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Touch Me (Austin Carlile)

a/n: ….god damn, you guys are ur need for Austin C. smut….




I slammed my hand down on the alarm, shutting off the blaring sound. Groaning, I turned over onto my back and cracked open my eyes. It was still dark outside, which confused me. Had my alarm gone off earlier than it was suppose to? But when I glanced at the clock, it read 5:03am. Sighing, I sat up with the covers still wrapped tightly around me. Why was I up this early? What was today? Did I have to do something important? I couldn’t remember. Maybe I just needed a new clock.

Standing up, I stretched out my arms and groaned; the back aches were getting worse, which meant I was becoming old. Oh joy. With a yawn, I opened my door and shuffled silently to the bathroom in the hall, careful not to wake my roommate. Glancing at his door, I frowned. Why did things have to be so complicated?

I jumped in the shower and spent an alarming amount of time just standing under the hot water. It felt so good on my skin that I didn’t want to ever leave. When I got out, I wrapped myself in a towel and started to brush my teeth, letting my mind drift off.


Austin’s P.O.V:

Y/N arched her naked body and pressed up against mine. The heat radiating off of us was scorching, but intoxicating at the same time. As I stared down into her pleading eyes, I braced myself on my forearms and slid into her. Watching her facial expressions while I slowly thrusted in and out of her was like nothing I’d ever seen. It was beautiful; the way her eyes glossed over with pure ecstasy and her lips parted open to moan softly. “Austin…” she’d moan, nails digging into my back…

I jolted awake, breathing heavily as I was brought back to reality. Glancing down, I saw a bulge under the blanket where my crotch was. I had it again, the steamy dream about Y/N. Almost every night I’ve had the exact same one, but it each night it went further and further. And of course, I wake up with a raging boner and the intense itch to sprint into her room and take her right there. The only problem was we were roommates, best friends that have known each other for years. I didn’t know how she felt about me.

These feelings I had were hard to contain and it didn’t help when I saw her eating. Those luscious lips, parting and her silky tongue gliding along…

I shook my head. No, I had to stop thinking like that. It was difficult when she’d eat bananas. It’s silly but watching her put half of a banana in her mouth was an insane teaser.

Sighing, I got up and threw on a pair of basketball shorts. As I stepped out of my room, I hear water running and instantly looked to the bathroom at the end of the hall. And there, with the door slightly ajar, stood Y/N. All that covered her body was a short, thin towel that showed off her amazing legs. Swallowing hard, I took a step forward to get a better look and saw that she was brushing her teeth. When she cleaned further back, I expected her to gag, but there was nothing. Oh god, Y/N didn’t have a gag reflex. Ideas were popping into my mind like flies, ideas that were making me become hard again.

Fighting with myself, I couldn’t take it anymore and made a decision.

“Fuck it,” I muttered and walked forward.


Y/N’s P.O.V:

Just as I rinsed my mouth out, the bathroom door swung open, startling me. I let out a squeak and with wide eyes, clutched the towel and stared at the tall figure in the doorframe. Austin towered just inches away in all his shirtless glory, staring at me with an intense look that set my body on fire.

“Au-Austin. What are yo-”

“Don’t talk, Y/N. Not just yet,” he muttered and reached out to pull me into a kiss. Totally taken by surprise, I leaned back.

“What has gotten into you?!” My lips were tingling.

He cupped my cheeks, fingers tangling themselves in my wet hair. “Let me show you, Y/N, please.” His face was so close to mine. Glancing down at his lips, I unthinkingly leaned in, wanting to taste them again. This time the kiss started off slow, timid, but quickly turned desperate. I gripped onto his shoulders as his hands made their way to my hips and lifted me onto the sink, standing in between my legs. I could feel the bottom of the towel riding up my thighs, exposing my heat.

Austin was in control as he coaxed my mouth open, deepening the kiss. He slipped his hands under the hem of the towel. I wanted him desperately, but fought the urge to rip off his shorts and drag him into the shower. A hand came agonizingly close to my core, his knuckles brushing my dampness and then moved away. A groan of frustration escaped me. “Tell me you don’t want me to take you here,” he murmured against my lips. “Tell you don’t want me to spin you around and bend you over this vanity.” He slid his fingers down thigh and cupped me suddenly.

I gasped and licked my lips, struggling with my control. My hips bucked and my back arched as I rocked toward him. “Yes,” I managed to breathe. “Please.”

Austin pressed his lips to my ear. “Please what?”

“Please.” I begged, curling my fingers in his hair. “Please, Austin, touch me.”

He smirked and next thing I knew his fingers were on me. His fingers flexed, rubbing me and I release a throaty moan. I could let this man touch me for hours if he wanted. I want him to make me lose control with just his heavenly touch.

Austin slid his fingers across my core. “You’re so damn wet,” he murmured, touching my clit and I let out a soft moan.

“Austin…” I was starting to beg; his hands were driving me crazy as they worked me closer to the edge. My nails bit into his shoulder, causing a low growl to rumble deep in his chest. Peering up at Austin’s face, heat exploded over my skin; his eyes were clouded with lust and something else I couldn’t put my finger on.

A sexy smirk pulled at his lips. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to touch you like this, Y/N.” My heart sped up at a ridiculous pace as he unraveled the towel, letting it slip off and expose my body. A hum of approval rumbled in Austin’s chest. “Fucking perfect…”

Heat crawled up my neck and spilled into my cheeks, flooding it with color. I wanted to scold myself; how could I be self-conscious at a time like this? The man I had been wanting for so many years was finally showing interest. Get it together, Y/N!

Lifting a trembling hand, I slid my fingers over his abdomen, feeling the muscles tighten at my touch. I slowly slipped them under the hem of his shorts until I had a hold onto what I was searching for. With a smirk of my own and a small squeeze, I lifted my eyes to meet his as I started to pump my hand. His member is rock hard as I move my hand up and down, causing a deep groan from the back of his throat.

“Y/N…” Austin’s voice was raspy and thick with pleasure, sending the butterflies in my stomach into a frenzy. I leaned forward to plant kisses along his chest, nibbling at the skin a few times. In my hand, his member jerked and before he could release, I let go, leaving him breathing heavily.

“Oh, that’s how you wanna play, huh?” He grabbed my ass and lifted me up, causing me to wrap my legs around his waist. Walking from the bathroom, he moved us down the hall until we made it into his bedroom. I was dropped onto the mattress and suddenly he was above me, straddling my thighs. With a wicked glint in in eyes, he slid down and spread my legs open. Heat coursed through me as his gaze devoured my body. His hands left a trail of tingling skin as they slowly slid down my thighs.

