Nigel gets a new hat

Nigel, my combi has ventured out of the cosseted confines of his garage to be fitted for his new hat - OK I’ll stop …

Got the combi out of the garage for the first time since September to fit the newly renovated roof. It was a beautiful day, hot and sunny, which contradicted the information given by my HiPhone, where it instructed us to be under grey skies and rain for the day. 

Well, that just didn’t happen … until later, at least - had a great day, a long lunch on the terrace, with various permutations of rosé wine - Herault, Provence and Fronton just to be sure.

Fitted my new seal - with which I had to forego two of my limbs to pay for it, to the roof, then put the roof on before I realised that I had been bitten by the fuckwittery fly - I had put the seal on backwards - a case of the buttered toast falling on the floor - statistically, if I can do something wrong, I usually do …

So back off with the roof, turned the seal around - I did it for a joke you see, *smiles and nods head slowly* put the roof back on - ooh, ay oop, the rugby’s on - went to watch the match before finishing some important jobs on the combi… blah, blah blah..

Then after I had tidied up, the mother of all storms descended upon us - it was so awesomely beautiful - big furls of dark clouds, sunlight on the Pyrenees, mixes of purples, ochres, blues, blacks and greys and golden sunlight.

There was also a tornado, towards the Pyrenees - wow!

All in all a great day - tomorrow I will be going to get some more parts for Nigel’s welfare - which is usually an ordeal that ends well….

So here are some before / after and before photos of my day - is it cheating to put multiple images on a one pic a day? 

American Horror Story Alphabet


B anana

C lown

D onovan

E lizabeth

F reaks

G hosts

H alloween

I ris

J ungle Jim

K it Walker

L ove

M oira

N un

O penings

P epper

Q ueenie

R ubberman

S ally

T ate Langdon

U mbrella

V ampires

W itches

X xx

Y oung Moira

Z ombies

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Zombie - the pretty reckless
Oblivion - grimes
Moaming lisa smile - wolf alice
Bad blood - nao
I’m not calling you a liar - florence + the machine
Every fuckin day - lolawolf
Keep the streets empty for me - fever ray
Amsterdam - imagine dragons
Vista - iamamiwhoami
Is this happiness - lana del rey
New ways - daughter
Send my love (to your new lover) - adele
Keep  you - wild belle
Youth - glass animals

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Dance Dance - Fall Out Boy

Always Forever - Cults

Runaway - Electric Youth

Keep on Keepin’ On - Bleached

Disorder - Joy Division 

All I Wanted - Paramore

Zombie - The Cranberries 

Elegia - New Order

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