TEACH ME | Chapter Six


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summary: :“Not now, Holland. I’m not in the mood of hearing your nasty comments.” you answer him back.
“If you really want to be noticed by Harrison we have to work together.”
You roll your eyes “So what’s your plan, Genius?”
Tom smirks “I’ll give you a few lessons about how to flirt with a guy, how to kiss, things you can say during a first date and so on.”

This is the penultimate chapter but don’t you worry because this story is not going to end… Lots of coming soon!

Teach me | Chapter 6

“Sorry Harrison. I really have to go, now” you say and, without any other explanations, you run away from his house.
You need answers and also a long walk to think about what has just happened. When you leave the house, you notice that it’s raining and you have forgot your ombrella at Harrison’s place so you stop at the nearest bus station and seat on the bench.
“Y/N?” A friendly voice calls you.
You look up and find Jacob giving you a confused look.
“Are you crying?” he asks again.
You touch your checks with the back of your hand to collect the few tears that escaped from your lashes.
“Oh, yes. I’m just nervous, and sad and I want to break everything” you explain.
Jacob gives you a sad smile and nods.
“Do you want to talk about it?” he seats next to you.
You sigh “No. Or maybe yes, I… I don’t know” another sigh “It’s about Tom”
“Let me guess, it’s about Tom and his lessons”
You look at him with wide eyes “How do you know this?”
He just chuckles “I was the first one to know about it. He called me up at 2am to tell me this odd idea. Of course I told him it was something extremely stupid, but he did it anyway”
Your gaze moves back to the pavement “Yeah, extremely stupid, just like me.” You say shaking your head “Jacob, did he tell you anything more about me?”
The Hawaiian boy blushes “Uhm, no, no. He just told me about the lessons and your crush on Harrison.”
“Didn’t he mention you that organized a blind date for Harrison with his cousin and they are now a couple?”
“He what?”
You nod.
“Oh, boy. Well, my advice is go and talk to him. I think he’s at his place.”
In that moment, you spot the bus coming.
You lift up and give Jacob a small kiss on the check “Thank you, Jacob. You’re a real friend.”
“That fin- Is that a hickey?”
You blush more than ever and your hand runs to cover your neck.
“Long story, maybe I’ll tell you another time”

The way to reach Tom’s house lasted twenty minutes. You don’t know what to say and how to behave around him. Should you face him? Asking for questions? Punching him in the face and then leave?
You stay in front of his front door with your fist in mid-air, unsure to knock it not.
“Oh, fuck it” you say between your teeth as you knock on his door.
You hear steps coming from behind the door and you’re jaw almost drops when you find a blonde girl opening the door.
“Hi” she welcomes you politely.
You look at her more carefully until you realize she’s the girl who was drooling over Tom the day before.
“Who’s there, Emily?” Tom says coming from the living room “Oh, hey Y/N” he smiles at you.
“You are a real piece of shit” you state looking into his eyes “Is she your new swag?”
Tom gives you a confused look “We’re doing a science project”
“Oh, yeah and maybe it’s an about anatomy, eh? Save it, Tom. I’m so done with you.”
“Emily, can you give us a second?” Tom asks the girl who’s even more confused than him.
“Sure” she says giving you a quick gaze.
“Can you tell me what the fuck is going on?” Tom closes the door behind his back and takes a few steps towards you.
“I should ask you the same thing” you scream as you feel your eyes filling with tears “I know everything, Tom. Harrison told me everything.”
Tom sighs and passes his hand through is hair.
“Please, tell me it’s not true.”
“Listen Y/N, I wanted to tell you but…”
“But what? You were having too much fun mocking me? Making me look like a stupid?” you turn your back but then you face him again “You know what? I was starting to feel something for you. I really thought we could work”
“Can you come in so we can talk?” he reaches out his hand but you avoid his touch.
“I don’t have anything more to tell you”
“But I do. And I want you to listen to me”
“I don’t have anything to listen to that comes from you.” you state, Tom swears he has never seen so much hate in someone’s eyes “I don’t want to see you again, I’m done”
“I did all this just for you” he yells “God, Y/N. You are so, so blind. I like you, I really do and Harrison was the only way to get closer to you. I wanted you to notice me, I wanted you to spend time with me so that you could understand I’m not the asshole you thought I was” he sighs “And then I introduced Harrison to my cousin because I knew that if you could choose between me and Harrison you’d pick him.”
You look at him astonished. Did he really just say that he likes you?
You open and close your mouth a few time, trying to find the right words.
“I’m not sure anymore I would have pick Harrison between the two of you”
“Is it too late to say ‘I’m sorry’, right?”
You give him a sad look “Definitely”

Violet’s house is in Regent Street. You’ve been there a few times and every time you are amazed by the beauty of her place. Her house seems to come out an IKEA catalogue. You knock on the door a few times, expecting to see your friend Violet but you find in front if you one of the most beautiful boy you’ve ever met.
“Can I help you?” he asks you with a shy smile.
“Uhm… yes. I’m friend with Violet, she told me she was at home so…”
“Yeah she’s having a shower, but you can come in and I can make some tea, you’re soaking. Didn’t you have an umbrella?”
You take a few steps into the house “If I had had one I would have used it, don’t you think?”
He chuckles “You’re right, I’m Louis, Violet’s brother”
“Oh sure, she told me many things about you” but not that you are so attractive, you think.
He smiles at you again as you look at him carefully. Everything was in fleck, his hair, his beard, the way his sweatpants contours his toned body.
“If you want you can tell me what you were doing without an umbrella under the pouring rain while we drink a cup of tea” he proposes.
“This is a really good idea”
Talking to Louis is one of the easiest things on heart, he listens carefully without interrupting you, he asks you a few questions from time to time to check if he understands correctly and then nods.
“Well” he starts once you finished telling him the story “Even I don’t like what he has done, but I can understand him. I mean, you’re really pretty, he just wanted to get your attention and he chose the worst way to do it” you blush like crazy at his compliment “But I think you should give him a second chance, I mean… by the way you talk I can say that you like him.”
“I thought I liked him but I feel betrayed by his behave, I think I need some time to reflect on this situation”
You hear Violet’s footsteps coming down the stairs and your friend’s voice talking to you.
“Sorry for the wait I was s- Louis Tomlinson how many times do I have to tell you not to bothering my friends?”
Louis raises his hands “To my defence, I was just doing your job while you were showering. Now I better get going, Harry’s waiting for me in Covent Garden” he stands up and gives just a quick gaze “It was a pleasure meeting you, Y/N. We should hang out sometime!”
You blush as you whisper a soft “Sure”.
Violet looks at you inquisitorial “Did you just flirt with my brother in front of me?”
“What? No!” you answer with a high pitch tone of voice.
“Uhm, fine. So, what happened?”
You explain again the whole situation but talking to Violet is not like talking to Louis. Violet is loud, distracted, and she interrupts you every three words.
“Well, I’m not surprised” she says with nonchalance “It was obvious that Tom has a crush on you. It’s like when you are at kindergarten and a kid pulls your braids: he’s mean to you because he wants to get your attention. And let’s be honest, Tom is a giant baby”
You sigh “What should I do?”
Violet plays with her hair and purses her lips “I think you have to take a break from him. I don’t like how he behaved. Try to focus your attention on other things. Or…”
“Or you can use the advices he gave you and find another boy”