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Batfamily has a small appearance in Dark Nights: Metal #2, although due to its nature they’re all pretending to be Batman to distract Justice League while real Batman runs with what he stole. Which is….baby Darkseid he plans to use to Omega Beam himself back in time and beat Barbatos, the evil being trying to use him to enter the world, to death with Hawkman’s mace. But he is tricked and infected with last of five metals he came to contact with during Snyder’s books, five metals needed to sent him to the Dark Multiverse and let Barbados and Dark Knights in.

This comic is so batshit, I love it.

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Do they figure out what happened to cause an early birth? How does everyone react? If they find the original batch of polish and realize it's the only bottle tainted, do they realize how unlikely that is? I'm kind of amazed Palpatine would want to hurt the baby, he might want control, oh God's don't let him near the baby!!! When does Padme get there? So Bail and Breha get to be godparents? THANK YOU WANT MORE NOW PLEASE!!!!

Gliding in through the door, Padme breathed out in relief when she saw Obi-Wan curled up in a rather large bed for a hospital bed and Anakin by an incubator, their omega looking pale and drowsy but content.

“Padme!” Anakin beamed but didn’t move, using his mech hand to gesture. “He has his hand wrapped around my thumb.”

Well that explained why he was by the incubator a bit more then with their tired mate who was trying to sit up.

“Oh no you don’t.” She moved to the bed and sat on the bedside, cupping the others cheek and stroking slowly. “You did so good, our good omega.” She beamed. “You are so good.” She leaned in and pressed soft kisses all over Obi-Wan’s face as he snorted at her.

But he was sporting a pleased, shy smile.

“How do you feel?” She questioned softly.

“Tired. Sore…Breha says I’m going to be like this for a few days still and I should keep to bed rest.” Obi-Wan shuffled then wrinkled his nose. “I feel gross though, I want a shower.”

“We’ll get you that tomorrow.” Padme promised, stroking his cheek. She was sure they got find a shower chair and help him clean.

“Wanna take a look at the kit? I’ll be fine here.” Obi-Wan grinned tiredly.

Torn between the desire to see their baby and staying by her mate, Padme pressed another kiss to his forehead before heading over to the incubator. “Oh…he’s so little.” She whispered, staring at Jinn’s little hand holding onto Anakin’s thumb, his husbands hand in one of the gloves that allowed for touch. “He has copper hair!” She beamed, sliding her hand into the other glove to touch his face with her fingertips, using the softest of touches as he twitched beneath their touch and moved ever so slightly.

“His eyes are blue too but the medic said that could change, that all babies come out with blue eyes at first.” Anakin hummed out before cooing when Jinn let go of his thumb. “Aww I was enjoying that…”

“Go cuddle our mate.” Padme chuckled and Anakin grinned and instantly moved to Obi-Wan’s side, crawling in and nuzzling him slowly and gently.

Padme spent a few more moments, wishing she could hold Jinn but knowing the incubator was there for a reason. ‘A month…perhaps less…we can get to hold him soon…’ She pulled back with great reluctance and moved to the bed too, crawling in on the other side of Obi-Wan with Anakin shifting the blankets around until they had a makeshift nest.

Obi-Wan made a sleepy half mewl before settling as his hair was petted and he was being held. “You’re going to make me fall asleep.”

“You need to sleep.” Anakin hummed against his temple, smiling.

Padme made an agreeing hum on the other side, stroking his hair tenderly until Obi-Wan’s breathing started to even out and his eyes closed.

Once sure Obi-Wan was fully asleep, Padme squeezed Anakin’s wrist to get his attention. “Anakin… he didn’t go into labor naturally.” She whispered, keeping her voice low for their omegas sake.

“Huh? Well it was really early, was it something he was exposed to?” Anakin blinked, lifting his head a bit to peer at her.

