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What paraphilias did Ted have looking on that list?

Well obviously he was a necrophile. Although we don’t actually know what he did with the bodies after he killed the girls, its pretty much known that he would engage in some sort of sexual contact with the bodies post mortem as he admitted he would visit the sites of the bodies multiple times.

Ted repeatedly denied feeling any pleasure from inflicting pain towards his victims, but i definitely think he did have some sort of sadism. Take the vicious bite marks he left on Lisa Levy for example, and how he brutally sexually assaulted her with a clairol hair mist bottle as well. You don’t just do that to a person randomly, especially when your in a rush to leave the crime scene.

Id also say ted had biastophilia. He admitted several times that he would get excited leading up to an attack and rape of a victim. He admitted to psychologist Dorothy Lewis, that before the Chi Omega attacks, his primary target was meant to be his later victim, Cheryl Thomas. After watching her through the window for most of the night he said “…I was walking back, just happening to be walking along the road, and I was just all aroused, full of energy, you know peaked for this.” 

Ted also admitted to being very voyeuristic as a young teenager and even during some of his adult life. He would imagine raping and attacking young women before actually doing it. Again, he admitted to Dorothy Lewis picturing watching young women sunbathe in the wooded area at the back of his house when he was 13/14 years old. You can read about that conversation he had with her here.

Haikyuu Au- ABO

You know those alpha, beta, omega au’s, well I really like them so I did one. It’s really long but I’m gonna try and get them all in according to my otp headcannons.

  • Daichi is an alpha, the big bulky strong dependable alpha that all omegas dream of. Suga is the definition of a perfect omega, kind supportive humble and submissive. Unfortunately for Daichi, everyone else agrees, and there are tons of alpha men and women that come to court Suga, or just plain attack him. Daichi, as a first year, had no idea why he was so bothered by it all, but by by second year he realized he wanted Suga. Suga knew all along, but waited patiently for Daichi. That is until other omega girls started getting all over him. He called dibs on that hunky alpha over a year ago, those bitches needed to back off. So one day he goes up to Daichi and asks if he wants to start courting. And Daichi is just yES! PLeaSE! 
  • Tobio is an alpha, and he totally let it get to his head that he was better than everyone else and that omegas and beta were beneath him. That is until he meets Shoyou, an unusual omega that starts fights with alphas even though he is literally shaking in fear at the sight of them. Tobio is confused because he wants to crush this annoying little brat but at the same time protect him from everything and never let him out of his sight. Shoyou thinks Tobio is the most pretentious alpha ever and he wants to fight him even if he’s scared shitless because his body is screaming at him to run away. It takes a long long time for the two of them to realize that there is anything going on between them.

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The first time Yamaguchi went into Tsukishima’s room after he presented as an omega, he had a panic attack. Tsukki, an alpha, had just gotten out of his rut, and his room reeked of aggression and sex and alpha, and Yamaguchi doesn’t know how to deal with it, his omegan instincts kicking in. Tsukishima asks if he’s ok, because he’s just standing in the doorway, and all that comes in reply is a whimper before he collapses into a panicking, whimpering, submissive mess. Tsukki calls in Akiteru, another alpha, in to help, and that just worsens the situation, so they call over their beta neighbor because their own beta mother is at work, to take him out of the room because Yamaguchi keeps whimpering when they get near him. 

Yamaguchi is quite embarrassed after these events, of course, but no one is more embarrassed than Tsukki, who now washes his entire room after ruts so nothing like that ever happens again. 

‘tis the season.

Omega: *practicing on the couch in the living room*

Omega: *hears the doorbell ring* ughhhh.

Omega: *opens the door* yes? oh, uh, hello there..

kid 1: hey there mister! w…..woah he’s wearing a mask.

kid 2: COOL!!

kid 1: it’s so weird!

