw as one of his crew held the Captain on his knees. Walking over he smiled at the man, no doubt one of the Kree race. “Well looky here. We got ourselves a Kree ship boys.” he said rubbing his hands together. The blue man gave a snarl to Yondu and proceeded to insult him about his former slave life. “I guess I moved up in life, now what sorta goodies you got on this here ship.” he smirked. Snapping his fingers the men began going through the boxes on the ship to find anything they could sell. Seeing the dead crew members on the ground he looked at the Kree captain. “See your first mistake was keeping weak crew members.”  he growled before punching the Kree in the gut. Hearing a scream he furrowed his brows and looked in the direction it was coming from. Kraglin was the first to met the Captains eyes, showing him honest concern while the others just laughed and gave fox calls. “Ah Captain you may want to come take a look at this.” Kraglin said and the Kree began to thrash in his bindings. Kicking the Kree Yondu made his way towards where the others were to see what they were gawking at. “Now move out the way.” he said, pushing the men aside. Looking inside the small dark room he saw a cage with what clearly a woman inside. She was curled up in the far corner, shaking with fear as some of the crew tried to grab at her. Seeing chains on her ankles, wrists and neck he knew imminently she had to be a slave in transport. Remembering the time when he too was in chains Yondu gritted his teeth before kicking one of his crew members that was trying to grab at her in the ribs. The man doubled over in pain and all the others were quick to look at the blue centenarian. “Your scaring her. Go see what else ya can find on the ship. Go on GET!” he yelled making the men take off away from the cage. “Kraglin!” he said still looking at the girl. “Yes Cap?” the skinny man said. “Bring me the Kree.” he said in a even tone and saw as the man nodded out of the corner of his eye. 

When the Kree was thrown to his feet Yondu finally broke his gaze from the female still cowering in the corner. “Who is she?” he asked but the man said nothing. Whistling Yondu made his arrow go through the Kree’s leg, erupting a loud grunt from the man. “I’ll ask again who is she!?” when the man again said nothing Yondu let out a high pitch slow whistle. The arrow slowly began to pierce itself into the males chest. “She is a terran. Picked her up during the battle on earth.” he screamed in his own language. “Why?” Yondu asked calmly. “She is an Omega… were going to see how much we could get for her… would you be interested. I hear the cunt is pure, just how you Centaurians like them.” the kree mocked with a laugh. Curling his lip in distaste the room was filled with a high pitch whistle and the kree fell dead at Yondu’s feet. The omega had not looked up once and he knew she must be terrified. “Kraglin, go get me a blanket.” he said and was left alone with the female once again. Opening the cage door he bent down to crawl over to her. He could see the dark bruises on her body where she had been beaten and furrowed his brows. Her clothes were dirty and had holes all in them. Her hair matted and wild. She was shaking still and when he ran his knuckles over her upper arm she flinched. “Now doll I’m gonna get ya out of here.” he told her in as gentle of a voice as he could. Moving to grab her hand she snatched her hands away and looked into his eyes. Bright eyes the same color blue as his skin looked into his red ones. He didn’t think he had ever seen so much fear on one person before. “I’m just going to get these chains off ya.” he told her and slowly moved to grab his knife from his boot.  Yondu saw as a tear fell from her eye when she looked at his knife. She thought he was going to hurt her. Grabbing her arm he picked the lock of the chains letting them fall to the ground. When Kraglin walked back into the room with a blanket in his arms he handed it to Yondu. Going to wrap her in the blanket she took her chance and hit his nose with the palm of her hand making him fall backwards and groan in pain. By the time he looked back up she was out of the cage and kicking Kraglin in the balls as she made a run for it. “Fuck.” he said crawling out of the cage to go after her. Seeing her running down the hall he yelled for his men to catch her. When they grabbed her around her middle she kicked and hit as hard as she could to get away. Coming up Yondu saw as she kicked another in the face and before he could say anything the man back handed her across the face, knocking her out. “Did I say hurt her!” he yelled punching the man in the jaw. Pulling the female from the man’s arms he wrapped her in the blanket. “Get whatever you can and hurry up and get us out of here. I want to be long gone by the time the kree find out one of their ships is late.” he told the crew and saw them nod before walking towards his chambers.

