Caine Parker is the coach. He is thirty-five years old, and is Barlow's leading football coach. Caine looks a lot like Chris Evans and he is an open role.

“Regrets collect like old friends. Here to relieve your darkest moments.’”

+ athletic, determined, forceful
- hot-headed, arrogant, persuasive

| Personality

You know those typical jocks? Well, it seemed like Caine never really grew out of his asshole ways from high school, having been a student at Barlow himself, and he is still the same arrogant, hot-headed guy he was back then. Though Caine’s goals have changed, and his beliefs, his attitude remains the same, to everyone around him’s frustration. Caine is a forceful man, who takes shit from no one. He is very determined to reach his goals, which is a good thing when he is back to coach two football teams: both the high school, and the college. He is very athletic himself, and knows how to whip other people in shape.

Caine is a sly man, very persuasive and used to getting things exactly how he wants them. Other than that, he is extremely arrogant, thinking he is better than most people. When things don’t go Caine’s way, he has a knack for getting upset, something which again doesn’t promise good for those around him. He isn’t necessarily all that violent, but he has away with course language and blaming everyone else. The only thing changing in him since high school is his ruthlessness, where he isn’t that bully out to destroy everyone else anymore. He rather regrets his days as a merciless leader, and has actually grown to care about the people around him. Though that’s something he probably would never admit.

| Background

Caine was the man back in high school, having had a pretty normal upbringing, which set him craving something more fulfilling. He needed to be the best at everything, and made  the whole school get wrapped around his little finger. And then one day he met Olivia Duncan, the most beautiful little thing he had ever seen. From the second he laid his eyes on her, he knew he had to have her. Caine rarely didn’t get what he wanted, and soon Liv was in his arms. They became a rather strange couple, a sophomore and a senior, but people didn’t dare to say anything about it. Not to Caine’s face anyway. Their relationship evolved fast, and at the first party the went to together, Caine had already deflowered her.

But even if he loved being with his little Liv, that soon changed once she turned fifteen and fell pregnant. Caine had no idea what to do with himself, and tried to press her into getting an abortion. He couldn’t stand the thought of becoming a father at the age of nineteen, not when he had his whole future and career in front of him. Because Caine wasn’t just good in football, he was great, he was excellent, and he wanted to be able to live out his dreams and not get stuck with his high school sweetheart and kid the rest of his life. They fought fiercely about this, and it winded up with them stopping talking all together. He was satisfied when Olivia went away to have the baby, knowing he wouldn’t have to have a pregnant ex-girlfriend around school. He knew she would give it up for adoption, and everything would go back to normal. It was then Caine had a fatal back injury, causing him to having to give up the dream of becoming a football professional. Being offered a job as a personal trainer after high school, Caine was gone before Olivia had come back to the school. Now he is back at Barlow again, eager to see his old playing field. But he doesn’t know that the girl he got pregnant sixteen years ago is the school therapist.

| Relationships

  • Was friends with Derek Williamson back in high school.
  • Flirts with Trixie Drakes and is frustrated that the woman never lets it actually go anywhere.
  • Teases Ollie Nevins for being a dance teacher, because he thinks it isn’t manly.
  • Likes Jess Adkins and would love to get with her, except she’s under constant protection of Barry Weaver, who he dislikes.
  • Shrugs off Nate O'Neill, due to thinking he’s unimportant. 
  • Has heard rumors about Alan Diamond and Brody Grant being gay and doesn’t like it. He’s also heard rumors about Aiden Wade, but he doesn’t believe them.
  • Caine and Jacob Jones have a mixed friend ship, one moment being able to work out along side each other and the next yelling at each other. 
  • Brandon Quinn is one of Caine’s best friends. After he volunteered his football knowledge and the pair bonded over the game.

| Additional info

  • Knows he has a child out there somewhere but doesn’t think much about it.
  • Is completely unaware of the fact his daughter is a student at the school, he also isn’t aware that his child is a girl.
  • Homophobic.

For the one who sows to his own flesh, will from the flesh reap corruption. | Barlow Academy.


Severus Snape >> 6th Year Slytherin >> Halfblood >> Louis Garrel >> OPEN

Severus was a more closed-off student than most boys his age generally were. He was quiet, and reserved. Even when he spoke, one could barely hear a word. He gave off the air of an insecure person, how he walked with his head towards the ground, how he avoided everyone’s eyes. However, when you got to know him, you could find he was a nice person to talk to. He was a very good listener, and provided apt advice. 

- fancies Lily Evans 

- called Lily Evans a mudblood at the end of fifth year

- was bullied by James Potter for almost five years


Coal Pierce is the stoner. He is eighteen years old, and he is the most unfocused senior. Coal looks a lot like Jamie Campbell Bower and he is an open role.

“The child is grown. The dream is gone. I have become comfortably numb.”

