—Notice me,

take my hand. Why are we strangers when our love is strong. Why carry on without me? –Cantaba en murmullos mientras dejaba sus dedos hacer de las suyas sobre el piano. Había pasado toda la noche despierta, tratando de aprender la melodía de unas de sus canciones favoritas en el piano. Ahora, al parecer, ya lo estaba consiguiendo. Suspiró con cansancio al sentir como las lágrimas inundaban sus ojos una vez más–. Everytime I try to fly, I fall. Without my wings, I feel so small. I guess I need you, baby.



Or we can say raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry

i have created a new oc for the school! 

these three are siblings 

ranee (youngest) reila (middle) and Rael (eldest)

i see them as three little berries cuz they look like it! xD

they are fairies, and they are in the gardening club

all of them love each other, and look out for each other.

their parents got divorced, it was just them and their mom. but then their mom died so it’s the three of them now.

but they’re not depress, if they have each other… everything is just fine!

You can ask me anything about them! go ahead! :)

ok so i hit my goal a while back but im just getting around to this bc i suck *btw for those of u who didnt know, i was calumsboner* and i would just like to say thank you for being such a great family to me ily guys.

credit to the bae for this sweggy edit

The Main Baes ♔

  • irwizok ashley i dont know how it happened but we managed to meet on omegle and its a lil cheesy but it was truuu love bc we started talking and then we exchanged numbers and then it was all downhill bc we get rlly weird rlly fast and we pee alot and we talk abt kaycheeze and cheeto and its rlly fun and i feel like your my big sister but also my best friend and im just rlly glad we met and i also think ur a butthead oops.
  • piercedlukesemily i have no idea how we met but im glad we did bc u were one of my first friends on this stupid fucking website and our relationship consist on sending each other pictures of our Mcdonalds and gifs of luke hemmings and i dont want that to change.
  • greenlghtok so miss sydy cent we havent been chatting it up for a long time but we used to bc i remember i was the worst blogsitter ever and all the sudden we rekindled our romance and its gr8 bc we like to gang up on ashley and it is funny and u are so gorg and u write like jesus and u are rlly nice to me and i love you
  • vevolucasdebali where do i start, ok so we just started to rlly talk and i didnt know u were this weird holy shit ;;)))) anyways u are rlly nice to me and i love you and u are gorg and u are punk and u are also mean bc u send me creepy porn gifs and threaten to kill off luke in faded and i hate you and u also want to throw bricks at me but i love u #69699666420
  • alclouholashlee we dont talk on tumblr like ever but i see u like everyday and ur so sMART and nice to everyone and u have a v v v good heart and ily and u are gorg and dont laugh at me for this its a lil sappy lmao
  • cakemy5sossabrina, i dont rlly have much to say bc i have 2 letters 4 u. one of them is f and the other 1 is u lmao sweegy yolo.

The Side Baes

or in this case the people i talk to sometimes or i want to talk more with

✦hover over ur url for a lil message✦

and for the rest of u guys i ethier admire from afar we never talk or i just met u hehhe *this was supposed to be short oops*


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im so sorry if i forgot u ok