Hearing a small groan Yondu looked to see the girl he had laid in his bed waking up. “She finally wakes. You know girl you hit pretty hard for an omega.” he said with a chuckle, walking over to the bed. When she saw him she backed up into the corner of his bed that was against the wall and stared at him. Siting on the bed he looked to her and sighed. “I ain’t gonna hurt ya doll.” he said. “You’re one of them… the ones that took me…” she whispered and he shook his head, “No. I ain’t no kree. I’m a Centaurian. The name is Yondu, What’s yours?” he said holding out his hand for her to shake. She looked the appendage over for a moment before placing her smaller hand in his, “Y/n.” she whispered. Smiling he nodded his head and then looked down to her arm, seeing puncture wounds he let out a sigh, “what did they do to ya darling?” he asked making her snatch her hand away from him. Looking down she tried to cover the marks on her body. Licking his teeth he stood and walked into another room. Soon he walked back out and went to a drawer made into the walls. Watching his every move she was surprised when he came back over to the bed and handed her a pile of what looked like clothing and a towel. “There is a bathroom through there. Here’s some clothes, we ain’t got no women clothes on the ship so these will have to do until I can pick ya up some.” he told her. Timidly she reached out and grabbed the clothes from him and looked down. “Thank you.” she whispered making him give a small smile and nod. She looked between him and the bathroom for a moment before getting up and walking towards it. When she looked out of the room that had no door to separate the two he chuckled, “I’m going to check on what the crew is doing. Don’t worry, ain’t nobody allowed in here but me.” he told her with a smirk before leaving the room. 

Looking in the bathroom y/n saw a shower of sorts with the water already turned on and steaming. Checking to make sure the blue man known as Yondu did actually leave she undressed from her rags and stepped under the water, letting out a small sigh at the feel of the hot water on her skin. Washing away all the dirt and blood she grabbed what she assumed was soap and washed her hair and body. When she was done she was left feeling better than she had in a long time. Holding up the clothes he had gave her she stepped into the red pajama pants, having to roll them up at the waist to keep them from falling down. Pulling the black shirt over her head she lifted the fabric to her nose and sniffed the shirt. Alpha, she knew it. She had guessed that was what he was from the moment she saw him and smelling his scent on the shirt confirmed it. Looking into the mirror she saw how thin her face had grown and saw the light bruise on her cheek where that man had hit her. Sitting back on the bed she looked around the room a she ran her fingers through her hair to get out all the tangles. It was a spacious room with a bed, a small table and a desk. The walls, floor and ceiling looked to be made of metal that was a redish color. The bed itself was covered in black bedding. Looking at the wall that the bed was against she saw it to be made of glass but was not see through. Seeing a button on the wall beside the bed she bit her lip before leaning forward to press it. When the wall became transparent she gasped at what she saw. 

After a few hours Yondu went back to his room, carrying a tray of food and drink for the omega. Opening the door quietly in case she was asleep he looked in to see her sitting on his bed with her legs crossed under her staring out the window into space. Walking over to her she never looked away “Beautiful isn’t it?” he asked making her jump and look at him. Holding up his hand in defense he sat on the bed and placed the tray in front of her. “Thought ya might be hungry.” he said. She seemed cautious at first but when he gave a smile she reached out to grab the food. While she ate Yondu looked over the female. Now that she was clean he saw she was in fact very beautiful. Her skin no long covered in dirt and blood showed clear s/c skin. Her long h/c hair was brushed out and clean. He could also see how skinny she was, no doubt from being starved. With being so skinny his clothes seemed to swallow her up but he couldn’t deny the fact that he enjoyed seeing the omega wearing his clothes. When she went to bite down on a piece of food he quickly reached out to stop her. “No. Trust me you don’t want to eat that end. You won’t be able to move for a hour.” he chuckled before breaking off the root of the fruit and handing it back to her. “Darlin’ I need to find out what they were putting in ya… I just need ta take a little blood…” he said after a while, pulling out a small syringe from his pocket. Moving to grab her arm she snatched it away and growled at him. Knotting his brows he curled his lip and moved to grab her arm again, this time with more force. Before he could react she bit him. “Oww.” he hissed. Jumping he pinned her to the bed under him and held her hands down by her head. She tried with all her might to throw him off of her but he was much stronger than any human. “Hold still now.” he said around the syringe in his mouth. Pulling one of her arms under his leg he took the other one in his hand and grabbed the needle with the other. Pushing the needle into her skin she gave a whimper in pain. As soon as he pulled out the needle he placed it on the table beside his bed and ran his finger over her arm. Feeling a small bump in her skin he knotted his brows and grabbed his knife. She pulled for him to free her arm as he pressed the blade to her arm and cut open the skin. Letting out a scream he hurried and dug out the small tracking bit the kree had put in her arm. Once the chip was out he threw the knife on the table and held his finger down over the cut to stop the bleeding. 