+ brave, honest, loyal
- indifferent, rude, lazy

| Personality   Coal Pierce is that boy you will find leaning against the wall behind the school, a joint between his lips and no worries at all in his mind. He doesn’t really know how he does it, but most of the time he manages to not give a single fuck about the things around him. He prefers to stay uncaring and without worries; he prefers to get high and escape everything else. Though this face is the one Coal shows the world the most, few know that there is more to him beneath the drowsy look. Coal possesses the trait of bravery, something which he has since he was a little boy, and is also very honest. Though this honesty can also be viewed as a bad thing because sometimes Coal forgets to filter his thoughts. But the good thing about him is that if he hangs out with you, you will know that he truly likes you; he doesn’t waste time with faking polite or playing games. He is a very straightforward man, loyal to his friends and those close to him.

Coal isn’t exactly a guy you would bring home and present to your mother as your boyfriend. He is rude and lazy and sometimes very selfish. Coal doesn’t believe in much, but if there is one thing he does believe in, it is respect. He is rude to everyone who hasn’t earned his respect, and once you disrespect him, earning it back gets even harder. This means, unfortunately, that the teachers get a lot of rude comments and remarks flung at them from Coal. He doesn’t care much for doing schoolwork or even attending school, and telling him what to do surely isn’t the way to go to get his respect. His reluctance to do schoolwork and to showing up in class can only be blamed on his laziness, but he has managed to not fail any classes yet. But this year that seems to be failing, and Coal is headed towards being held back a year if he doesn’t get his act together.

| Background   Coal Pierce was born into a broken family. Many would say that it was money which tore the family apart, or that it was his mother’s stubbornness or his father’s selfishness. Either way, the family was not a healthy environment for a child, with fights being fought every day. It was Coal’s sister who took care of him when he was young and when he got scared whenever his parents fought. Well, it was actually Coal’s sister who took care of him most of the time. His parents were rich socialites, who would rather prioritize socializing before their own children. So his seven year older sister took care of him, and comforted him whenever fighting would occur. Coal adored his older sister, and she was pretty much the only thing the five year old would talk about; his sister and cars, which was an undying obsession of his. But Coal’s love for the fast, four-wheeled vehicles was turned into hatred when his sister got into a car accident. He couldn’t even stand the sight of them after having lost his sister in a big car crash. He was eleven when it happened and it changed the little boy in many ways. With his sister’s death came the quiet he had lusted for for so long from his parents, but Coal hated the reason things got so silent. His mother only cried, and his father didn’t speak for days, leaving an eleven year old Coal to himself to deal with the grief of losing the person closest to him. His parents finally got a divorce and are not on speaking terms even to this day, and Coal finally learned not to care. Just as he learned to stop caring about everything and everyone else too, because, after all, what is the point in caring when it only hurts? What is the point in caring when the people you care about only get taken away or simply just leave? Coal turned into himself and into drugs and partying for self medication. But no matter how much he tried to convince himself he didn’t care, he still misses his big sister. When he was old enough, Coal got sent to Barlow Academy by his father, and doesn’t speak much with his parents anymore. | Relationships
  • Rory Quinn is his girlfriend, and even if he does treat her a little indifferently at times, she is one of the few Coal actually enjoys spending time with.
  • Considers Ra Patel and Dario Vega his best friends and they tend to meet up and get stoned together.
| Additional info
  • Coal gets called into Derek Williamson’s office from time to time so the doctor can know how Coal is doing.
  • Doesn’t like cars since his sister’s death, and never learned how to drive.
  • Suffers from abandonment issues after his upbringing.
  • His parents can go weeks, sometimes even months without calling, and they even rarer visit. Even if Coal pretends not to care, it still hits him hard that his parents doesn’t seem to want anything with him to do.

For the one who sows to his own flesh, will from the flesh reap corruption. | Barlow Academy.


James Potter >> 6th Year Gryffindor >> Pureblood >> Aaron Johnson >> OPEN

James has many admirers, those who appreciate him. He’s charming, instinctive, and witty. On the other hand, if not an admirer, then annoyed by him. He’s also insensitive, immature, and somewhat a bully. This year, however, he wants to change everyone’s perspective of him. He no longer wants to be known as the defiant. It was a great reputation, but he’d like a break. He’s growing up. There are more important things than a reputation. Like, say, Lily Evans’s love?

- Future Husband of Lily Evans

- Chased Lily Evans for nearly five years

- Joins the Order of the Phoenix later

- Has a son named Harry in 1980

- Dies at Voldemort’s hand in 1981

- Captain/Chaser of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team

Slayter Donnelly is the drug dealer. He is eighteen years old, and he is a senior. Slayter looks a lot like Lucas Till and he is an open role.

Well, I got my mind out of sight, lost my common sense.”

+ honest, kind, brave
-  sneaky, greedy, impulsive

| Personality

By the first glance, Slayter Donnelly looks like the sweetest guy. Kind eyes, cute smile, and overall a very friendly face gives you the impression of a true sweetheart. When you look closer you will find out that this impression fits his personality as perfectly as it gets. But if you spend a lot of time around him, you will discover he has a lot of secrets; things he won’t tell you about which again comes with a devious sneakiness. Nobody would guess by the first glance that Slayter is a drug dealer, but truth is that he is the greatest one at Barlow there is. However, unlike most drug dealers, Slayter has never snorted even a bit cocaine or ever lit a joint for himself. He sells drugs, but never uses them.