Omega: you’ll get over it. can I help you two with something?

kid 1: *is pulling a wagon behind them* we’re selling girl scout cookies! would you like to buy some? we have snickerdoodle, chocolate mint, chocolate chip, double fudge, s'mores-

Omega: oooooooh haha. no thank you. too much sugar makes me go a bit crazy. we won’t be taking any of those, good luck th-

Alpha: *slams hand on the door as Omega tries to close it* HOLD ON.

Omega: *groans* this is what I was trying to avoid….

kid 2: hey, that guy is wearing a mask too!!

kid 1: you know Halloween is like 8 months away, right?

Alpha: ay don’t sass me ya little turnip. now, what do ya got here?

kid 2: we’re selling girl scout cookies! would you like to buy some?


Omega: *sighs*

Alpha: shuddup

Omega: I didn’t even say anythin-

Alpha: SHUDDUP. alright you two pip squeaks, gimme all your shit.

Omega: Alpha! have some decency with the language. they’re children.

Alpha: pfft.

kid 1: what kind do you want? we got all kinds!!

Alpha: *crouches down on his knees* did…I….stutter?

kid 2: ……w…..what?

Alpha: *gets really close to her face* give. me. all. your. shit.

kid 2: but-



kid 1: *starts unloading the wagon* *murmurs to self* sheesh. you don’t have to tell me twice.

kid 2: what about the “ra-ra-raisins”?

Alpha: ugh. nah fuck dat. I don’t want the healthy shit.

Omega: …..and how do you suppose we’re going to pay for all of these?

Alpha: uh, with tour money? pfft, what a dumb question.

Omega: that’s not very responsible!

Alpha: UHMMM. actually it is. we paid the electricity bill already. we paid the water bill already. we’ve made so much bank on merch alone. we don’t start touring again for another 3 weeks. so for the time being, I’m going to enjoy life. sitting on the couch, eating cookies, and getting fat as fuck. unlike some people.

kid 2: alright mister! that’ll be $225!!

Omega: *through gritted teeth* are you serious…

Alpha: serious as a heart attack!

Omega: which you’re going to end up having once you start to eat all these!

Alpha: nah.

Omega: how did you kids find our house anyway, we live in the middle of the woods.

Alpha: don’t question them! they’re determined! and they came to the right place. you guys should come back next week!

Omega: NO!

kid1/kid 2: YEAH!! *giggle as they run away with empty wagon*

Papa: *flies down the stairs* what in the hell is going on down here? all I hear is bunch of Alpha’s sass and Omega yelling wh-

Papa: *gasps* THIN MINTS!!

Ruts & Heats Headcanons

Basic Information
~ Ruts are a bimonthly biological occurrence that happens to Alphas.
~ A rut in a nutshell is 2-3 days of an intense need to mate. More specifically, impregnate, their mate.
~ During a rut an Alpha completely succumbs to their urge to mate and provide for their mate
~ Many newly mated Alphas will have a pre-rut which is about a week of constant need to be around their mate and protect and provide. Many Alphas close to wooded areas will try to hunt wildlife ~ Ruts don’t start until after an Alpha is bonded

~ Heats are like ruts except for Omegas
~ Heats are a monthly biological occurrence when an Omegas body is the most fertile
~ Omegas experience a heightened scene of sexual depravity
~ Heats create a very strong smell and most homes are built to be scent proof. While hotels and other places have “heat rooms”
~ Heats last longer than ruts at about 4-5 days
~ An omega will start their heats during puberty. Hears will not wait until an omega is mated ~ An omega will be aware enough to know if it’s not their alpha or a trusted omega close to their and and might attack ~ Omegas build nests in small, dark, quiet places that they feel safe in ~ Nests will only be big enough to fit the omega, and if mated their mate. ~ Sometimes an omega will even smell their Alphas rut coming on and will build a nest

Break Me Down Then Build Me Up- Sidlink

Tags/Triggers- slow burn (maybe?), alpha/Omega/beta, hurt/comfort, heat cycles, poor Link what am I gonna do to this kid, mute Link, mentions of child abuse/rape for later chapters (memory stuff, I haven’t written any form of smut before idk how in detail I’ll go but I will mark where these scenes will be for those that want to skip it), yiga clan, happy ending

Things go downhill from here.