“…I got suspicious, I had Sabe and Rabe run some tests for us because the only thing different in Obi-Wan’s diet was his vitamins…Anakin, the prenatal vitamins Palpatine gave to you were tainted. All of them. Every single bottle had the means to ergot poison him. Something that could have been naturally waved off as something that just happens via food but it was every bottle he had given us.” She bit her lips as Anakin stared at her, arms tight around Obi-Wan’s waist.

“But…that’s…” Anakin looked so lost.

“Anakin, he tried to hurt our baby.” She tensed up a bit when that got a low growl out of Anakin.

“But why?” Anakin questioned in desperation.

Sheev Palpatine was Anakin’s friend, had been so for years as far as Padme understood and to hear that the man was potentially out to harm his mate and baby…that was not sitting well. ‘Though, he started when Anakin was a young age…grooming behavior…’ Padme’s suspicious side piped in.

And as a Jedi the Chancellor had the power to demand any Jedi at any time…even a young padawan without the Order being able to deny the request outright.

She kept those thought to herself and instead squeezed his wrist. “I don’t know Anakin, but we need to be careful with this. We need to tell the Order since I’m not sure the Judaical departments will be neutral in their investigations. Jedi will.”

He stared at her before nodding and pressing his lips back to Obi-Wan’s temple, taking comfort in the hold. “…He’s not getting near Jinn or Obi-Wan.” He whispered, voice tight. “I’ll render his flesh from his bones before that.”

Padme knew she should say something, Anakin was a Jedi and Obi-Wan would not like the current mood.

But their mate and babe was potentially in danger…what other response was to be expected?

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omega hux starts nesting before having their first litter. alpha kylo thinks it's cute and helps him.

“This is absolutely ridiculous,” Hux announces loudly, arms full of pillows, a blanket draped around his shoulders. “I haven’t time for this nonsense.”

He kneels down in the corner of his and Kylo’s living chamber, beginning to arrange the new pillows amongst the ones already there, making sure that they provide a soft cushioning from the hard floor. Pulling the blanket off from around his shoulders, Hux spreads it out across the pillows, giving him one big and soft mattress-esque arrangement underneath a sheet suspended from the ceiling.

Kylo, very quietly, sits on the couch, watching his mate make various trips from their bedroom back to his nest, carrying books and blankets and his clothing over to his den. The alpha can’t help but smile, eyes drifting down to the small bulge of Hux’s belly, the perfectly soft curve where their pup is growing.

“It looks good, Hux,” Kylo comments.

“Shut up, Ren. You know nothing about nesting.”

“You’re missing food. It needs snacks hidden inside it.”

Hux huffs, trudging to their cupboards to pull out packets of biscuits and dried fruits; two of Hux’s biggest cravings.

“Thank you, Kylo,” Hux says underneath his breath.

Kylo beams.

When you’re made painfully aware of your own mortality in the middle of intergalactic warfare (yet again)…

Batman: *taking down parademons* Take care of my family, okay?

Green Lantern: *trying to maintain a forcefield against Omega Beams* Stop talking like that! I’m not letting you die!

Batman: Humor me.

Green Lantern: Oh. I’m supposed to lie? Uh… Sure. They’ll be fine, I…

Batman: Just - just stop… talking. *runs into the boom-tube*


In the 1990s cartoon Superman: The Animated Series, Dan Turpin was modelled on Jack Kirby and voiced by Joseph Bologna. He appears often in the early part of the series. At first highly critical of Superman, he becomes more appreciative of him after he and Superman save each other’s lives from Intergang. Turpin eventually stands up to and is killed by the alien tyrant Darkseid using his Omega Beams, in the latter half of the two-part episode «Apokolips … Now!», just before Darkseid leaves Earth. The character’s funeral was presided over by a rabbi who recited a kaddish. Out of respect for the legacy of Kirby, the character’s creator, producer Bruce Timm found a genuine religious leader for the voiceover, the cantor of a large Conservative temple in LA. He also modeled the cemetery after the real-life one where Jack Kirby is buried. Among the attendees of the fictional funeral in the original TV airing were some of Kirby’s Marvel comics creations, such as the Fantastic Four and Nick Fury, as well as the likeness of Kirby’s frequent collaborator Stan Lee (these were edited from the DVD release to avoid infringement issues with Marvel). Superman watches the funeral at a distance and delivers the words «In the end, the world didn’t need a Superman…just a brave one». The episode ends with a dedication to Kirby with the afterword «Long Live the King».