Rolling to lay beside her he kept his hand over the cut. Hearing her crying he let out a sigh, “I’m sorry. That was a tracker they put in ya, most likely in case something like this happened. They won’t be able to get ya again.” he told her. “What are you going to do with me?” she asked in a soft voice. It was the question he had been asking himself since he picked her up. Letting go of her arm he stood. “I don’t know yet…do ya got any family?” he asked and she shook her head. Grabbing the syringe and the chip he looked down at her. “Get some sleep omega.” he said before leaving the room, cutting off the lights when he went. Curling up on the bed y/n looked out the window at the stars. Who was this man? He had saved her and had went out of his way to care for her. He was an alpha and hadn’t made a move to claim her yet. What was his plans for her?

A few days had passed by and over the time y/n had not seen much of her savior. A man known as Kraglin had brought her meals during the day and at night she would only see the Captain when he came to take a shower or grab something out of his room. She had made herself busy by making things out of a box of wires she had found. She had been feeling very weak as of late and made it a habit of just laying in bed. She had been surprised to see Yondu come into the room and look at her. “we are stopping to make a drop in a little bit. It won’t be long but I’ll be off the ship with most of the crew…What’s wrong?” he asked when he saw her flushed skin. “..nothing…i’m fine…just a headache.” she told him, trying to look more presentable. “Mmm, I’ll see if I can pick ya up something.” he told her with a slight nod of his head. Watching him leave she fell back to sleep, burying her face into his pillow. 

Y/n woke up to the door opening and rubbed her sleep filled eyes. “Yondu?” she asked but was surprised when the person came into her sight. It was not Yondu, it was another male, he was a red looking male with sharp teeth and yellow eyes. He quickly moved to cover her mouth when she went to scream, leaning forward to sniff at her. Smiling she saw his yellow eyes flash with something she had seen before, lust. “I Knew it. I could smell your scent down the hall. How delicious you smell. Just coming into heat as well, mmmm.” he hissed into her face. When he went to grope at her breast she bit down on his hand and he pulled it back. With the hand no longer covering her mouth she let out a scream before he again was covering her mouth. “Shut up you stupid whore.” he snarled. Pushing his hand down her pants she felt tears come to her eyes. When a loud whistle filled the room she opened her eyes to see the man on top of her gasp in pain. “That was a warning. Let her be or next time it will be your life.” Yondu yelled making the man look over his shoulder at the Captain. “You think you can keep her for yourself. You ain’t even claimed her yet Yondu!…That why you been staying away from her all this time, to afraid you going to hurt her.” the red man hissed in a mocking tone and she heard a low growl from the blue alpha, “That ain’t none of your concern.” Looking back down at her the man tore the shirt she was wearing, “What if I bite her now? What if I mark her as mine?” He said bending down slowly and showing his sharp teeth. An arrow quickly went through his chest before he fell off of her. Laying there in shock she watched as the arrow flew through the air before Yondu caught it and walked over to drag the man from his bed. He seemed to not be affected by the mans weight as he threw him from the room.

Slamming the door shut he made his way back over to the scared omega in his bed. Sitting on the bed Yondu reached out to stroke her cheek. “Are ya alright?” he asked and saw her nod. “I didn’t know he would do that, I’m sorry.” he growled looking towards the door. “was he telling the truth?” she asked in a whisper and saw him look down. “I’ll get ya a new shirt.” he said going to get up from the bed when he was stopped by her grabbing his hand. Looking at their hands intertwined he tried to control his alpha instincts as the smell of her heat hit him. “That stuff they were injecting you with was heat suppressants. I don’t have any but I know of a guy that I can buy some from… Should be able to get it in a couple hours.” he said and she looked down in shame. Before she could say anything he walked out of the room. Feeling a tear roll down her cheek she layed down on his bed and cried, not knowing the Centaurian was just outside the door listening. 

