omd live


I’m a little bit obsessed with photographs of “Of All the Things We’ve Made” live… just look at how all four of them stand in a line and each is only lit with dim spotlight while the rest of the stage is left to darkness. so beautiful. everything about this song is beautiful

Oh my god I know this sounds ridiculous but

I’m suddenly overwhelmed by sadness, knowing that I’ll probably never, ever see OMD live, much less meeting them in person. Seeing how great the setlist is - how so many of my favorite songs are being played - makes me sad because I’ll never get to witness it before my eyes. And I know they’ll never come to my country. And I’ll never have the time and money to go to where they’re touring. And since they’re old, I’m afraid they can retire anytime

I love them so much and I wish there was a way I could watch them live. I love a shitload of bands but never have I been this bothered by the thought of never seeing any of them live


WAW Malcolm speaks xD xD