Fingers gripping the sheets, hips rocking in small circles, breathing ragged; Austin was causing every nerve in my body to heighten. Finger tips ghosted over my wet folds and I tentatively raised my hips, silently begging for more. Finally taking the hint, Austin held my hip with one hand as the other cupped me. A finger slowly entered me and began moving at a steady pace, causing the knot in my stomach to start forming.

As he kept a steady speed, I wasn’t climbing fast enough to my high, until he pushed deeper and brushed my right spot. A whimper escaped me as my fingers dug into the sheets and another finger was added. My back arched and my toes curled.

“Oh god…” I gasped and shut my eyes, electricity zipping through my veins. I dragged my teeth along my bottom lip, trying to keep back the loud moan that desperately wanted to come out as Austin picked up his speed. Breathing was becoming very difficult and the knot was getter tighter and tighter with every stroke. A moan made its way out into the air and I could feel myself getting closer to the edge, all he had to do was stroke a few more times and I’d be thrown over.

My breath hitched in the back of my throat. “A-austin..I-” And just as I was about to lose control, his fingers were gone and the knot began to come undone. Opening my eyes, I saw him grinning down at me and my face pinched into a glare. “Come on, don’t be like th-” Lips crashed with mine and the words fell away. Our tongues fought for dominance, but his easily won and he took over completely.

Reaching down, he tugged off the shorts with ease and leaned over to open the night stand drawer. I grabbed his arm to stop him, and leaned up to his ear.

“Don’t use it. Just pull out,” I whispered with a smile, nibbling his earlobe before laying back on the pillow and wrapping my legs securely around his waist. Running a hand through his dark hair, I couldn’t help but let out a satisfied purr and tugged on it.

“You sure about this?” Austin asked quietly, leaning forward to brush his lips against mine. I nodded and sealed them together, bringing my hands to his back and pulled him closer. Spreading my legs wider, he fit himself between them and with one last look of conformation, he slid into me.

The feeling of him was better than I had imagined; his size filled me completely and sent a delicious burning sensation running through my body. Pulling out slowly, he thrusted back in and repeated until he created a speed that sent my eyes rolling into the back of my head. I lifted my hips to meet his.

Austin groaned, burying his face in my neck. “God, Y/N…you feel so good.” He kissed my neck, instantly finding my sweet spot. I let out a low moan and gripped his back. This only made him go faster; my legs were beginning to tremble as our bodies moved with one another. Our skin was becoming slick with sweat and the knot in my stomach tightened more and more.

“God, Austin, don’t stop…” I was getting close, and I could tell he was, too. Leaning down, he took one of my breast into his mouth, causing me to cry out as the electricity sparked. He sucked gently, rolling my nipple with his tongue as he rubbed the other. When he was satisfied with his work, he switched, giving my other breast the same attention. My head was spinning and the knot felt like it would snap any minute. “I’m clo-” I breathed out, but it was cut off by Austin’s lips.

His hands shifted underneath my back and he sat us up, sitting me in his lap. Gripping his shoulders, I began to move up and down and with one powerful thrust, I was flooded by my high. A loud moan of his name escaped my lips as ecstasy burst into my veins at my release; the feeling spreading all throughout my body and crashed over me like a tidal wave.

As I came down from it, I opened my eyes to lock with Austin’s. Lust no longer clouded the beautiful brown hue, something else was swirling around like storm clouds but I couldn’t tell what.

But my mind quickly switched to another part of him. Sliding off, I pushed him back until he was laying down, a grin stuck on my lips all the while. I straddled his waist, only to slide down a little further; my eyes scanned his chest and went lower to his still hard member. Licking my lips, my eyes flickered up to his, wanting to see his expression.

It was a delicious mixture of excitement and surprise which set my insides on fire again. With a wicked smile, I grabbed a hold of the throbbing member and started to pump up and down. As I leaned forward to place a kiss on the tip, a handful of my hair was clutched in his grip and he impatiently guided my mouth onto him. Taking almost all of him, I moved my head up and then down again, pumping what I couldn’t take with my hand. Swirling my tongue around his shaft, he groaned as I hollowed my cheeks. The grip he had on my hair tightened, fueling the fiery desire inside me.

I bobbed my head faster and kept my eyes focused on Austin’s face. “Fuck, Y/N,” His growl was low, yet powerful, making my stomach flip. By now, I was deep throating him with ease and I could feel him swelling as he drew closer to his release. The look of pure ecstasy on his face made the desire burn more and I let out an unexpected moan. The vibration from it sent him over the edge and he released into my mouth.

“God, I fucking love you,” he groaned, tugging on my hair one last time before letting go.

I froze. What did he say? Sitting up, I swallowed hard , the stickiness slowly gliding down my throat as I stared at Austin blankly. Could I have heard him wrong? There was no way he could have meant that…right? We were only friends. Who just had some wildly passionate sex.

I cleared my throat as he sat up. “W-what did you say?” My heart was beating faster than it ever had; nervousness began to leak into my veins.

Austin opened his mouth, confusion written all over his face, but then he stopped as recognition seeped in. “Shit,” He rubbed a hand over his face. “Y/N, I…I’m sorry, it just came out. It-it was an accident, I didn’t mean to say it. I’m sorry.”

I sat there, searching his eyes; they held honest sincerity, but also something else. I hadn’t recognized it before, but now I knew exactly what those storm clouds were that swirled in his brown eyes. My heart began to speed up for another reason; pure happiness.

“You said you love me. Is that true?” I asked quietly, but firmly.

Austin frowned slightly and tilted his head a little. “…yes. I…I love you, Y/N. Ever since we were in high school, I’ve loved you. It’s okay if you don’t feel the sa-”

I never moved so fast in my life; before he could finish, I scrambled forward and pulled him into a long, deep kiss. His hands hesitantly grabbed onto my waist while I wrapped my arms tighter around his neck. When we finally pulled away, our breathing was heavy and ragged. Austin cracked an eye open.

“So, does this mean you feel the same or…?”

I rolled my eyes and grinned. “Oh, shut up and kiss me again.” With a chuckle, he grabbed the back of my neck and gently pulled my lips to meet his. This kiss was slow but passionate, more intense than any other we had shared. I broke the kiss and leaned my forehead against his.

With a smile, I said, “Yes, this means I love you, too.”

Austin’s smile was breathtaking as his eyes crinkled at the ends in the most adorable way. “You do know this means we’re gonna have to tell the guys, right? Alan’s going to be so heartbroken; he has the biggest crush on you.”

I laughed. “Maybe I should’ve went to live with him instead.” At this, Austin rolled his eyes and then kissed me again.

And again.

"Guess Cashby really is over, isn’t it?"