Chapter 4

Zelda’s cold stare landed on the Yiga member being held down by Dorian and another Sheikah alpha. They had been ambushed by five clan members as soon as they came to Inogo Bridge, two managed to escape, though between the three traveling alphas they disposed of the remaining two and captured the third. Zelda crouched by the struggling man and ripped away his mask, grabbing him by his hair and yanking his head up to meet her gaze.

“You know, before the Calamity I probably would have let you and your brothers go but I’ve been fighting for the last 100 years and I’m quite tired of these kinds of shenanigans, I believe I deserve a nice, relaxing stay at the Zora’s Domain. Now, care to tell me why you had the gall to ambush the Princess of Hyrule?”

The man snarled at her, spitting blood onto the leg of her trousers, which warranted his face slammed into the ground and his head yanked back once again.

“I would answer me if I were you. For an -omega- to attack an -alpha-, a royal alpha at that, is punishable by death. But I know you had a reason so,” Zelda pressed a dagger to the man’s throat, making his breath hitch and the scent of fear filled the air. “Why. Did. You. Attack. Us.” The princess kept her voice calm, but the venom dripping off every word was almost palatable.

“We-we were ordered to capture the Hero of Hyrule.” The clan member heaved from the weight of Dorian’s foot on his back. “Our new leader wants h-him to breed stronger members. We know he’s an omega. A special one at that. We-we thought he was with you, that’s why we attacked.” Zelda froze at this information, pressing the dagger harder onto the man’s skin with a growl.

“Where in the deepest pits did you get this information?” The anger in her voice made the air buzz, and the omega on the ground whimpered. Even Dorian and the other Sheikah were surprised.

“Sp-spying on you in Kakariko. We know h-he’s in the Domain now. My master will get ahold of him! He won’t stand a chan-ACK!” Zelda hit the man hard enough to knock him out, he went limp. She began to pace quickly, re-sheathing her dagger.

“Dorian tie him up. He’s coming with us. We need to get to the King. Now.” Dorian nodded, tossing their prisoner onto one of the horses and they took off as quickly as they could.


They got to the main bridge of the Domain before sundown. Zelda quickly passed by all Zora she came across, dead set on getting to the throne room. She could apologize later. Dorian following closely behind her with the clan member.

As they entered the throne room, King Dorephan greeted them with a smile, though it quickly fell at the sight of the princess’s face. That, and the smell of pure rage wafting from her.

“Ah Princess, Link told us you would be here soon for the celebration…But that look on your face tells me otherwise. Has something happened?”

Zelda quickly bowed, as did Dorian before he dropped his cargo, the Yiga yelping as he hit the floor. Muzu glared at the trio, waiting for an explanation on the rude entry.

“Forgive me your Highness, but where are Link and Sidon? Something has come up and needs immediate attention.” She tried her best to keep her voice cool, but even she could still feel the rage vibrating as she spoke.

“The champion and my son are spending the next few days together before the celebration. They’re currently at the East Reservoir, Sidon is trying to teach that boy how to swim. I understand that you approve of my son courting your knight? Has this decision changed?” The King inquired.

“Of course I approve. I have not, nor will I, change my mind. Though your tone suggests you are not happy with this news. I assume the issue is when it comes to producing an heir?” The King and Muzu nodded. “No need to worry about that. Link is an omega.” There was a collective gasp, but Zelda held her hand up. “ I don’t mean to be rude, we can discuss their courting later. A much bigger problem is on the rise.” Zelda dragged the Yiga Infront of the King, yanking his head up and forcing him to look at Dorephan. “We were ambushed at Inogo Bridge, we managed to capture this one and the information he gave…” She growled at the quivering man under her. “Tell him exactly what you told me. And pray to Hylia they let me deal with you, the Zora aren’t kind to those who threaten the ones they consider family.”

