omar rodriguez lopex


Et voilà !

In commemoration of their break-up and in celebration of their music, I present my Mars Volta vinyl collection - all of them, apart from Amputechture, which I’m still tracking down.
It took a bloody long time and a lot of money to find them, but they hold pride of place in my huge vinyl collection and all look and sound amazing.

  • Deloused In The Comatorium - 2 records on GORGEOUS silver vinyl, along with a double-sided front cover and a poster with extra art on it.

  • Francis The Mute - 3 Records on glow in the dark (yes, that’s right) vinyl, as well as the title track as a 12" single, all housed in that cute red jacket.

  • The Bedlam In Goliath - 2 records on half black/red vinyl. Gatefold looks like a Ouija board, and it comes with a 7" shaped like a planchette, with the creepy song “Mr. Muggs” on it.

  • Octahedron - 2 white vinyl records. Not that interesting, but cool to look at.

  • Noctourniquet - 2 records, a 3D poster, and retro 3D glasses to look at the artwork with!

I’ll miss the Mars Volta - they knew how to do vinyl really well.