It was around eleven o’clock at night, and you couldn't sleep, and the best remedy for your insomniac nights were to be cuddled up with Alan. You and your band had gotten the chance to tour with Of Mice & Men and a few other bands, and that was the bright side to being in a band as well. You never really got the chance to see your boyfriend being you both were always touring, in the studio, or meeting fans. So, every time you had the chance to see one another, you took it, and you savored every moment.

You kicked the blankets off of your body, and climbed out of your bunk, trying not to disturb your sleeping band mates. You grabbed your phone and quickly sent a text to Alan.

You awake? Can’t sleep

You didn't have to wait very long because within a few seconds he texted back –

Yeah, babe. Wanna meet outside? 5-10 minutes?

Sure (:

You threw your phone back on your bunk and tiptoed through the bus, quietly opening and closing the door. You walked around the lot for a few minutes before deciding to make your way to Of Mice & Men’s bus. It took you few minutes to find Alan, but his voice calling from above caught your attention.

“(Y/N)..” you heard Alan’s voice whisper from what sounded like on top of the bus. You looked up and saw him crouched down, a small smile on his face. “Come around to the other side and get up here.”

You didn’t question it and walked to the other side of the bus where the ladder was located. You climbed up and the first thing you saw were tons of blankets and pillows laid on the roof. You smiled to yourself and climbed onto the top.

Alan approached you and planted a kiss on your lips. He pulled away and smiled down at you. “Figured we could lay out here and look at the stars.”

You and Alan laid down on the bed he made for the two of you and cuddled up close to one another. He wrapped his arm around you and rested your head in the crook of his neck.

“It’s beautiful out tonight,” you commented, gazing up at the stars with awe.

“Not as beautiful as you,” Alan said, turning his head to look at you. You blushed.

“That was lame,” you laughed, looking over at Alan. “So lame.”

“I know, but what else do you expect from a guy whose favorite movie is 500 Seconds of Summer?”

“Nothing,” you chuckled and Alan smiled again. He pulled you closer and kissed your forehead, letting his lips linger for a few seconds longer than he usually would.

“I love you,” he mumbled into your hair. “So much.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, a quiet snort caused you to turn your head towards the sound. You saw the one and only Austin standing on the ladder, his elbows leaned up on the roof of the bus, typing away on his phone, a small smile on his lips.

“Hey, Austin,” you said, “Whatcha doin’?” He looked up from his phone and laughed.

“You’ll find out soon enough,” he said innocently and put his phone in his pocket. “You two have a nice time.” He began descending back onto the concrete of the parking lot, but before leaving the both of you completely, he called out, “Use protection while you’re up there! Don’t need any more gingers runnin’ around here!” You blushed and Alan laughed.

“Don’t worry, Aus. We will!” Your boyfriend called back.

“And don’t be too loud, got people trying to sleep down here!” Austin laughed before going back into the bus.

“Anyway –” Alan started, but his phone going off signaling he had a notification interrupted him.

“I bet you anything Austin took a photo of us and put it on Instagram.”

“You’re right,” Alan said, looking at his phone. “He did.” Alan handed you the phone and you looked at the photo. It was the moment where Alan kissed the top of your head and you had a goofy, love-struck smile on your face. His arm was wrapped around you and it was just absolutely adorable.

“Look at these two love birds,”  you read the caption aloud. “Guess Cashby really is over, isn’t it? Frowny face.”

You giggled and handed Alan his phone back. “Austin never fails to amuse me.”

“What about me?” Alan whined, his lip in a pout.

“You’ll always amuse me,” you chuckled, pulling his face close to yours and planting a kiss on his lips.

You two eventually fell asleep, your head resting on his chest while his fingers were tangled in your hair. Austin, being the nosy person he is, eventually climbed back up and snapped a few more pictures. All the pictures he posted to Instagram and Twitter got nothing but positive feedback from both the Cashby shippers and regular fans.

Morning play (Austin Carlile x reader)

Hope you really enjoy this.

- Time to wake up pretty little lady… - my skin shivered and my heart started beating so fast when I heard his voice whispering in my ear.

I mumbled a “no” against the pillow.

- Come on baby girl…- I feel one of his hands sliding under my nightgown, causing me goosebumps. His warmth touch feels like heaven on my skin, he was touching my waist and then, with his fingers, he started tracing up a path all over my back.

I move my face out of my hidden spot against the pillow and turn it to the left not letting Austin see my blushed face and right then, my mouth let escape an involuntary moan. I listened to Austin’s soft laugh right on my ear.

- Someone likes what I’m doing, I see -  he placed his hand again on my waist he turns my body, gently, against his.
My back now was touching his bare chest. I place one of my hands on his, the one on my waist, and entwine our fingers.

- Austin… - I say his name half pleading, half moaning.
- Yes, baby? - he asked while his lips were kissing my neck and then, feeling his teeth biting it softly.

I bit my lower lip trying to keep silence and not letting my moans to get out of my mouth and trying to find a way to tell Austin what I need more than ever right now.

- Let them out baby girl - he whispered seductively. At that moment, I was melting in his arms. He let go my hand untwining our fingers and moved it again right under my nightgown, moving it all over my belly, then, all over my stomach till he reached one of my breasts and he pinched and twisted, between his thumb and index finger, one of my nipples, driving my crazy, making me moaned louder.

- That’s what I want to hear -  he said fascinated with the sound of my moans. He continued pinching and twisting both of my nipples and I can’t control anymore my moans and the wetness between my thighs was literally dripping, so I decided to move my hips backwards against him, rubbing my butt against his bulge, making him moan roughly and causing him to pinch my nipple even harder.

- You should be careful of what you are doing sweetheart -  he said growling and breathing harder and taking my earlobe between his teeth, biting it softly.
I can’t stop moaning at this point, I was feeling right now like a cat purring because of his touch.

Once more, I move my hips against him and then, when I was about to do it again. I feel his hand between my thighs…

- There… - I say moaning.
- Uhm… there baby girl? - he asked while his fingers were sliding up and down my dripping lips.
- Yes! Please, Austin. - I pleaded.
- Say it baby girl. What do you want from me? Say it Y/N - he asked me, still playing with his fingers and introducing one of them inside my wetness and rubbing my clit with his thumb.

The feeling was breathtaking. I feel his finger inside of me, in and out of me, hitting that specific spot inside of me, driving me crazy, making me shiver and feeling a knot getting bigger and bigger inside of me.
I managed to take my hand backwards and press my palm against Austin’s bulge.
Taking him by surprise and, by the feeling of my hand on his cock he, unexpectedly, introduces another finger inside of me making me moan louder.

- This is a game that can be played by two, baby. So don’t play with fire. - Austin growled with difficult breathing because at that moment, I introduce my hand under his pants and I take his cock, making slowly up and down movements.