Wath original uncut version 

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Ever since Darkseid first appeared in the pages of Jack Kirby's SUPERMAN'S PAL, JIMMY OLSEN, the Man of Steel has been bound up with the Fourth World saga, to the point that Darkseid is often treated as one of Superman's rogues gallery and Supes himself replaces Orion as Darkseid's nemesis. What are your thoughts on Superman's relationship to the New Gods, and how closely do you think he should be tied to them?

He works exceedingly well, for all the reasons Chris Sims goes into here - as Final Crisis showed, the opposite of “Darkseid Is” is “Superman Can,” one of those perfect symmetries that evolves over time. Kirby may have planned Orion to be Darkseid’s opposite number - and Orion absolutely works in that capacity - but Darkseid’s role as a broader DC villain starts to get codified once he’s redesigned by Kirby for the Super Powers cartoon, and really gets in gear for the DCAU beginning with Superman TAS. You probably remember Superman and Darkseid’s slobberknocker fights better than you remember the times Orion fought Darkseid on those shows.

At the same time, reducing Darkseid to “I’m the guy that punches, plus I got Omega Beams” is as reductive as reducing Superman to Guy That Punches, and there is an apocryphal story that Dini & Timm wanted Darkseid as the big bad in Superman TAS because they wanted a more physical foe for Superman than Lex Luthor. So those big fights have probably been as much a hindrance as a help in the broader scheme of things, especially once you factor in Dark Knight Returns Syndrome where attempts to recreate those fights without establishing the context that made them work so well to begin with leads to diminished returns over time, to the point people are more hype about Baby Darkseid than they are about actual Darkseid, since at least Baby Darkseid is a new idea.

But we’re sliding back towards “Darkseid as that itch in the back of your skull that wants you to destroy everything, starting with yourself” thanks to books like the current Mister Miracle, and I think this is a better fit - Darkseid as someone out there somewhere, tempting people towards evil just as surely as Superman inspires them towards nobility. Entire proxy battles between people motivated by their relationship to either one could be fought without either knowing. It’s more subtle than Kirby’s take, but the whole point of Kirby was “come up with your own take.”

So tying it back to Superman: Darkseid works very well as a Superman villain but less so as a consistent villain, i.e. someone who shows up and gets beat down once every few months. Apokalips shouldn’t be a place Superman just swings by from time to time - it’s the final level, not the first level. He works better with a level of buildup to the revelation of “oh, shit, Darkseid’s behind this, things are really bad.” The character with a constant presence in Superman’s world who is a corrupting, controlling bastard is Lex Luthor, who can also suffer from overexposure but can rebound from it with more ease since there’s more variation in his interpretation and how sympathetic he should be.

But building up Darkseid takes time - over a year’s worth of comics, at the least - and that is difficult to reconcile with the modern take on Darkseid as Franchise Villain, where many hands are shaping the direction he’ll take. It’s difficult to quietly build to his latest scheme if he’s gotta show up in Justice League every six months.

One way out, again, would be Mister Miracle, which is relatively self-contained, has little to do with the current storyline with Darkseid, and uses the 4th World quite well. Not every book should be Mister Miracle but takes on the 4th World and its relationship to Superman could benefit from that approach of keeping it relatively constrained to one book and one team’s take.

One final note: I have heard that Highfather is dead and I feel this is an excellent idea, since Orion himself might be a better choice, for dramatic purposes, in the role of the leader of New Genesis. It gives him a different role than Superman that also plays to his essential struggle - a man who grew up in a version of Heaven that never lets him forget he was born in Hell, whose own personal Darkseid is his sense of failure every time he loses his temper - and lets Superman take to the front lines in the role of the hero dealing with Darkseid more directly, as befits a protagonist. It also gives the sense that New Genesis is on the back foot - and while the theme of the Fourth World is that good triumphs, it’s a moral you build up to, and the best way to do that is to show that good can triumph even when it looks like it’s been defeated.

