ombre lace dress

‘Jaw-Dropper’ Draco x Reader Fluff.

Request?: “MORE FLUFFY IMAGINES!!!! please…”& “ If u know the Dodie Clark songs daydreamer and human… could i have an imagine based on the lines of ‘i want the secrets your secrets havent found’ and ‘jaw-dropper,looks good when he walks, hes the subject of the talk’ . i dont know if you still take requests but u know… “
Rating: Fluffy
Inspired by: Daydreamer/ Human -Dodie Clark

The beautiful night started to rise over and consume the buzzing atmosphere of Hogwarts. Everywhere you look there would be small huddles of students and teachers preparing for the most magnificent moment of the school year that excited all, including the more malicious and angry students; like Slytherins. It was finally the night of the Yule Ball and the entirety of the dorm was preparing for what Pansy called “our big night”. I sat on my bed and played with the green and black ombre lace on my dress that my mother had sent me. I sighed greatly as Millicent Bulstrode droned on about how romantic it was when Baise Zabini had asked her to the ball. Her large hand fell down onto my bare shoulder “Don’t worry y/n I’m sure someone will at least ask you to dance or something…” I cocked my eyebrow at her and scrunched up my face.
“Hmm yeah, thanks a lot, Millie” I hummed in response, “I thought we were going together that’s all…” I trailed off and Millicent’s hand ran down my arm to grab my hand.

“uh y/n you’re my best friend and I said I would go with you because I thought there was no hope in someone asking me out, besides I thought you had a date” I sighed wriggling free from her hand so I could place my forehead in my palms. 
“No, I didn't Millie” Two sets of feet planted themselves in front of me and my best friend. I looked up to see the Slytherin equivalent of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb. “Yes Crabbe, Goyle..” the two boys exchanged glances, shrugging and nudging each other until the round-faced boy spoke up.

“Draco needs you in the common room” he stumbled over his words like the large clumsy oath he is.

“Oh for fuck’s sake, what does he want now, Merlin’s sake” They both shrugged so I pushed passed them and trudged down to the common room.

“Right Malfoy I’m really not in the mood today so can we get this over and done wi-” I looked up to see hundreds floating candles just like there was in the great hall. And in the midst of it all was Draco Malfoy. The orange flames beautifully illuminated his face, he wore a pure black suit with a classic green tie, and along with that a sheepish grin. He let out a breathy laugh once I realised my Jaw was hanging down low gawking at the beautiful sight in front of me, his blond hair was slightly ruffled but it still looked perfect.

“y/n… you look beautiful” he smiled very delicately as I let my gaze take its own route around the common room; almost focusing on every flickering flame it came across. A bright blush coloured in our faces like colouring pencils.

Draco started to slowly step towards me, his grey eyes bright and wide. He clutched my wrists gently but hard enough to fully capture my attention.

“I know I should’ve asked you sooner but, would you go to the ball with me?” I smiled at him and opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out. My throat had gone dry, like it was closing up. My face dropped and all I could do was stare straight ahead of me. All the colours drained slowly from Draco’s face as he gripped my arms, the lace sleeves rubbers against my arms snapping me back to reality, “y/n are you okay. You completely froze” I stared back into his eyes deeply. “Sorry, it’s nothing. I’m just so fucking happy” “Y/n I can’t believe you didn’t see this coming, I’ve been dropping hints all year.” “What?!” “Questions later Princess, you look stunning. Now let’s get to the ball, everyone will be dying to see you. I can’t wait to se the look on everyone’s face when they see me with you” He grabbed my hand and tugged me all the way to the great hall where I would later dance the night away with Draco Malfoy. We walked into the hall and just like Draco had said; everyone’s eyes were glued to us, the unknown couple and what would’ve been the most unlikely couple. Me and Draco sat at a table as Cedric walked over to us. “Fuck” Draco mumbled “what do you want Diggory” Cedric raised one eyebrow and leaned closer to us “Just congratulating you on getting y/l/n to go to the ball with you, she’s a stubborn one she is” He laughed and smirked at me and Draco as Draco’s face became redder by the second. “Fucking hell Diggory that’s enough move on” Cedric snorted and returned to Cho Chang who was probably waiting to dance with Cedric as ever since we got here all he has done was stare at me and Draco. “That’s it I’ve had enough of sitting around, come on Prince lets go dance” Draco laughed and slightly blushed at the nickname and got up taking my hand. We confidently strutted up to the dance floor, I knew That Draco and I have had a sufficient amount of of practice to be the best couple in the room. Draco wrapped his hands round my waist and gently hoisted me up, I quickly latched onto his shoulders as he bought me back down to the floor. I looked around all the other couples had cleared the floor and the only other pair was Viktor Krum and Hermonie Granger. Draco snorted and leant down to my ear sending an amazing shiver down my spine he pressed a light kiss to the shell of my ear and whispered. “Lets show that Mudblood and her toy boy who the best couple in this school is” I smiled wickedly as we dance all through the night. Even on the way back to our dorm we held each other tightly and dance our way back to the common room. It was perfect.