Hours later Yondu had successfully gotten the heat suppressants for y/n. With a deep breath he made his way back into the room to find her curled up on the bed sleeping. She was whimpering with the pain of her heat. Seeing her holding something he leaned down to see it was one of his shirts that he had been wearing the day before. She was scenting him, she actually did want him. Looking down he shook his head and rubbed his hand over his face. He couldn’t possibly mate with her. She was so much smaller than he was and she was human. He could crush her if he wasn’t careful. All the reasons he shouldn’t claim her ran through his head. Hearing her soft sigh he looked back at her. On the other hand she had no one else and he couldn’t possibly send her back to earth when she had no one there to take care of her. He had always dreamed of taking a omega one day and now he had the chance. Seeing the different things she had made with the spare wires he smiled. Laying the needle on the side table he shrugged off his coat and layed on the bed beside her. Resting on his elbow he ran his finger over her cheek, waking her up. “Yondu?” she asked and he smiled, “Y/n, i need you to listen to me. I got the suppressants if you want them… but I was thinking that I would give you a choice on the matter.” he said stopping to see her looking at him with those bright blue eyes. He couldn’t help but chuckle at the tale he had always heard about omegas having eyes that would somehow match who their true mate was. “I’m a Centaurian and that makes me a whole lot more…intense than your terran men. It would not be difficult for me to hurt ya if I lost control. If I claim ya and it would be your choice, i need ya to understand that once you say yes, there is no going back. I won’t be able to control myself, you’re too much for me to darling. ..But with that being said if I was to take you as a mate I would take care of you. It’s completely up to you.” He said holding her hand in his. “Yes.” she said and he had to look up when he heard the word pass her lips. “Are you sur..” he started but was stopped by her pushing her lips to his. 

Feeling her lips on his he could not stop the growl that left his throat. “princess, you don’t know what you just got yourself into.” he growled out. Grabbing the back of her head he rolled on top of her, biting at her lip he heard her gasp out and used the opportunity to roll his tongue into her mouth. Holding himself up on his forearm he moved the other hand down to grab the shirt she was wearing in his hand. With a quick tug he finished ripping the shirt off of her. Leaning back he looked down at her bare chest and gave a deep growl seeing his eyes flash a darker shade of red y/n let out a gasp when he engulfed one of her nipples into his mouth. Sucking hard on the small nub he felt her flinch and regained control enough to lick over the now raw nipple. Kissing over her chest he sucked marks into her skin. Getting to her neck he licked over the area where soon he would place his claiming mark. Nipping at the skin he moved to kneel above her, pulling his own shirt over his head. Seeing her run her fingers shakingly over his fighting scars he gave a purr, telling her it was okay. Leaning down he went back to kissing her as he slowly pulled the pants from her legs. Lifting her bottom with one of his hands while the other pulled the pants from her legs. When she was completley nude he unbottoned his slacks and kicked them off the bed with his boots. Being skin to skin with the omega made Yondu shake with want. Biting at her hip bones she cried out and he smirked. Licking up the small drops of blood he had created with his sharp teeth he growled out. Licking down to her sex he threw her legs over his shoulders and licked up her slit. When a moan escaped her lips Yondu had to dig his fingertips it her flesh to keep from taking her then. Pushing his long tongue into her pussy he groaned at the sweet taste. He was happy when he found out she was infact pure, that the kree had not been lying. Thrusting one of his fingers into her she arched her back up off the bed. 

He fucked her with his fingers for a while until he thought she was ready for him. Crawling back up her body he slammed his lips to hers. His instincs to claim her were taking over as he made sure to leave marks on her body of their coupling. Lining up with her he slowly sheathed his cock into her small body. She cried out and gripped his arms as he pushed in and when he saw tears flow down her cheeks he became concerned he had hurt her badly. Pulling back out he looked down where their bodies were joined to see blood covering the tip of his shaft. Knotting his brows he sat up and looked at her sex to see a small amount of blood leaking from her hole. “Your bleeding.” he said confused and saw as her watery eyes met his, “I was a virgin.” she said in a embraressed voice. When she started to curl up and hide herself from him he shook his head. “Is it normal for terrans to bleed during their first time?” he asked quickly trying to sooth her. Seeing her nod he let out a sigh of releif. “Do you not want to…” she started to say no longer looking at him. Before she could finish her sentance he was back on top of her kissing her cheek. “I’m not stopping.” he said in a deep voice, thrusting back into her, he pushed into the hilt and heard her moan. Gritting his teeth together he let her adjust to him. When he felt her buck her hips under him he smirked and pulled back out. Thrusting in and out of her he let her moans rile him on. It didn’t take long for her to begin whining. Grabbing her hips he flipped her over onto her stomach. Wasting no time he thrusted back into her hearing a soft cry leave her mouth. “Oh god…Yondu.” she moaned and he let out a feral growl. When the base of his cock began to swell he pushed it into her body, feeling it lock in her body. The omega screamed out as she was knotted by the alpha, her pussy milking his cock. Roaring out Yondu held her hips still as he filled her with his seed. Biting down on her neck he claimed her. Drinking down the blood gushing in his mouth he heard her whimper in pain.