You know, I find it funny how people keep accusing SM/WW of having Wonder Woman sidelined in order for Superman to play hero, meanwhile The Merciless is literally going to have Wonder Woman get fridged so Batman can turn evil because of love and barely anyone’s raising a peep. People are strange, man.

Of course. It’s called hypocrisy. Most smww haters suffer from that. No one reading smww series can ever say WW was sidelined under Charles Soule. Diana was very very well written.  Peter J Tomasi on the other hand came to damage the entire dynamic for Rebirth …so that was done deliberately  by him and DC. No smww fan excuses his mismanagement of the pairing esp once DC decided to wipe out smww the book became a random action book than one whose core was a relationship. We are not blind.

The haters all don’t see anything when Batman beats up on WW easily eg under the pen of Scott Snyder who is doing Metal too..Diana is easily beaten up and Batman does not sustain any broken bones etc…Remember the anti-lasso bs? It’s the equivalent  shark repellent but Bat fans are all about the Bat than Diana. Or when WW sent off in JL/U to fight random paradermons while Batgod dodges Omega beams. Why would you ever send Batman into battle Darkseid and send Diana away from main battle? But that was JL/U. All Diana was good for was giving Bats the eye.  Or recall when she was capable of murdering all those she loves for some imaginary batman tongue to regain her self by Rucka in Blackest Night? Diana would kill her mom, sister and Cassie but wake up for a man who didn’t give her the time of day and never dated her because he was in love with Catwoman. Yeah they never see those things. 

Up next prob, she drools for Bat out of nowhere while he is engaged to the woman he loves and she’s supposedly with Steve … that would paint her rather pathetic. But hey she’s been nothing but a basket case, crying and pouting and has no home, no memory or much wit and brains and everything about her a convoluted mess in Rebirth.  But it’s all about Batman these days so…shrug. I am not buying Rebirth so…I suggest just ignore it.

Bruce/Clark; PG-13; grief and loss

Summary: Despite the fractured bones he’d scanned countless times, the contusions and scars carefully hidden by armour, part of Clark believed the Bat would outlive them all. For fifteen years, night after night, Bruce survived the streets of Gotham. Until he didn’t.

Note: This fic references Bruce’s canonical death in Final Crisis and relies heavily on the Superman: New Krypton storyline. To those unfamiliar, here is a brief synopsis of the events and timeline relevant for the purpose of this fic: Clark liberates the bottled city of Kandor from Brainiac, freeing thousands of Kryptonians, including his aunt and uncle, to live on earth; Jonathan Kent dies from a heart attack while Clark is off-world dealing with Brainiac; shortly after that, Bruce seemingly dies after being hit by Darkseid’s omega beams; humans and Kryptonians don’t get along, Clark’s uncle gets assassinated, and Clark’s aunt eventually relocates their people to another planet to serve as New Krypton.

Thank you to @superhero-justice and @superbatfleck for cleaning this up for me. Any remaining mistakes are my own. Constructive criticism welcome.

Reporters rush in and out of the Daily Planet offices in pursuit of the latest scoop, shoes squeaking and clicking on the floor. Others are hunched over their computers, racing to meet the print deadline, each keystroke as loud as a bullet. One floor down, the refrigerator in the break room emits a low hum. Ten blocks away, a car alarm is blaring on the street and a dog starts barking. There are other indistinct sounds he can’t isolate, nor can he manage to block them out. He hears all of it, and he hears none of it.

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Forever the One

Summary: When Omega Dan is of age, he is told by his father that he will be sold off to find an Alpha mate. Cue, Alpha Phil. Alpha Phil is in desperate need for a mate, and although Phil is only a few years older than Dan, he holds a reasoning behind why he needs a mate so quickly. When secrets are revealed that give up why Phil needed a mate, this story may not have a happy ending.