Slayter has many good qualities. In daily life Slayter is kind, honest and brave and never fails to smile at everyone walking by him, greeting them and generally being sweet. But these lovely traits of his often get compromised when it comes to his dealing. Because dealing drugs isn’t something he can be open and honest about to just anyone, and selling to druggies and bratty teens is the end of his kindness. When Slayter sells drugs, he isn’t Slayter Donnelly, he is just another drug dealer trying to get by in life; doing what needs to be done. The dealing is turning him for the worse, and Slayter is getting more and more greedy; more and more sneaky. He wants it all; money so he can leave and never come back. And Slayter is determined to get it.

| Background

Like a lot of other little boys and girls, Slayter was heavily influenced by his siblings, or sibling to be more specific. Slayter had one older brother whom he adored more than anything on earth. When Slayter was five, he used to follow his fifteen year old brother around the house, only to try to be like him. And when he was ten, he would beg his twenty year old brother to sleep over at his apartment. Slayter idolized Stephen Donnelly, but it was to his mother’s great sorrow. Slayter’s mom had spent her life raising her boys alone, having been left by their father, and she saw what her oldest son did to himself. Stephen would do drugs, drink until he was unconscious and get in trouble with the law. This was something which happened weekly, daily even, and his mother was terrified the smallest Donnelly would decide to take the same road.

Slayter never saw anything wrong with what Stephen did. Not until a major car accident that was. Stephen was in the hospital for what seemed like ages, fighting for his life, and Slayter didn’t know how to deal with the thought of losing his older brother. He knew his brother had been under the influence of both alcohol and drugs while driving, and swore in that moment to never take any himself. He started to drift off the path his brother had so fondly walked down, but was brutally dragged back on it when he realized that the way to Lola Flynn’s heart was buying her expensive gifts. Slayter was fourteen years old and only a freshman when he fell head over heels for the beautiful girl in his class. It wasn’t something which would go away with the first and it hasn’t yet. Lola liked diamonds and expensive clothes and hand bags. She was an expensive little lady, and wasn’t it then nice to have someone like Slayter to pay her bills? Slayter made an agreement with his brother who gets the drugs for him, while the only thing Slayter needs to do, is get it into Barlow unnoticed and then sell it to the hungry teenagers.

| Relationships

  • His girlfriend is Lola Flynn whom he loves with everything he is. He would do anything for her.
  • Is the trio’s personal drug supply and doesn’t get messed with by them because of it.
  • Is friends with Ella Stryder and more than often gets dragged into her schemes against his will.
  • Friends with Drake Everett, Zach Redford, Marley Fox.

| Additional info

  • Has a good friend ship with his brother, even if he is ten years older than him.
  • Is deadly allergic to nuts.

For the one who sows to his own flesh, will from the flesh reap corruption. | Barlow Academy.



Ted Tonks >> 6th Year Hufflepuff >> Muggleborn >> Jake Abel >> OPEN

Ted was a very relaxed fellow. He was kind, and friendly, enthusiastic, and funny. He was the sort of bloke you’d want to be friends with. That said, he could also be very irritating, for he was very judgmental when others did not live up to his standards. 


Frank Longbottom >> 7th Year Gryffindor >> Pureblood >> Adam Brody >> OPEN

Authoritative Frank Longbottom has a lot of pressure on him for a seventeen-year-old. Being Headboy and having earned an internship to an Auror at the Ministry of Magic, Frank has little time to be what he truly is - a teenager. Pressured by his grandmother to be the best he could be, Frank’s academic grades are high, as well as his knowledge. Because of this, a relationship means next to nothing with him. Yet, a certain girl will suddenly walk into his life, abruptly changing his way of thinking.

-Joins the Order of the Phoenix

-Future husband of Alice Fortescue

-Future father of Neville Longbottom


Gilderoy Lockhart >> 7th Year Ravenclaw >> Pureblood >> Bradley James >>OPEN

Blunt and bold, Gilderoy was a boastful man, and was unashamed for it. Though on the outside he may seem like a dolt and unworthy of Ravenclaw, he proves that a pretty face can be clever as well. He’s very opportunistic, taking chances whenever possible and twisting it to benefit himself. Having tons of girls swoon over him, Gilderoy was hardly a troubled person. His hair as yellow as a dandelion, his smile - causing a girl to blush, his wit nearly off the charts, everybody knew Lockhart would get far in life, whether he deserved it, or not.

- Egotistic



Peter Pettigrew >> 6th Year Gryffindor >> Halfblood >> Jamie Bell >> OPEN

Peter always felt rather unworthy of the brilliance that is the Marauders. He’s proud to be a part of them, but doesn’t quite hold himself as high as he holds his friends. Still, when approached, he’s extremely friendly, and may sometimes seem even a bit nervous. He may seem hard to get to know, but when you really do know him, his humor does not quite differentiate from that of James’ and Sirius’. He’s just a bit more reserved about it. 

- Joins the Order of the Phoenix later

- Fancied Aubrey Rosmerta for a while now