Austin at that moment can’t handle it anymore so he, unexpectedly, placed me right against the bed, facing him and his intense gaze.
The hand that I had on his cock continued inside his pants but not touching him, because of the new position.

I look at him, heavy breathing and with my still red cheeks, I bit your lower lip and…

- It’s better if you continue doing what you have been doing Y/N or… -  he said with that deep voice.

- Or… what? - I say with a weakness voice.

- You will regret it baby girl - Austin says while he bends down and kisses me passionately and aggressively, biting my lower lip.


Hello! Could you write an austincarlile imagine where y/n is out partying with him and his friends and one of his bad friends puts a pill in her drink and she gets super fucked up and Austin finds out. He gets super angry at his friend and the fluff with y/n!!! Thank u love

I was packing up the last of the ‘of mice and men’ merchandise when I felt some one poke my sides and I jumped.
I turned to see my best friend and reason I was on this tour, Austin Carlile.
“Hey love.” He said to me.
“Hey buddy. What’s up?” I said back as I closed the back of the bus where all the rest of the merch was.
“Oh nothing I just wanted to know if you were going to the after party.” Austin asked and I shrugged my shoulders.
“I don’t know. I wasn’t really planning to.” I replied and Austin pouted at me.
“Why not? You never come to the parties and this is the last one. Please come, for me.” He said giving me puppy dog eyes and I laughed a little.
“Okay fine I have to get ready first. It’s in the main fields right?” I asked him.
“Yeah.” He replied
“Okay I’ll meet you there buddy.” I said back and he smiled widely.
“Alright see ya there love.” He said pulling me in a hug placing a little kiss on my nose and running towards his bus.


I decided to wear a blessthefall tank with a pair of black skinnies. I straightened my hair and put it half up and half down.
I looked pretty good but pretty natural.
I couldn’t find Austin anywhere when I got there. Soon I spotted Alan and the guys and decided to chill with them.
“Hey! Y/N, you’re here!” Tino exclaimed and I was welcomed into all their hugs.
“Do you guys know where Austin is?” I asked.
“Yeah he went to get a drink. He should be back soon.” Alan told me.
“Y/N you came.” I heard Austin say as he gave me a hug.
“Yeah of course I did. I told you I was didn’t i?” I asked rhetorically.
“I’m just really glad you came.” He said smiling.
“So am I.” I replied smiling back.


I was at the table where all the drinks and food was being served. Austin went to go get something from the tour bus.
The rest of the guys were dancing having fun somewhere.
I was left alone waiting for Austin as I drank whatever drink that was in my cup.
“Hey what’s up?” I heard a guy say to me and I turned to see someone I once saw hang out with Austin before named Blake.
“Hi.” I said with a smile. I didn’t have anyone else to hang with so I might as well just talk to him until Austin came back.
“So what are you doing alone here for?” He asked. I knew he knew that I always hung out with Austin so I wasn’t worried about the question or anything.
“Oh I’m waiting for Austin.” I said as I took another sip of my drink and put it on the table.
“Is that him over there?” He pointed somewhere behind me and I looked to see if it was.
“Oh never mind. That’s not him. Sorry.” He said and I turned back to him disappointedly. I took another sip of my drink and it tasted a little different.
Maybe it was just me…


I was stumbling on my feet trying not to fall down. I heard the laughs of men in the distance and I yelled for them to shut up.
Well at least I tried to. When the words came out they sounded pretty funny to me.
I looked for anyone but they all seemed multiplied and blurry and I was beyond confused.
I couldn’t of been drunk. I only had one cup…
Wait… My drink tasted funny after I turned to see if Austin was around when Blake told me to look.
Mom always told me to never turn my back on my cup. I can’t believe I felt for that…
He spiked my fucking drink.


I finally found my stupid phone. Finally I could go back to Y/N who was probably pissed off at me by now.
I rushed out the tour bus and back to the party. I looked over at the food and drinks area where she last was but couldn’t find her.
She probably got tired of waiting for me and left. I had to go find her and tell her sorry. She was probably being her normal uncomfortable self hating me in her mind.
“Y/N!” I yelled walking around the field pushing through the party people to find her.
“Y/N where are you?!” I yelled for her and I soon stopped as I saw a wobbling woman walking past a group of guys.
They were all laughing and yelling dirty things at her as she kept falling and twirled around.She looked like a junkie or something.
I then realized it was… Y/N?!
I rushed over to her and picked her up bridle style. She looked sick and knowing that she didn’t drink THAT much… She was drugged.
“Every one of you guys better shut the fuck up before I kick your asses. This is my best friend and if I find out who did this to her… You better watch out!” I yelled furiously at the crowd of guys who looked scared shitless.
I went back to the bus and sat Y/N on the couch and let her rest there. I brought her water and things to help sober her up.
“Y/N who did this to you? Do you know?” I asked as she was drifting in and out of consciousness.
“Bl…” She said wearily.
“Y/N you gotta talk to me. Who did this to you?” I asked.
“Bl…Bla…Blake.” She said and I felt the fire light up in the pit of my stomach.
Blake was a friend of a friend and I didn’t like him at all. I only talked to him about three times and that was just small talk.
I wanted to kill him… Now I had a reason to do so.
I put Y/N in her bunk kissing her forehead. I walked out the tour bus and went back to find Blake… This was going to get messy.
“Hey dude what’s u…” Before he could finish his sentence I punched him as hard as I could making him lift a little off the ground and onto the floor.
“You son-of-a-bitch!” I yelled as I picked him up by his shirt and punched him again.
I saw as his face was bloody and a confused/pissed off look was planted across his face.
He tried to throw a punch at me but I dodged it and he fell to the ground. I got on top of him and threw as many punches as I could before security could get to me.
“Let me go! This piece of shit drugged my best friend! I’m gonna fucking kill him!” I yelled as the security guard pulled me away. I kicked him before I was dragged away.
“You perverted fat fuck! You’re a pathetic excuse of a man and I better not see you even look at Y/N again!!” I yelled at him as he was being carried away by security as well.
“Dude calm down.” Alan said as the security guard threw me towards my band and walked away.
“Yeah what the fuck? What did he do so bad that made you flip out like that?” Tino asked and they all looked at me for answers.
“That fat ass drugged Y/N.” I said getting more pissed off as I thought about it.
“Oh… Never mind then. You did the right thing buddy.” Aaron said patting my back and all the guys agreed with me.
“Well how is she?” Phil asked me in a confused voice.
“She’s asleep in the bus.” I said and the next thing I knew we all made our way to the bus. When we arrived Y/N was still fast asleep…

(Y/N’s POV:)

I woke up in my bunk with a terrible headache. The only thing I remembered last night was talking to Blake and he drugged me. The rest was a blur.
I wondered how in the hell I got in my bunk. Soon another pound of pain rushed through my head. It hurt so bad I yelled out in pain a little.
“Y/N are you okay?” Austin asked bursting open my curtain in a worried voice.
“Yeah… How’d I get in here?” I asked.
“I found you and put you to bed. You were drugged by Blake. But in your honor I beat his ass. And I just got a call from Kevin saying that he was kicked off tour.” Austin said and I smiled a little.
“I can’t believe you would do something like that for me.” I said smiling.
“I mean… I’d do anything for you Y/N.” Austin said to me and I smiled to myself.
“Thank you Austin.” I said pulling him in a tight hug.
“No problem. And to make it up to you… Were going to sit here and watch Netflix together and then go out to dinner tonight.” He said kissing my nose.
“My head hurts though.” I groaned and he smiled.
“I’m already ahead of you Love.” He said handing me a water bottle and medicine.

