Omega who can’t have pups headcanons

Requested by @ask-let-us-be-nations-dang-it

My headcanons are different depending if the Omega is unable to have pups from the begging or if it loses the ability to have pups for whatever reason.

Unable to have pups since the begging:

-feels like they aren’t worth anything

-loves taking care of pups no matter who they’re from

-has the biggest fear of getting a mate

-if mated, big fear of their mate finding out they aren’t able to have pups and leaving them

-somewhat more independent

-acts a bit like a beta sometimes

-scent isn’t as sweet and calming or is sweeter and more calming than normal

-doesn’t nest as much

-heats aren’t as strong

Loses the ability to have pups:

-gets depressed

-spends a lot of time in their nest

-if mated, their mate has to be around them more than normal until the Omega gets used to it

-will either love taking care of pups or is unable to care for pups

-if the Omega already has pups they might become more attached to them or more distant


-heats are sometimes less intense or more intense

-wearing or carrying around something that has their mate’s scent

-if they don’t have a mate, fear of never finding a mate

-becomes more clingy at first but slowly starts to become more independent

-mood swings

This are the headcanons that I have and like the most