As the man relayed what he told Zelda, Dorephan’s expression morphed into anger. He quickly ordered the man be taken to the dungeons for Sidon to personally deal with. Turning his focus back to the princess, Dorephan cleared his throat.

“I do not wish to alarm my people Zelda. What do you propose we do about this? We cannot delay the celebration…” He trailed off, pondering on the options they had. Dorephan honestly had never heard of the Yiga clan before, but this plan of theirs was disturbing.

“Has Sidon marked Link yet?” Dorephan shook his head. “Then may I suggest simply upping the amount of patrol, day and night. Dorian and the other Sheikah I brought are more than willing to help keep Link safe. Also, any trade with traveling Hylians needs to be done outside the main bridge. The Yiga can disguise themselves. Just until Sidon marks Link.”

Dorephan looked at Zelda thoughtfully. She reminded the old Zora of her father, but only in her conviction. The king remembered those cold eyes in the king of Hyrule, the man never truly cared about anything except making stronger warriors. That had been his downfall. But Zelda, thought this was the first time Dorephan had met the girl since the Calamity, just showed him that maybe, just maybe, she would turn out a better ruler than her father. “I have to agree with you. I’ll have at least two guards posted to Sidon’s private chamber at all times.”

Zelda nodded, about to say something else when movement caught her attention. She smiled softly as she saw Sidon carrying a sleeping Link on his back. The hero was wearing his Zora armor, still dripping with water. When the prince stopped to say something to his father, he realized they had company.

“Oh! Princess, welcome!” He kept his voice quiet. “It’s good to see you made it here safely.” Sidon gave her a grin before he excused himself, needing to get Link to bed. What surprised him was that his father ordered two soldiers to stand guard at his chambers, and Zelda accompanied him. Her frown deepened when she saw how pale Link was.

“Is he OK? He doesn’t look well…” She couldn’t reach his forehead, Sidon was too tall.

The prince gave her a lopsided smile, “He wasn’t feeling well, so we decided to cut the swimming lessons short today. He’s actually starting to get a bit warm…” Zelda’s eyes widened.

“Is it his heat? Sidon if it is you need to-” the prince cut her off with a glare to match her own.

“His scent hasn’t gotten stronger. What’s this about?” They entered Sidon’s room, he carefully removed the Zora armor and tucked Link in. He frowned at the sweat gathering on his pearl’s forehead, and the way his breathing seemed to be slightly laboured. Perhaps Link pushed himself to hard? Zelda felt his forehead.

“He has a fever…How has he been feeling?” Sidon blinked at her, his confusion evident. She seemed tense, angry. He couldn’t sense any intent to try and take Link from her, but her behavior was concerning him.

“He was feeling fine when he arrived. He’s started remembering his childhood though…” Sidon blinked when the princess froze. “What has he been remembering?” Zelda inwardly flinched at the harshness in her voice. She refused to turn out like her father had. Damn her alpha bloodline.

“He says he’s been remembering his mother. But I believe there’s more to it…” Sidon gently moved his treasure’s bangs from his forehead. He would have to send in a healer to keep an eye on him. It seemed Zelda needed to talk.

“Princess why don’t we go to the dining hall? We can discuss what we need to over food and drink.” He smiled at her, wanting to silence the stale rage she seemed to be unable to quell. When she nodded he stood, making sure Link was tucked into the blankets. Sidon placed a kiss on his pearl’s lips before he and Zelda quietly left the room, the guards taking their places at each side of his door.

Though as Link slept, the darkness that had barred his memories broke apart, and he was cast into a spiral of nightmares.