I'm Gonna Miss You. (Austin Carlile)

You ran through the doors of the airport, frantically looking around to find where you could find Austin before he boards his plane. You spot a desk and quickly make your way over to it.

“Where’s the flight headed to Florida?” You asked, your voice slightly raised. The woman behind the desk pointed to the left, and you had no time to thank her before you were running towards the waiting area.

Not many people were here, being it was three in the morning, so spotting the tall, tattooed man wasn’t hard. He was standing next to Alan, the only other guy in Of Mice & Men you actually knew. It looked like they were about to board the plane, everyone standing in the group had their bangs hoisted over their shoulders and in their hands, and were slowly making their way into the plane.

“Austin!” You yelled, running over to him. A few heads turned around, but you could only focus on the one who had dropped his belongings and was already making his way toward you.

“(Y/N)?!” Austin said, the tiredness completely vanishing from his face. He literally swept you off your feet as he picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his torso and dug your head into the crook of his neck.

It took a few minutes but Austin eventually put you down and held both of your hands in his. “I thought you couldn’t make it?” He asked, smiling down at you.

“I caught an earlier flight home and I literally raced down here,” you told him. “I didn’t wanna miss saying goodbye.” Austin frowned, realizing that you wouldn’t be able to see him long before he left.

“Yeah..” He trailed off. “I’m gonna miss you.” You looked down at your shoes, well slippers. You had fallen asleep and pretty much threw on the first thing you found.

“I’m gonna miss you too.” You sighed, your breath shaking. You felt as if you were gonna cry. Your eyes were burning as they brimmed with tears, and your voice cracked as you breathed out another sigh.

“I love you,” Austin said, leaning down to kiss your head. “I love you so much.”

You looked up at him, trying to force the tears to stay hidden, but it was already too late. You let the tears come freely and saw Austin’s face go cold. “Don’t cry, baby. I’ll be back before ya know it. You can come visit for a few days, and, and..”

“Austin!” His manager shouted at us. “The plane’s boarding!”

Austin groaned, but didn’t look over.

“I have to go, but I promise, as soon as the plane lands I’ll call.”

You couldn’t respond, all you could do was nod. You glanced behind Austin and saw Alan and a few other guys watching you two.

“Wanna meet the guys before we go?” Austin asked, his voice barely above a whisper. You shook your head.

“I can meet them another time.”

“Alright,” He replied.

“Austin! Come on!” The manager yelled again.

“Sorry, he’s cranky,” Austin said, a slight smile pulling at the ends of his lips. You managed to crack a small laugh. “But I really do have to go.”

Before you could say anything, Austin had already leaned down and connected his lips with yours. You stayed like that for what seemed like hours; but it was only a mere few seconds.

He pulled away and gave you one last hug before letting go and walking backwards away from you and towards the terminal. “I’ll call you!”

“You better!” You shouted as you watched Austin pick up his bags, leaving Alan to walk over to you. 

He wrapped you in a warm hug, whispering in your ear telling you it’ll be okay and that he’ll make Austin call you as soon as the plane touches the tarmac.

“See ya, Ashby,” You smiled as he cracked a joke, pushing him towards the rest of his crew. “Bye Austin!”

As soon as everyone boarded the plane, you sat in the waiting area, trying to stop your crying as you waited until the plane took off.

Okay, so this is my first imagine on this account, and there will be many more to come! Sorry, it probably sucked, but hey, I tried! Requests are always open, so don’t hesitate to send something in. (:

Take A Ride With Me (Alan Ashby)

a/n: I got carried away. But…holy hell, I’m in love with this one jfc




A loud crash rang out from the speaker followed by multiple shouts and laughter. “Whoa. What the hell was that?”

Alan laughed and I could practically sense him rolling his eyes. “Tino fell out of his bunk and took a whole tower of Darth Vader toys with him.” Just as he stopped talking, I heard “Help me! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

I laughed, leaning back and relaxing on the couch, propping my feet up on the coffee table. My smile deepened when I heard the guys on the other end bickering playfully and taking joking jabs at Tino. Rolling my eyes, I stifled the giggles and cleared my throat.

“So, how’s tour?” I asked casually.

The loud ruckus was cut of by the sound of a closing door. “It’s great. The shows have been amazing and the fans have given us so much stuff…” Alan jumped into telling me about their gifts and the experiences they’ve had so far over the past 4 months. I listened intently, mesmerized by the excitement and happiness in his voice when he talked about the pranks. I loved hearing him go on and on, but what I loved the most was when he spoke about the fans. So much devotion and pride was evident in the voice on the other side of the phone. “But I’m actually really glad that tour’s ending soon.”

I raised an eyebrow as I starred up at the ceiling. “Oh yeah? Why’s that?”

“I really miss my house and my cat. How’s Zoey by the way?” Alan asked excitedly, making me chuckle.

“She’s good and rascally as ever. You’ve been gone for so long, I think she’s forgotten about you. And she keeps chewing on my slippers.” As if knowing we were talking about her, Zoey jumped up on the couch and sat in my lap, looking up at me with minty green eyes. When I didn’t pet her, she started to nudge my arm with her face. Lightly rolling my eyes and smiling, I reached up to pet the fluffy calico fur. The kittens purr vibrating against my hand and lap.

Alan chuckled, “Good girl, Zoey.” The little kitten meowed as his voice traveled through the speaker, making us both laughed. Once our giggling died down, Alan cleared his throat and there was a long pause, “And I’m glad about tour ending because I miss…I miss your cooking.”

My smile fell slightly at the little pause, but I shook off my disappointment quickly. “Well, when you boys get back, give me a call and come over so I can feed you all. Properly. I bet you guys haven’t even had a decent meal all tour long. It’s disturbing.”

