ombre appreciation

Imma be totally honest the entirety of that pride post came out of me realizing that I headcanon all three of the Gotham City Sirens as bi and went “matching bi pride crop tops tho”

And it turned into a headcanon post with two men scream-singing the lyrics to a Sia song, about ten rogues wearing sunglasses with bitch on the lenses, Ed and Harvey not understanding the concept of “clashing colors”, and Joker dying his hair for pride so he can be a walking pride flag.

That last one is the best part because I’ll be honest I totally would dye my hair bright pink JUST to be a walking pan pride flag.

Anyone that dyes their hair pretty frequently and can answer a question for me? I’m wanting to do an ash blonde/purple ombre and im not sure if that’s something I’d be better off getting professionally done or if i could do it at home. If it was something i could do at home and it still look good, what dyes/bleach do you recommend in order to achieve this? Thanks in advance.


Since a lot of you wanted to see my new silver hair (which is pretty different from the blonde I usually am), here are some selfies. I’m actually so in love with the colour and the ombre. 

I hope you appreciate them because I froze my ass off going outside to get some good winter sunlight. My phone kept dying because it was so fjdkslfj cold outside. No filters on them (besides the obligatory flower crown one), so that’s the real colour.  Lemme know what you think!