Chaptered Work: This is chapter 12 of 16. 

Warnings: Mentions of blood and health issues. 

Word Count: 1,802

Authors Note: So, we’re almost to the end of the story and I can’t really fathom it. I know that this isn’t the longest work out there but you guys don’t even understand how hard it is for me to finish something I start. Like, i can’t do it often. Anyways, enough rambling, happy reading! :) 


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With BvS around the corner, I’d like to address the phrase “Batman is just a man. Superman would just punch him and kill him.” So allow me to list some things that this ‘just a man’ has accomplished.

  • Disarmed Green Lantern of his ring
  • Escaped being buried alive
  • Fought Superman and won
  • Kills the Justice League
  • The only human to ever dodge Darkseid’s omega beams
  • Solved endless puzzles and tricks by Ra’s, The Riddler, and Mad Hatter
  • Trained by the League of Shadows
  • Fought some of the strongest villains (Bane, Solomon, Clayface)
  • Stopped invasion of the Batcave by master assassins.

In conclusion, if you say Batman is ‘just a man’ you better know how to dodge omega beams.

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Hey, you seem to be a batperson. Do you like Tim Drake? I am un-intruiged by him, but looking to be converted. If you like the character, tell me why? (or where? :P)

“you seem to be a batperson” what a wonderful thing to say to me i love it i  LOVE IT

so, tim… tim is a character often perceived as the blandest batkid out of the family and it seems people sometimes think of him as the least worked on, least important robin in the batman universe, a boy that if the writers forgot to include in the batman mythos altogether, nobody would notice or care. give me a minute to explain why they’re, to put it kindly, very very wrong

what i’ve always found fascinating about tim drake is the fact that, unlike the other robins, he didn’t get into this because of personal reasons. no vengeance, hatred, or some disorted view of justice rooting from tragedy was involved. his past didn’t predefine his future. dick grayson saw his parents die in front of him and is often perceived as batman’s greatest triumph, while jason todd (post-crisis because otherwise we’re just talking about dick #2) had a rough, tragedy-filled childhood and, because he never managed to overcome his anger at the world even after bruce brought him in, he ultimately died and was then dubbed “batman’s greatest failure”. stephanie, despite her short tenure, tried her best to prove her worth, to make it known that she was capable enough to play a role in batman and co’s life, however big or small, and then we have damian, batman’s biological son, who more or less had the same attitude as steph only that he was 10x times more spoiled and a lot, a lot more threatening (i imagine that happens when assassins bring you up). all of them have defining backstories that could easily support their own titles without batman’s shadow helping them be interesting, but tim? no, tim’s different. tim, at the beginning, is normal

timothy jackson drake-wayne can argueably be considered one of the most well-adjusted, well-off characters in batman comics at the time of his introduction. he was privileged enough to be able to afford housing close to the wayne manor while both of his (affectionate) parents were alive. tim was as close as any of us can relate to the robins: a batman fan. simple as that. that’s what drove him. that (and his general stubborness) is what allowed him to succesfully convince batman he needs a robin. he knew what had happened to jason and he decided, upon seeing batman wasn’t planning on having another partner, to heal him. now, here’s the thing: tim saved bruce. i can’t stress this enough. bruce, at the time, was incredibly depressed and had an even-more-than-usual destructive behaviour that could, at the very least, be described as alarming. if we leave the comic realm for a bit and pretend batman’s world is real, i sincerely don’t know how bruce would have ended up if not for tim’s intervention. probably would’ve burned out to the point of no return. tim showed him that batman will always need robin, no matter what. and then he showed him he could be just that by taking his place next to him and reintroducing him to the great world of the dynamic duo (and did a damn good job, let me tell you)