“Yep. We’ve been living off of Cheerios, booze, and Monster. Mostly booze and Monster. Aaron won’t share the Cheerios.”

That made me burst into a short fit of giggles. I shook my head - those men were more like 3 year olds. My laughing quieted and I sighed softly, mustering up enough courage for what I was about to say next.

“I miss you, Alan…” I said quietly, hopefully it was so quiet that he hadn’t heard. But by the long pause, I feared he had.

“I miss you, too, Y/N. A lot.” His voice was quiet, too and muffled, like he had his head down. Hearing him say those words weren’t new, but the emotion laced in with them were. I couldn’t put my finger on it exactly; it sounded like more than just a friend ‘I miss you’. Then again, my words weren’t either. “And uh…the guys miss you, too. Especially Phil. I think he needs his Fifa buddy again.” He let out a small laugh and I knew that the moment was gone.

Letting out a small chuckle myself, I fought to keep a smile in place. “Yeah, tell them I miss 'em, too.” Damn my hopes.

There was another pause. “It’s late. You should get some sleep, Y/N. I know you have to work tomorrow, so I’ll let you go.”

My heart twisted and I frowned, squeezing my eyes shut, “Okay. You should get some sleep, too. I guess I’ll talk to you later.”

“Yeah, definitely. Goodnight, pretty girl.”

“Night, Alan..” I whispered, my stomach filling with butterflies at the nickname, and the line went dead.

Everything was frozen for a long while, nothing moved, not even the cat. Then it all crashed over me - the emotions of what I was feeling filled me up and an overwhelming sensation took over. I threw my phone to the other side of the couch and covered my face with a pillow, screaming into in with frustration. This was possibly the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to deal with. Having a crush- no, this wasn’t a simple little crush. No, this was more because whenever I was around Alan fudging Ashby, my insides turned to mush and my heart started racing like a Jockey wanting to win the Kentucky Derby.

Out of all the people in the world, I had to go ahead and get the hots for my best friend. I mean, I had never met anyone like him before and everything about him was intriguing; especially to me, a small town girl who never went anywhere. Being friends for so long, we were affectionate towards each other but it was, of course, shown at a very 'friend zone’ level. Apparently, my feelings toward him didn’t go unnoticed because on a couple of occasions Austin and Tino have given me the 'make a move’ look. But as much as I wanted to be with Alan, I didn’t want to go all in and him not feel the same way. Rejection - been there, done that. I wasn’t ready to toss my heart on the chopping block and have it sliced into a million pieces by the one person who I couldn’t live without. I needed Alan like I needed oxygen, and I wasn’t going to ruin what we had.

Having enough of my pity party, Zoey nudged my arm and I lifted the pillow, glancing down at the fluffy kitten. “What?” She meowed and starred up at me with her minty gaze, pawing at my arm. “Alright, alright. No more being bummed.” With a sigh, I picked her up and stood, grabbing my phone as I walked down the hall toward my bedroom. Once inside, I set both Zoey and my phone on the bed. I rummaged through my drawer, changing into a black camisole and my favorite shorts - sky blue shorts with polar bears on them.

As I curled up in bed, the conversation with Alan ran through my head, making me cringe. I just hoped it wasn’t awkward or he didn’t bring it up next time we talked. Slowly, I drifted to sleep, slipping into a fitful slumber.


It was a nice, cold morning when I got a very unexpected surprise. Sipping my coffee, I sat up straight on the barstool and glanced up, admiring the scenic view from my window. I slid my finger across the bright screen of my iPad, turning the page of the book I was reading on the Kindle app. Being so engrossed with the book, I didn’t hear the front door open.

My excitement bubbled as the best part of the book was coming up. Then, all of a sudden, a pair of arms wrapped around me from behind. Jolting, I screamed, dropping the tablet and sloshing my coffee on the table. I was about to start kicking but stopped when I heard laughter. Spinning around, I found five childlike men dying in my kitchen. They were all practically wheezing on the floor. My heart was hammering inside my chest so fast, I thought I was about to have a heart attack.

I set my glare on them. “Jesus christ you guys! I could’ve had a heart attack and keeled over. Dead.” They just kept laughing at me. With a huff, I stood and crossed my arms. “That wasn’t funny, you all nearly scared the crap out of me.”

Austin sobered his giggles and grinned, walking over to pull me into a hug. “Aw, I’m sorry, Y/N. We didn’t mean to scare you that bad.”

“Yeah we did.” Aaron whispered, loud enough for me to hear and I jabbed Austin in the stomach.

“Whatever. You guys are so mean. I’m not cooking anything for you ever again.” I said firmly, secretly enjoying this. All laughter seized and their faces fell, pure horror taking over.

“No!” they all shouted. Just as I was about to come up with a witty reply, I was crushed into a bone-crunching hug. Breathing became difficult fast with 5 grown men suffocating tiny me.

I wiggled, desperate to get free. “Air. It’s a need, you know!” They weren’t letting go anytime soon so I let out an exaggerated groan. “Fine. I’ll cook food, just let. Me. Breathe!” They cheered, loosening their grip and I sucked in a huge breath, filling my lungs. Looking up, I saw them all staring at me with those stupid goofy grins. Rolling my eyes and a grin of my own taking over my mouth, I laughed. “You’re all such dorks. I missed you guys.”

I moved forward to hug Austin, who was a whole foot taller than me. I went down the line, hugging them around their waists. I smiled at each one of them, until I came to the last body. Alan stood there awkwardly with his head down, hands stuffed in his pockets as he glanced up at me. He smiled, making my heart skip a beat. His bright orange hair was tousled mess, looking like he just got out of bed. The tips of his bangs falling just in front of those dark, smoldering eyes. His lips were full and it hurt to know that I couldn’t kiss them.

My hands itched to grab him in a tight hug, but I didn’t want to move forward and it be weird. It had been a couple months since that unusual phone call and nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but who knew. Alan was staring at me with an expression I couldn’t read and it was scaring me.

Screw it. Steeling my nerves, I grinned big at the ginger and took a huge step forward and reached up to wrap my arms around his neck. Arms snaked around my waist and pulled me closer to him. I buried my face in the crook of his neck as I felt him kiss my hair.

“Missed you, pretty girl.” He whispered close to my ear.

Luckily my stupid grin was hidden. “I missed you, too, kitten prince.” I felt his arms squeeze me closer slightly, then just as they were there, they vanished. Stepping back, I turned quickly and headed toward the kitchen cabinets, hiding my burning cheeks behind the long strands of hair. “So, breakfast anyone?”

The guys agreed immediately and from then on, the morning was filled with an endless amount of stories, laughter and pancakes.

I chanced a glance at Alan and he was watching me, wearing the same unreadable expression that swirled in his eyes like storm clouds.


