The Kristall Colombard is a white wine from Omaruru in Namibia produced by Kristall Kellerei Vineyard. As stated on the wine label, "The Kristall Kellerei Vineyards are subject to unique climatic conditions such as frost, extreme heat and water scarcity. Our wines are dry with a distinct Namibian character and are best enjoyed young.“

Colombard used to be grown en masse in places like California and it has a reputation for being a neutral, perhaps even bland wine suitable for table wines or blending. Colombard is the only white wine Kristall Kellerei planted on just a few hectares when they started in 1990.

According to a wine tasting review of the Colombard 2010 by the WineRambler from Germany, " The honey flavours were there, but receded slowly over time, and it featured some light fruit (apple) and herbal flavours too, also some liquorice. The texture was a little bit on the creamy side and, like the bouquet, the Colombard was pleasant but not exactly deep or exciting. It also lacked the vibrant dynamic of my favourite cool climate wines. Starting out more flavoursome, the wine then fell a little short on the tongue, especially mid-palate, but luckily came back with a somewhat stronger finish ....”

And Jeanri-Tine Van Zyl from South Africa has this to say for the 2010 Colombard “Kristall Kellerei’s Colombard can compete with the best on offer in South Africa, with the 2010 showing generous fruit aromas and a zesty, lingering palate.”