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what are some of your fav blogs?? I need ppl to follow

callout post for some of my pals!!!! @planetphil @halying @celestialgals @bloomphan @fkaloh @shibekid @sunshinehowell @nasahowell @galilae @angelbud @phunwithphan @thoughtlessturtledove and like 200 others that i definitely forgot these are just off the top of my head!!!!!! if i didnt include u in this i still love u!!!!!!!!!!

GoPro Captures Road Trip Through Oman

This road trip adventure through Oman looks like an awful lot of fun through the lens of the GoPro that Max and his friends brought with them. Through beautiful pools, beaches, streams and roads, the camera shows the natural beauty of the Omani countryside, and hospitality of it’s people. Credit: Max Weber

Music tag

Thanks to @study-to-succeed for the tag!!! this was written like two days ago but i saved it for later i.e. now so sorry for being late!!! xx

On time for my operation room clean up so these are random songs from my iTunes library on my laptop (differs from all my other libraries slightly… Legit have to delete a lot of unwanted songs from here).

rules: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. put your mp3 player, iTunes, Spotify, etc. on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and then tag 10 people; no skipping 

1. Say You Do (feat. Omani & DJ Fresh) [Radio Edit] - Sigala {loooove Sigala}

2. Geronimo - Sheppard

3. Overboard - Justin Bieber & Jessica Jarrell

4. Sorry - Justin Bieber

5. Oath (feat. Becky G) - Cher Lloyd

6. 6 Words - Wretch 32

7. Life Support - Sam Smith

8. Down to Earth (Acoustic Version) - Justin Bieber

9. 2AM. (Feat. Sage the Gemini) - Adrian Marcel

10. Live While We’re Young - One Direction

There’s a lot more songs like #9 though and as you can see, there is a lot of JB. 😂 I tag: @studyguideverified @study-harder @smoinerd @whereismyhighlighter @revisereblogrevise @pipstudies @hufflestnerd @studystetic @acethatknowledge, @healthstudies

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