Over the next few weeks, things were going back to the usual. The guys came over almost everyday and were racking up the pizza bill, wearing out my couch, and cleaning out my kitchen of food. Only difference was Alan; he was distant and hardly talked to me. It was way out of character for him and I had no idea what was going on. Thinking of what could’ve brought this up, I came up empty handed. Maybe I had done something wrong, but nothing came to mind. Every time I’d try to talk with him, it felt awkward and his replies seemed forced and half assed. It hurt to see my best friend drifting away, and although I knew I should keep talking with Alan, I didn’t know how. So I gave up.

Our random phone calls and text messages stopped. He didn’t come over with the guys anymore and they all said he was busy with errands. My days had become less exciting and lonely. After the third week of the guys being back, they stopped coming over so they could write and work in the studio. Most days I spent in bed, sad and out on energy and thinking about Alan. Everything had all sort of just gone to shit. It happened so fast I was so unprepared. Let’s face it, I was depressed without Alan. He’d taken Zoey back with him and now the house was so empty. So quiet.

Scrolling through instagram one afternoon, I saw Austin’s post and stilled. It was a video post of the band at the studio; Alan was there, smiling and laughing and making faces at the camera, like nothing was bothering him. How dare he? He’d been rejecting my calls and then he has the nerve to be all “Mr. fine-and-dandy-smiles”. That was it. He was not going to do this anymore, I was going to make him talk to me. I was getting an explanation whether he liked it or not.

Storming out of the house in record time, I got in my car and drove to the studio. Getting up to the floor, I walked down the hall and stopped right outside the door, my heart slamming inside my chest. I could do this. I could confront him. I needed to call him on his bullshit. Nodding to myself, I took a deep breath and knocked on the door, exhaling as in swung open a minute later. My heart stopped, scared out of my mind that it would be Alan who answered.

A surprised and friendly smile greeted me. “Hey! Whatchya doing here, Y/N? If you came for a sneak peak, you’re out of luck because Alan sucks ass today.” Tino teased, winking at me. At the mention of his name, my stomach twisted. Behind the door, I could hear several voices. They must be busy.

I opened my mouth to answer, but someone beat me.

“Tino! Would you close the door? Who’re you talking t-” Alan’s voice cut off when he came to stand next to Tino. His eyes widened as they landed on me, filling with surprise and something else that I couldn’t quite read. Shit. He recovered and cleared his throat. “Y/N. What are you doing here? Don’t you have work?”

My hands were fidgeting with the hem on my shirt like they had a mind of their own. Nervousness was consuming me and I needed to act fast before I chickened out.

“Uhm,” my voice cracked. Hell, get it together, Y/N. “N-no, I took off. I wasn’t feeling too good.” Glancing up, I saw that Tino was gone and took another deep breath. “Actually, hum, Alan can I talk to you? Privately?” The request was so quiet that he had to lean forward to hear me, which sent my heart racing. He looked at me for a few seconds then nodded, calling over his shoulder that he’d be back soon. We walked down the hall a little ways away, the atmosphere swirling with nerves.

“So, what’s up?”

“Why have you been ignoring me?” I blurted out, instantly regretting it.

Alan cringed slightly but didn’t look me in the eyes. “I…” Deep inhale. “I’ve…god, Y/N, I’m so sorry I have been. I’ve just had a lot on my mind and I haven’t been myself lately.”

The urge to roll my eyes was strong but I held it back. “You haven’t been yourself for a few weeks, huh? Well then Alan, do tell me what’s been going on. After all, I thought we were best friends. I didn’t think I was just some person you could ignore like that.” Okay, that came out ruder than I meant it to.

He frowned. “No, you’re not 'just some person’, Y/N. I never meant for you to feel like that, honest. I just needed some time to sort of my priorities and my feelings and everything in between. I’m so confused on what to do and with what I’m feeling…” His voice sounded genuinely apologetic and I felt a little better. But he still wouldn’t look at me, no matter how much my eyes kept begging him to. He just stared out the large window, lost in thought.

“What are you feeling?” I kept my voice soft, taking a small step forward.

I could see his throat working, swallowing hard as he laughed humorlessly and looked down at his feet. Shrugging his shoulders, he glanced up at me. “I’ve just had a lot on my mind, Y/N. I am so so sorry I ignored you. I didn’t mean to.” I wasn’t satisfied with his answer and wanted more, but he didn’t let me. “Hey, how 'bout I make it up to you? You know, your birthday is coming up and I wanna do something for you. How’s that sound?”

My birthday. Ugh, I had been so preoccupied with worrying about Alan that it had slipped my mind. My 22nd birthday was a week away. I didn’t want anything though, I wanted an explanation, but the hopeful tone to his question made me think twice.

Sighing, I nodded. “Alright, yeah sure. That sounds great, Alan.” Painting a small smile in place, I let the conversation go. A huge smile spread on Alan’s face and I swear it was better than anything I had ever witnessed. He took two steps forward and suddenly I was in his arms, my own bubble of comfort.

He pressed a kiss to my temple and whispered,“Thank you, Y/N. I am so sorry. I’ll make it up to you, pretty girl.”


A few days before my birthday, Alan showed up on my porch with a bouquet of a dozen pink roses and a mischievous grin. Next thing I knew, he had convinced me to pack a duffle bag full of clothes and necessities, and was dragging me into his truck.

Laughing, I looked at him, totally confused. “Alan, where are we going and why do I need all of these things?”

Starting up the car, he took off down the street, grinning all the while. “Well, every small town girl needs to be able to travel at some point in her life, right?”

A gasp escaped my throat as I stared at him with wide eyes. “No way. We’re going on a road trip?!” He gave a nod but that was all I needed. Squealing with excitement, I bounced up and down in my seat. I was in the middle of my little celebration dance, when I reality set it. “Wait, Alan, my jo-”

“Already took care of it. Told them you were going to be needing a few more sick days off. Come on, Y/N. Take a ride with me,” he turned to me with a wink before facing the road again. Glancing at the time, it was only 1:12pm. It was going to be a long trip.

As we sped past the “Come Back Soon!” sign of my town, a weight that I never knew I had, lifted off of my shoulders and I felt amazing.

I felt free.


We drove for hours, talking and laughing about random topics we would come up with. We blasted the iPod, rolling the windows down and singing our hearts out. I was having the best time of my life and I was sharing it with the one person who mattered most. Looking at Alan, I could feel myself falling into something that I didn’t think I would be able to get out of. But I knew that whatever it was, I would happily let myself fall.

The tank was full, so we didn’t need to stop until it got late. Around 12:30am, we pulled into a Motel parking lot. It was dark and quiet, the only sound being the crickets in the surrounding trees. Unbuckling the seat belt, I reached for the door handle, but a warm hand stopped mine.