naturally, because this is dc and especially batman comics (so everything’s dark and a bird can’t take a shit on a lovely monday morning without a hawk diving in and ripping it to shreds), tim did eventually go through tragedy. he lost his dad to captain boomerang, his relationship with stephanie got turbulent at best (plus she “died”) and a bunch of other stuff that, however, didn’t stop him from being a damn good hero. i want to note here that tim also saved bruce a second time following final crisis, after darkseid shot batman with his flowery pink omega beams and propelled him to the dawn of time. when everyone, both the family and the justice league thought bruce was dead, tim never gave up (actually, not only did he not give up, he never even thought that bruce being really dead was a possible outcome. you could see dick in the background stressing over donning the cowl or not and tim was like “yah cool bruce’ll be back”). when he was eventually returned, tim was there to calm him down before bruce went all defcon 1 and did some destructive mojo timespace… things…. we won’t get into because final crisis’ aftermath distresses me

you see, just how damian wayne is robin and partner to dick grayson’s batman (let’s all please agree that the dynamics between bruce and damian as batman and robin before the new 52 were the very definition of bad family communication and i’m being modest here), tim drake is bruce wayne’s partner. that’s how i’ve always viewed it. this is not to say that the rest of the kids haven’t been great robins in their own ways, but except for the b&r team-up of bruce and damian after the reboot, tim was the one robin that seemed to work in perfect, nearly calculated harmony with bruce’s batman. and even though i loved dad and son doing their thing in the new 52, i still find tim’s robin to give me an “original” feeling to what batman and robin’s concept is like

so this is why i think tim’s a great noodle. the reason, at the same time, i can see why some people might find him uninteresting. people can have their preferences, nothing wrong with that, but i do believe he deserves to be given a shot. in case you want to give him it, here’s a reading list. the kid’s (eternally…………………………………..) 16 or 17 and can build his own damn batcomputer, we owe him at least that

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Are there different kinds of ways to create fusion?

I’m glad you asked! Right now, there are two major experimental approaches for fusion being studied: magnetic confinement and inertial confinement.

In magnetic confinement fusion, the electrical conductivity of deuterium-tritium plasma is used to contain it within magnetic fields at a high pressure and heated to fusion temperature. Because the particles need to be repelled from the walls of a reactor (otherwise contact will dissipate their heat and slow them down), the most effective magnetic configuration is toroidal wherein the magnetic field is curved around and forms a closed loop. There are several different types of toroidal confinement systems but the most important are tokamaks and stellarators (reversed-field pinch devices would be next; however, plasma confinement in the best RFP is only about 1% as good as in the best tokamaks, owing largely to the fact that existing RFPs are very small).



In inertial confinement fusion, which is a newer line of fusion research, laser or ion beams are focused extremely precisely on a target - a pellet of deuterium-tritium fuel only a few millimeters in diameter. When the outer layer of the material is heated, it creates an outward explosion that generates an implosion that in turn compresses and heats the inner layers of material and results in conditions in which fusion can occur. The core of the fuel may be compressed to 1,000 times its liquid density and the energy released heats the surrounding fuel that may also undergo fusion, leading to a chain reaction (this is referred to as ignition) as the reaction spreads outward through the fuel. 

Large scale attempts at inertial confinement fusion include the Shiva laser built by Lawrence Livermore National Lab, followed by the Nova laser, the 24 beam OMEGA laser and the Novette Laser, which all paved the way for the National Ignition Facility in Livermore, California.

HMFTOW (7/8)

Description: Dan is an omega; he was born into suffrage with an omega mother and beta sister too young for work. Dan’s family often found themselves with pennies and dollars to get by on.That, of course, is until Dan makes the decision to sell himself to an Alpha sex ring.

Tags: Fluff Fluff Fluff; No Smut ._. ; Cute AF though

A/N: Summer’s going well, I forgot what day it was until Monday rolled around. In other news tomorrow my entire family is heading off on a camping trip R.I.P me. So I may finish the prompt on Sunday lil anon >-< (F*Ck I thought it was Wednesday, apparently it’s Thursday. I need to reevaluate my mental calendar.)

Chapter 6 - Masterpost - Last Chapter

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