Another chapter down…I honestly didn’t expect this to be as popular as it is ^\^ it’s been a confidence boost! And Hylia knows I need that lol. The next chapter is gonna be Zelda reminiscing, and Link in one fucked up memory filled fever dream. Kiba out!

Making Sure You’re Safe!

Request: would you please do a Reader x Peter Hale where the reader gets attacked one night and afterwards Peter always follows her around sometimes even without her knowing, to keep an eye on her because he feels guilty because he introduced her to the supernatural. Then she finds out and reassures him and it ends all fluffy? Thank you!                                                                                                                                                 Warning:None!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Note:I hope that you’re going to like it so if you do let me know..And I’m really sorry if it’s short.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 I was on my way to my sister home,she asked me to take care of my niece tonight because she have a date..It was cold and windy tonight..I have some strange feeling that something wrong will happen or am I just being paranoiac,truly it’s been like that since Peter told me about all the supernatural things that happened and still do..I was about to turn into the next street when suddenly everything went black.                                                                                                                                                                                                         I opened my eyes adjusting to the light,I instantly felt a sharp pain in my head so I put a hand on it and tried to sit up..’Easy,easy Y/n.’ I turned to look at Peter ‘Ugh what the hell happened?’ He sat down beside me putting a wet towel on my head some omega werewolf attacked you but luckily  I was there on time.’ I looked at him confused..’So are you following me now or what?’                         ‘Ummm..What?No!’ I stood up..’So how do you know where I was then?’           ‘I passed by and accidentaly saw that it was you.’ I let out a sigh not wanting to argue ‘Fine,but I need to call me sister.’I grabbed my phone but he stopped me ‘I already did that.’ I smiled softly ‘Thank you.’   He smiled back and spread his arms..’Now come here you need to rest..’A instantly runned into his arms and ‘Yeah you’re right,I feel like I was hit by a huge truck.’                                                                                                                                                                  Some days passed and somehow everything was fine,there was no supernatural things lately so I felt kind of relieved because of that..I was in my backyard lying down,watching the stars…Then suddenly I heard something in the bush and instantly got up  but when I saw a shadow so I knew who it was..’You can come out Peter,I know you there..’He stood in front of me looking unsure..I crossed my arms over my chest..’What do you think you’re doing?” …  ‘Who?What?’                                                                                       ‘Oh don’t play stupid don’t suits you.’ He let out a sigh and walked closer to me ‘Fine you got me,I was just making sure that you’re okay.’ I put my hands down..’But why?’ He put his hands on my shoulders …’Because I love you and it’s basically my fault that you got hurt in the first place.’ I looked at him..’That’s no true, I’m with you because I want to and I love you too..Not because I’m scared or something..So there’s no need to play a guardian the whole damn night.’ We both smiled..’But seriously Peter,promise me you’ll stop.’He put a hand on my cheek..’I can promise you that I won’t follow you around,but I’ll always take care of you..Always.’ He kissed me and honestly I’m really lucky to have him..’That works too.’                        

The One Where Peter Has A Son


“What the fuck do you mean? I have a son?” Peter sputtered. He was indignantly waving his arms around like a preacher on cocaine. Scott ducked his hand as it swung by his face- “Yeah, you have a son. My new pack member.” Peter sneered “And he’s in your little misfit pack? Good God, McCall.”

Stiles wasn’t sure whether it was appropriate to show how funny he found the situation, ultimately deciding that a little laughter would be harmless. “Stop fucking giggling, Stilinski!” Stiles was promptly shoved against the wall. Wearily, Scott removed his friend from Peter’s grip.

Sighing, he asked, “So… what’s my kid like, then? As great as his dad?” Stiles rolled his eyes. “No, he fortunately didn’t inherit your evilness. He’s a decent guy.” Scott nodded “He saved my life when a rogue omega attacked. I really owe him.”

Peter shook his head disapprovingly and scoffed: “I gotta meet this clown… Saving Scott? Can’t be my kid.”