I was tagged by timroth1992   thanks bailey!!

The first song you land on describes how you die:

pour some sugar on me- Def Leppard (im okay with that)

Second song will describe your love life:

bad things- true blood theme (lmao)

Third song will be played at your wedding:

hold tight- death proof soundtrack

Add “in my pants” to the fourth song you land on:

siempre estas in my pants (?)-chinese man

Fifth song will be played at your funeral:

im too sexy - right said fred (im putting this in my will rn fuck yes)

Sixth song is your theme song:

summertime killer- Kill BIll soundtrack (accurate)

Seventh song will be played when you think about someone you love:

gin and juice- snoop dogg (accurate)

Add ‘with a shovel and a screwdriver’ to the title of the eighth song:

criminal with a shovel and a screwdriver- fiona apple

Ninth song will describe your week:

bad for my body- deap vally (again how is this so accurate always)

Tenth song will play when you miss someone:

i looked at you-the doors

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I Can’t Return - Immigrant Union

Here’s a little video I star in opposite Omar Doom directed by MIke Bruce and produced for Immigrant Union a couple months ago.

Omar Doom, my new obsession <3