Sarah’s many looks from Season 1

Sarah had the most screen time and and the most outfit changes of Season 1. For Beth, she wore mostly navy blue items layered under a classic trench coat or wool peacoat. Many Beth and Sarah looks overlapped, as she would often be wearing “Beth” clothes while talking to Siobhan or Felix as herself, and “Sarah” clothes when talking to Paul (such as the clash shirt and leopard tank) or Art (such as her combat boots or black beanie) while pretending to be Beth. 
Sarah’s wardrobe came from a variety of stores, some of the top stores being Urban Outfitters, Topshop, and Aritzia. For Beth, she wore items mostly from J Crew and Banana Republic.

Top items: (as Sarah) Cage bralette, striped tank, leather jacket, clash tee, plaid hooded shirt, ombre jeans
Top items: (as others) gray sweater dress, pink button down




Room Decor


What Are The Chances (Pt 4)

Pairing:  Chris Pine x Reader

Warning: Fluffy, maybe a touch of angst

Summary: After dating for over a year, you and Chris run into a road block of sorts. Will you be able to come back from it?

A/N: Sorry this took so long to write this. Life decided to kick me while I was already down. But, here it is, and I hope you like it!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Word Count: 2,236 (Oops..)

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The Day and Night AU reference compilation

To be updated as I find fabrics and with my outfit breakdowns, etc. 

Debut: Otakon 2017 or Winter 2017 (tentative)

So I fell in love with @beanpots Viktuuri Au where they’re Day and Night and I asked if I could take their art and make it. I just checked and saw that a few days ago? they gave me permission (and posted outfit designs for Otabek, Yuri, and Pichit!) I’m really excited for this, like it’s ridiculous how excited I am. But this will be my run of references, notes and thoughts as I start planning the outfit. So feel free to skip, I’ll be posting WIPs as soon as I start making the outfits.


Gold/bronze braid -  appears military grade. study dad’s old uniform, see where it can be purchased, find design and braid self? Think more on this.

Cape - learn how to ombre dye fabric, pale blue to royal blue/pale yellow to orange. Soft fabric, fleece or fur?

Crown - seven (7) points, same gold/bronze as braiding/metal detailing. further detailing to be decided

Man dress - either find a matrix pattern or cut at knee length and pair with boots and pants? lined in white. turned up cuffs? Cuff edged in gold braid, white lining visible. Buttons for ease. 

Detailing -  cape chain is darker metal, standing collar. Peacoat type closure? Shoulder boards need some thought. Is a nod to the British royal family military uniforms. Braid does NOT go behind shoulder


Cape - lined in pale gray. high collar, should be freestanding. Slight ombre from top to bottom. Hand paint stars, constellations and galaxies?

Bottom - empire/high waisted, tied with cord. Navy/midnight colored fabric under mesh with stars. Hand paint stars for ombre, add crystals for extra glam. Decorative tie in back?

Top - Leotard base, covers back of hand, middle finger loops to keep this length in place. Wide neck overlayer. Long kimono sleeves.

Crown - constellations or random stars. wire and light string (more thought needed)

Detailing - choker out of velvet with interchangeable moon focal pieces (references somewhere on hard drive)


Cape - ombre, mix of Viktor’s colors to Yuuri’s lighter blue. Attached at shoulderboards (more thought needed for this). Lined int pale pink to orange ombre. 

Dress - Simple floor length design, bishop sleeves with simple cuff (buttoned on side for ease). fitted through torso. simple round neck or collared v neck? Where skirt starts at waist slight ombre from orange color of inner cape to pale pink. Midweight cotton?

Vest/waist coat - Same color as the bottom of his outer cape, simple closure along front. v neck. cape part of vest? collar attached for structural support?

Detailing - shoulder boards are done in the same color as Viktor’s metal detailing. Pin appears polished and brighter, gold braided rope. through shoulder board fixment. Navy/midnight blue of  Yuuri’s top as sash.

** Keep undergarments light as possible to avoid overheating with the layers.

** Capes should be midweight

** Look into fabric detailing and keep it natural, vines/leaves for Viktor and Yuri. Dark on dark detailing on Yuuri but still natural motifs. 

How the Signs Dye their Hair

Aries: Completely. The color they chose probably won’t be a natural color. Bold

Taurus: Dip-Dye. They don’t want to risk it looking bad. A dark color.

Gemini: Streaks. Wants it to be different, but not too different. Opposite of their hair.

Cancer: Basic Ombre. Wants to have different matching colors. Natural colors.

Leo: Colorful Bangs. Likes their natural color, but just wants something new.

Virgo: Completely. Most likely to dye their hair another color. Mostly Natural.

Libra: Colorful Under layer. Wants a lot of contrast. Something that looks simple but actually isn’t. Pastel colors.

Scorpio: Half Head Dye. Really stands out. Wanted two colors, so got them both.

Aquarius: Dramatic Ombre. Probably mixes bold colors, but still matches.

Sagittarius: Fire Ombre. Super hot (no pun intended) and really cool. 

Capricorn: Galaxy Hair. Multiple colors. Very cool, and of course matches astrology.

Pisces: Reverse Ombre. Light at the top, dark at the bottom. Like them.