Style Snap: Holiday Hit List! With all of the Pop-Up’s in Manhattan, whatever will be left of the shopping scene come January?! Luckily with my latest venture, I didn’t have to venture far to feel outside the city.  If we can bring Italy and China below 14th Street, why do I have to take a bridge or a tunnel to go to Brooklyn? No worries my friends, the distinct style that comes with the flea market persona (which by the way, should still be oh-so-chic and cheap) is sitting in Chelsea Market at Artists & Fleas through December 31st.  Here are a few things I found before I encountered my afternoon demise that is Jacques Torres. Click through to shop with me (and some new friends)!

Style Side Note: Though there are special deals to be had on site, you can shop some of my picks without going to Brooklyn or Manhattan:

Rings by Churoncalla - starting at $25 (I scored one for myself)

Hats by Ryan Wilde Millinery - under $100 with special offers for Chelsea Market shoppers

Dresses by Cora NY - starting at $40

Bags by OmaNour - under $150 for genuine goatskin and kalim combination

Bracelets by The Blue Hound - under $100 (on my wish list)

Shades by a.vanhoek - starting at $20