Once he had spent himself he felt the alpha back away and realized what he was doing. Unlocking his jaws he looked to see the bite mark deep and flowing with blood. Furrowing his brows he leaned down to lick at the wound making her hiss and flinch away from him. Holding her tight to him he rolled them over to lay on their sides. With her throat in his hand he held her still as he cleaned the wound. When he was satisfied he placed a kiss on the bite and leaned up to open the window. The two layed there for sometime just looking out at the stars before he began to whistle. When the arrow began flying through the air he saw her sleep filled eyes following the arrow around the room. She smiled softly before giving a yawn, “Get some sleep princess.” he purred to her, placing a kiss to her temple.

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ohmigosh dad i forgot about the abo fic and now i cant get rid of the image of a glamorous pregnant!victor. like, he could rival beyonce with how good he looks pregnant and wears brand names and yuuri is the very proud husband/father/lifeandloveofvictor whose smile burns like a thousand suns because he put a ring on it.

victor wears all the best designer omega paternity clothes, lots of nice tunics with cowl necks and $450 organic cotton hoodies that have been tailored down the side and double breasted blazers by alexander wang’s expecting omega collection.  victor lets his hair grow out and get thick past his shoulders and his favorite thing is when yuuri combs his hair at night before bed.  victor nikiforov goes out shopping for handsome, brightly colored baby slings and skull and crossbone onesies and flame-retardant poodle pajamas, and he wears his hair wrapped up in a bun with a big batik infinity scarf and lululemon sweats with a wide band against the soft swell of his stomach.  he drinks a half-caf iced latte with almond milk.  his leather driving gloves are worn in enough that they stretch when his fingers swell.  victor nikiforov is the most glamorous, dashing pregnant man, and it doesn’t make it easier that he’s fucking glowing and victor can’t believe when yuuri takes off all of his designer wear and spreads him out and gets his hands and mouth all over victor’s stomach that this is really his life, he can’t believe that he has this little, wonderful, amazing part of yuuri katsuki alive inside of him, that they made something together and he feels so loved.  he feels so loved!!!!!!

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Headcanons for a female alpha and a male omega? (I feel like as a fandom we need to appreciate female alphas more)


  • They share literally all their clothing, because any feminine clothes the alpha has can be worn by the omega, and any masculine clothing the omega has can be worn by the alpha (that is, if they’re similar sizes)
  • The omega loves nothing more than to come home and rest his head on his mate’s boobs chest and listen to her heartbeat
  • The alpha being the more stereotypically feminine one, so the omega always comes home to find their nest with a lil wreath of fabric flowers around it, or a new pastel blanket
  • The only taboo thing about a female alpha and a male omega is sex. People find it weird discussing female alpha’s physical attributes, so they often get odd looks in the street
  • The omega’s family might be a little weary (whether it’s because the alpha is female, or simply because they’re an alpha isn’t clear) of her at first, but they’ll definitely be won over bc all female alphas are sweethearts
  • She always growls softly whenever another alpha comes near her mate, especially the early days. Her omega pretends it sort of annoys him, but in reality he finds it very flattering
  • The omega thinks that maybe female alphas will be better at building nests than male alphas, but he is very much horrified when she just dumps a pile of blankets on the floor and flops down into it
    • “I don’t understand why it has to be all tucked and neatly rumpled and folded. Can’t you just lie down in it?”
  • The omega had never had sex with a female omega before her, and holy hell he loved it the first time
    • A knot and comfy boob pillows to lay on while waiting for the knot to go down; win win!
  • The alpha teaches him karate and self defence, both for her own peace of mind and because he wants to learn, and the omega teaches the alpha how to knit
    • She’s currently knitting a blanket in preparation for their first litter of pups
Dynamics and their Siblings

Btw, I have two younger sisters.

