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Older Sibling Headcanons

-When their younger sibling feels sick an Omega will build them a nest to nap in, the way their mother always does

-An Alpha trying to make macaroni and cheese for their younger siblings but they burn it and the smoke detector goes off and they end up with a couple of five year olds teaching them how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and saying “even YOU can’t burn that” because five year olds are often unintentionally vicious

-Omegas are very alert by nature but when their younger siblings are involved they become even more watchful, especially when alone in public places, they always make sure to keep a firm grip on the child’s hand and tuck them closer to their side whenever someone passes just a little too close

-A young Alpha holding their baby sibling and trying to croon for it the way their dad does

-Older Alphas trying to teach their younger Alpha siblings to growl and laughing because they sound about as threatening as a kitten

-Teenage Omegas disliking anyone being in or around their nest but happily allowing their younger siblings to crawl in with them if they have trouble sleeping at night

-Two Alpha siblings competing to impress their young Omega sibling by seeing who can make the better block tower and they are super into it while the little Omega honestly isn’t even paying attention

-An Alpha babysitting their younger siblings and they don’t really know how to change a diaper but they try really hard…only to have their slightly younger Omega sibling see it a little later and just being like, “Its inside out…and backwards? How…?”

-Little Omegas pleading for their Alpha sibling to let them paint his nails and the Alpha has completely run out of ideas to entertain the children so they agree, and end up with their feet and hands completely covered with various shades of nail polish

-Playing a game and the older Alpha sibling allowing their little siblings to win despite how much it’s killing the competitive part of them to lose on purpose

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Can I request for #30 with alpha Asahi and omega kitten Noya? :3

“Haah… Haah…” Asahi’s arms trembled above Yuu, the omega panting as heavily as his alpha.

Asahi was exhausted. He collapsed on top of the mattress, by his kitten’s side.
After some time of comfortable silence, cuddling his beloved omega, Asahi started scratching the hair behind Yuu’s ear, as the pet bit into a strawberry - he was in heat. He knew he would need the energy, might as well eat right now, that the haze had cleared a bit.

Asahi took a deep breath. He was drenched in cooling sweat, Yuu as well. It was the fourth time that night, and the heat didn’t seem to give up. The Alpha watched over his pet: the kitten boy had sighed lightly and turned to look up at the ceiling, hand over his belly. He turned on the side to ask his owner, eyes full of love: 

“do you think I’m pregnant yet?”

Asahi hummed. He turned and reached over, drinking a bit of water from the bottle stashed at the sidetable by his bed, then turned back to face his omega, placing his elbow on the pillow and cheek on his palm, saying: “I hope so, I really want to see you round with cubs… See them around the house as well…” he smiled and placed a hand on top of Yuu’s, on his belly, kissing his beloved kitten.

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A/B/O preggers prompt? Classic Rhack situation, Rhys and Jack expecting a baby. It's just a few months in, but already, Jack's noticed a strange behaviour from Rhys that even the omega doesn't seem to be consciously aware of. Lately he's been taking Jack's dirty clothes and hiding them under his pillow, his blankets, his mattress, etc. Nesting. Jack recognizes it from his first time around, but never did he find it so damn precious as he does with Rhys.

I was on the fence with this cuz I’ll get to it eventually BUT this was really fun as a focus :D This labeled as Nesting (because i’m so original LOL). My masterlist archive of bullshit i write can be found linked at the top of the blog or here

At first, Jack was annoyed and not at all amused by the things going missing in the penthouse.

His favorite, ratty old pair of sweatpants. Threadbare t-shirts he was wearing into disrepair. Even jackets and vests. It wasn’t any of his nicer clothing but definitely things that maybe should have been retired years earlier.

He thought the pregnant omega who was getting bigger every day was throwing out his ratty old clothes (they were loved, which is why he kept them dammit; classics). Rhys denied the accusation inside and out and said he’d keep an eye out for the missing things. At least Jack wasn’t losing his work clothes right?

Some time after that, Jack had discovered what had been happening to his belongings, and instead of being mad, he found it endearing as hell.

