ombre silk


This is my firsth complete bullet bra for a french performer, i really like shape and finishment. Shade lace is handdyed and as you see finish is handstiched, it have a matching pannier lace socks and giant ruff, everything will be ready tomorrow. #handmade #handstiching #lace #bra #bulletbra #silk #taffeta #dyed #ombre #shade #pink #white and #gold #marienatoinette #style

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Lapis Lazuli Fictionkin similar to the Yellow Pearl post for anon

Dark Lapis Blue Pearl Hair Pins

Brass/Gold Tone Medieval Authentic Blue Lapis Lazuli CIRCLET

Genuine lapis lazuli necklace

Sky Blue Hydrangea Flowers Necklace

Ted and Jack - Silk Ombre Lightweight Accent Scarf

Steven Universe Lapis Lazuli Hair Bow

Royal Blue Beanie

Indigo Lapis Earrings

Minimal Lapis Lazuli/Steven Universe iPhone Cases & Skins

I hope this is what you were looking for. Enjoy!

-Darwin’s Zorro

Wrap These Stylish Scarves Around Your Neck

Scarves: nothing else is more fitting for the fall season. With the ideal piece you’ll look fab and ready for the cold days that await. Not sure what new styles to rock this season? Get inspiration from the 5 scarves below!

1) ASOS Oversized Square Scarf In Check

The awesome mix of colors makes this a very lively piece to wear around your neck – one that will surely keep you warm and looking very preppy and chic. You can never go wrong when a fashion piece is equally comfortable as it is stylish!

2) Check Ombre Wool Silk Scarf

Chic. No other word describes this Burberry scarf better. The blend of different shades of brown paired with the classic pattern that the brand is so well known for makes this piece a must-have.

3) ‘Pretty Polka Dot’ Scarf

Wearing a simple outfit? This is just what you need to add a touch of playful design while remaining poised. The contrasting royal blue and bright red tones, and the funky polka dots make this piece truly unique.

4) Skull Print Scarf

McQueen skulls. The skull pattern gives this scarf the perfect amount of edginess to complement any outfit. Did we mention that it is 100% silk? You can’t get any more classy.

5) Lightweight Solid Crinkled Infinity Scarf

Pattern not your thing? Charlotte Russe has got you covered with this infinity scarf. The crinkled, sort of messy look gives this piece just the character it needs to make your outfit look effortless. Also available in baby pink, white, grey and black.

So which one of these fab scarves would you go for? Keep us posted and tell us about your style!

(Main photo from Insider Posing in Vintage)