Omega with another Omega Sibling

  • The older sibling would teach the younger one tips and tricks of nest building.
  • May even share a nest when they’re younger, but move to different nests later, yet they’ll spend lots of time in their sibling’s nest.
  • Having two Omegas in the house would fill the home with such sweet scents.
  • When one of them is upset the other will comfort them and release calming scents to calm the upset sibling.
  • If they are both upset, expect a very distint buringin scent to fill the room.
  • They always share clothes.

Omega with a Beta Sibling

  • Since Betas are such great cooks, meals are always great.
  • However, no one is suddenly great, but the Omega Sibling with still eat the messed up dishes.
  • Betas learning how to build a nest.
  • Omegas learning how to cook.
  • They would stick up for one another when another Dynamic bullies them.
  • Omegas soothing their Beta sibling when they are upset.
  • Beta siblings being protective of their Omega sibling and going with them everywehre.

Omega with an Alpha Sibling

  • The Omega sibling being sad because their Alpha sibling gets away with more things than they do.
  • The Alpha sibling being overly protective of their Omega sibling, they would scent them and go with them places.
  • Omegas growing up to be more confident and out spoken like their Alpha sibling.
  • Alphas having a deep respect for Omegas since they see all sides of an Omega.
  • Sporty siblings!

Beta with a Beta Sibling

  • Bakes sales.
  • Having classes together, and doing homework together.
  • They both understand how it feels to be overlooked. They reassure each other that they are important and worth loving.
  • If they move out, they’d be roommates. Clean roommates, messes aren’t their thing.
  • Best secret keepers.

Beta with an Alpha Sibling

  • Alpha sibling always sticking up for their Beta sibling.
  • Alpha sibling never goig without a meal.
  • The Alpha sibling never being late to anything.
  • The Beta sibilng learning that not everything needs a place to go, it’s okay to be messy sometimes.
  • Alpha siblings always worried when they need to be separate from their Beta sibling, like for classes.
  • Beta siblings being more bold when they enter a room.

Alpha with an Alpha Sibling

  • Extremely Competitive!
  • Either on the same sports team.
  • If on different teams, they’re team Captains.
  • They share clothes all the time, however, the other sibling doesn’t know.
  • Loud fights, almost physical. Punches may fly.
  • Lots of laughing, they have so many inside jokes.
  • Mess with one Alpha sibling, you mess with both Alpha siblings.

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Do you have any pregnant Omega and their mates HC's?

Of course I do. I live for pregnant Omegas. Please forgive me if any these are repeats or if I have stolen them from anyone. It kinda gets hard making up new ones sometimes. 

  • - alphas go on overprotective mood when they go out with their mates.
  • - ^ they will always have a hand on their omegas, especially on their bellies. 
  • - ^ they will look at everyone in a room and with their alpha dominance and they will automatically bow their heads/look away/bare their necks
  • - deadass though, alphas really do have a pregnancy/size kink.
  • - alphas do a lot of belly worshipping, like they do a lot of belly touching and kissing the skin there 
  • - alphas will not let their pregnant mates do anything when they are around
  • - imagine an omega getting distress or overwhelmed about something in their lives and just having a little break down. alpha building them a temporary nest, comforting them in there and scenting them
  • - omegas doing little things here and there to make their alphas happy, like making them their favorite foods/desserts, scenting their clothes, and things of the like. their alpha is always very appreciative, but they are always worried that their mate will get hurt
  • - OMEGAS AND ALPHAS DOING THE NURSERY TOGETHER. they will argue about painting, alphas literally picking up their omegas and locking them out of the room so they can start painting
  • - ^ omegas being pissed off at first, but once their alpha is done they are allowed into the fume-less room, crying at how pretty it is and excited to start setting it up 
  • - omegas and alphas scenting all of their pup(s) clothing together, giggling as they tease one another over who the pup(s) will like more
  • - omfg, i love the idea of alphas painting their omega’s tummies for fun and/or doing those belly casts 
  • - alphas being the ones to tell everyone of their omega’s pregnancy because they are just so proud of themselves for getting them preggers 
  • - alphas insisting that their omegas wear comfy clothing (i.e. dresses and flowy blouses) or not wear anything at all :3
  • - alphas and omegas cuddling whenever they have the chance because close parents calls for healthier pup(s)
  • - alphas preening every time someone congratulates their mate on the pregnancy
  • - omegas using their pregnancy to get their alphas to get them their favorite foods and things, but the alpha would already do it anyways
  • - alphas freaking out as soon as their omegas has a mood swing because they want their mates to be happy 24/7
  • - omegas asking their mates to talk and rub their middles at night to soothe their pups to sleep so they can sleep
  • - alphas being sure to be their omega’s personal bodyguards whenever they go out
  • - alphas being the ones to cry at every doctor’s appointment because they are so happy and proud of their omegas and pups 