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Heat [alpha!luke hemmings part 2]

requested: many, many, many, maaaany times. jfc, idk how you like it that much; it was a shit writing lmao 

ANYWAAAAAY HERE IT IS. I almost put this off ‘til tomorrow oops bc the bf kept distracting me. he kept asking me what i was writing and i just kept on laughing my ass off so it was hard to write

| | | | | 

Your scent hit Luke in the face like a frying pan, momentarily freezing him while he was halfway through the front door. It was strong as hell, not to mention absolutely delicious. He was a starved man who was offered a buffet when met with it. Luke’s cock was swollen, steadily leaking precome against the fabric of his jeans and boxers.

“Baby!” Luke called, jogging up the stairs towards your shared bedroom, where your scent was the strongest. 

He could hear you moan loudly in response. Luke opened up the door to find you stark naked on the bed, a bright purple dildo being thrust in and out of your pussy wildly. It was a truly sexy sight, seeing you spread out on the bed, hips twisting and bucking hard against the pressure you were instilling on yourself.

“You don’t need that stupid ass toy anymore, princess,” Luke cooed, pulling your hand away from the toy, removing it from you.

“Touch me, please.” you begged, raising your hips up, dying for some type of friction.

Luke obliged, cupping your dripping core, rubbing his palm against your clit. Crying out in ecstasy, you grinded into his hand. The blonde watched with for a moment before taking his hand away, making you whine in protest.

He leaned down in between your spread legs, hiking your quivering thighs over his shoulders and pushing your hips down into the mattress roughly. His tongue licked a broad path up your slit, and he groans, loving the taste of you.

“God, I could do this all day to you, babygirl” he murmured against you, flicking your clit in slow, precise movements. Your hands twisted into his hair, pulling hard as your orgasm neared closer. Pleasure laced up your spine as your hips tried to arch into him even more, their movement limited by his large hands.

“Come for me, kitten. Show me what a good little omega you are, baby.” Luke sucked harshly on your clit and met your gaze, his bright blue eyes hungry as he watched your orgasm engulf you.

Luke left you to bask in your post-orgasm bliss while he undressed himself, sliding a hand against his cock and squeezing his knot at the base to relieve some of the pressure. With glazed eyes, you stared up at him as he thrusted into you, groaning when his knot passed your entrance. He was steadily swelling at the base, dangerously close to popping and releasing everywhere.

“You feel so good wrapped around me, princess. So damn tight, fuck,” Luke’s eyes screwed closed as he gripped the headboard for leverage. The muscles in his arms were tense from Luke being overwhelmed with pleasure, and sweat was dripping off his forehead. He started thrusting; teasing, slow strokes in and out of you, all the while cursing softly under his breath. 

“Harder,” you begged, digging your nails into the tanned skin of his back and arching up into him. “Alpha, please.”

“Anything for you, my little omega.” Luke rammed into you, setting a faster, more intense pace. You moaned in gratitude, pulling Luke down by his necklace to bring him into a searing kiss. 

His lips caught every little noise that slipped from your mouth as he fucked you into oblivion. Those sounds were like his personal brand of cocaine, something he was addicted to and could never kick. It kept him going, knowing he could make you feel like this.

“I’m gonna-” you tried to say, but Luke cut you off by biting down on your bottom lip gently, soothing it with his tongue.

“I know, babygirl.” he muttered against your lips, thrusting wildly. “Show your alpha how good he makes you feel, princess.”

Your vision blurred as you came hard, screaming Luke’s well-deserved 'alpha’ title. Luke watched in awe as your back bowed up, your breasts pressing into the defined planes of his chest. Your body squirmed underneath him as your pussy clenched down tight on him, spurring him into his own orgasm.

He pushed in a far as he could, securing his knot inside you as he came, gushing into you madly. His body shuddered as he bit down onto your shoulder, clenching his eyes shut. 

After coming down from his own euphoric high, he smiled down at you widely, pecking your lips. “Fuck, that was intense.” he whispered, pecking your lips. “I love you, omega.”

“I love you, too, alpha.”