I will more than likely write more in the future because I love pregnant omegas and how cute they are with a loving mate. 




















Title: My Sweets
Word Count: 1262
Chapter: One (Technically)
Pairing: Orignial characters, M/M.
Tags: Omegaverse, Mpreg, and fluff. 
A/N: So this is a fic that I based on a prompt that based on an angsty prompt that I would always use on Omegle. I also posted this on DeviantArt. If you find this ficlet up there, it’s from meeee. Let’s just consider this a first chapter. I have more to this story, but once I see that people really like this story I will post those parts up too. I really hope you guys like this fic, please tell me if you do or if I can do better. I really hope you do like it. <3

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What if big omega Steve was sick?? Alpha Bucky is already super protective, but as soon as he smells the sickness and feels the pain through the bond from HIS baby, his mate, it's probably x100 tbh. Growling at everyone who comes too close, snarling 'mine' and 'get away from him', releasing protective alpha scents that usually make Steve all wet and wobbly. But as soon as he hears his babys pained whimper, he's all over him, kissing, caressing, soothing his boy, 1/2

2/2 and tucking Steve’s face into his neck so Steve can smell the comforting scent of his alpha. Covering him in blankets, making a little fort, feeding him, bathing him. Because of the bond Bucky probably panics a lot because he can feel all the displeasure and pain from his Stevie. He does everything he can to make sure the only thing he feels from the bond is happiness and content. Steve would probs get all needy from protective Bucky tbh, claiming Bucky’s knot would make him feel better

Bucky woke to the sound of Steve whimpering. Soft, small little sobs that left his baby’s lips, muffled in his neck. 

“Stevie,” Bucky said groggily, turning to his sweetheart. He was met with Steve’s tear stained face, his trembling body and the needy look in his eyes. 

“Don’t feel so good,” Steve whimpered and dug his fingers into Bucky’s muscled chest, rocking forwards so that he could curl up in his mate’s arms. 

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Our little Miracle

genre: angst, smut, fluff :)

warnings: negative thoughts, infertility, a/o sex, sexxx… i think that’s it tbh, message me if i missed anything

word count: 3,503 (loVE ME)

A/N: Yo, hope you like it :) (also i may continue this so please do tell me if you want a part two)


When Dan Howell was in year 7 of school he had been taught that one of the sole purposes of omegas was to carry and birth their alpha’s children. That was no shock to him - of course it wasn’t - he’d seen it everywhere. Omegas with litters of children, sometimes nine or ten. His mother had had six children and was pregnant with another when his father had expressed his desire for another one. He knew that his purpose was to carry Phil’s children, to raise them, to give him as many as he desires. Maybe that was why he felt like a failure.

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i think nine times out of ten omegas will give birth at home. 

a process with start with them around their seventh month (on average), which is called nesting.

they will find a place in their home/den where they feel the safest and most comfortable. then will begin to gather up supplies that they need to make a comfortable and suitable nest to have their pups in.

the most common things they will have are blanks, duvets, pillows, and towels 

from there on they will start to gather clothing from their mate and even their own to increase the scent of both the dam and sire. they will even add in some of their pups’ clothing so when they are born, they won’t be fussy in strange clothing. 

omegas will give birth in their nests with the help of just their alpha or a trusted midwife. 

they will proceed to stay in the nest with their alpha until their pups have imprinted fully on their scents. if pups are taken out of the nest too early, they risk getting incredibly to nearly deathly ill. 

imprinting tends to take a few days to three weeks, generally around the time that it takes an omega to heal up from the birth