“We’re not staying in the Motel.” In the dim lighting coming from the building, his eyes shined with excitement. “I’ve got a better idea. Wait here.”

Without another word, he got out and started rummaging around on the bed of the trunk. A few minutes went by and I was dying from curiosity, but thankfully I didn’t have to wait long because a couple minutes later Alan opened my door. Hopping out, I studied him curiously while he lead me to the back of the truck where there was a camper-roof over the truck bed. Inside, there were blankets upon blankets, pillows upon pillows, all made into a very comfortable looking bed. The set up was illuminated by a single lantern in the corner. It was amazing, and I couldn’t help but smile like an idiot up at Alan.

“Alan…this is absolutely amazing. You didn’t have to do this, you know.”

He shrugged, searching my eyes while smiling back at me. “I wanted to do it, for you. I thought that you deserved something like this.” The sweetness in his tone could’ve given anyone a serious hankering for candy.

But instead, my heart melted. This man truly was a godsend. We took turns changing our clothes in the backseat and soon we were in the bed, tucked into the piles of blankets and pillows. The silence it the air was comfortable and very pleasant. I was beginning to fall asleep with my back facing Alan, when I felt arms carefully wrapping around my abdomen and gently pulled me to a warm chest. Hot breath washed over my cheek as he pressed a kiss to it, whispering, “Sweet dreams, my pretty girl.”


As soon as the sun started coming up, we were getting ready to get back on the road again. We stopped by a little cafe shop for some coffee and blueberry muffins. Alan wouldn’t tell me where he was taking me, no matter how much I begged him. I was getting frustrated with him, but I forgot everything as soon as he plugged in the iPod. The music, the wind and my growing feelings toward the man next to me took over over focus, freeing my mind of negativity.

We traveled for a long time, by the time it was 10:30pm, we had made it into Oregon. Okay, so we were in Oregon. Why? I looked over at Alan, trying to figure out why we were here of all places. I couldn’t think of anything and I’m pretty sure he knew it was driving me crazy. We kept driving for only 10 more minutes before he took an off road turn, coming to a stop when we got to an abandoned meadow. It was pitch black and the silence was a bit scary, but Alan grabbed by hand and gave it a small squeeze before getting out and coming around to open my door.

Outside of the truck, things were clearer - the moon and stars shined brighter than I’d ever seen them, blanketing the grass and trees in a pure white glow. Thick clouds were outlined by the light, possibly rain clouds. A soft breeze flowed through the small meadow, shifting my hair around my face and tickling my nose. Giggling quietly, I turned to find Alan watching me with a smile. An instant blush warmed my cheeks and I quickly looked away, biting my lip in a nervous gesture.

I heard him chuckle softly, then a hand grabbed mine, causing me to look back at him. “Come on, let’s sit in the truck bed.” He lightly tugged me along to the back and quickly removed the camper-roof, allowing the moonlight to touch the luscious pillows. I climbed in and leaned back, watching the night sky with the strong fascination I’ve always had. “I love how your eyes light up whenever you look at the stars.”

Shocked, my jaw dropped as I fixed my gaze on him. He had never said anything like that to me before, and I wasn’t expecting him to say something like it now. His face was shadowed, only his bright hair was touched by the moon’s light.

He laughed quietly. “Don’t look so surprised. It’s true.”

Blinking a couple times, I looked down, blushing like crazy. “Thanks, Alan.” Smiling to myself, I glanced up at him.

“I like it when you blush, too. I think its sweet.” Your voice is sweet. Never had he given me these kinds of compliments. My head was spinning.

“Whats with all the compliments, kitten prince?” I quietly teased, grinning at him. The skin on my arms twitched as I felt tiny drops of moisture fall on them.

“I just think that they need to be said. I haven’t given you many compliments, I know, but now that I have I like how it feels when I say them.” His facial expression matched his tone; there was confidence and pride. The word “feels” echoed in my mind and my curiosity peaked.

“How does it make you feel?” I asked quietly, my stomach bunching up in nerves. Just as he opened his mouth, the sky did as well and heavy rain poured down on us. We looked at each other, bursting out into fits of laughter as we stood up. Alan looked around and then lifted me up on the roof of the cab, hopping on next to me. The rain didn’t bother us, well I didn’t mind, but it seemed he could care less, too.

Keeping his head down, he grabbed a hold of my hand and intertwined our fingers, sending my heart into over drive. I was about to ask him again, but he squeezed my hand, seeming to be checking if I was really holding his hand. I would’ve done the same, if I hadn’t almost had a heart attack.

Alan lifted his head then and what I saw in his eyes nearly knocked me over. “It makes me feel like I should be there by your side. Giving you compliments day in and day out. You deserve them, Y/N. More than you think, and I feel like I should be the one to let you know that. I’ve wanted you to know my true feelings for so long, but I was scared.” He breathed in deep, keeping eye contact with me. “I want you to know…know that I want everything for you. I want to give you things and do things for you that a normal friend can’t. I want to be with you every second of every day and so on.”

His declarations were endless and so was the hammering of my heart. I stayed silent, shock keeping me still as we got drenched with rain. He searched my eyes with his intense gaze, looking for something. Moving closer, he reached up and gently took a hold of my face, bringing mine close enough to his that our noses touched.

“Y/N. You…I..what I’m trying to say..” Alan stuttered out, not finding the right words. His gaze softened when I gave him a small smile. “God Y/N, I’m so in love with you.”

Even with the roaring rain, the whisper was clear as a bell. My breath hitched as I stared back at him. He loved me? He…he loved me. That was it..the feeling I had been building up inside me all of these years. It was so clear now that I wanted to kick myself in the ass for not realizing it sooner.

“I’m in love with you, too.”

He stilled. “What?”

I laughed, reaching up to put my hands over his. “Alan, I’m in love with you.”

The emotions racing through his eyes swirled around, looking like the clouds in the sky. Finally, he broke into a heart melting grin and whispered in disbelief, “You love me…”

Sliding one of his hands to the back of my head into my wet hair, he brought our lips together in a slow, passionate kiss. His other hand moved down to hold my waist as I slipped my hands in his shaggy hair. The kiss must’ve lasted forever, or so it seemed. Pulling away slightly, our breathing was heavy and my lips were tingling. I cracked open my eyes to find him looking at me with such a love-filled expression, I couldn’t help but smile.

“So, why couldn’t you have kissed me sooner?” I asked, my voice laced with a taunting tone.

Alan shook his head and laughed. “I have no idea,” he leaned in and kissed me again, pulling me into his lap.

We stayed like that for a while; cherishing our new found love and each others company. The rain stopped soon after, clearing the sky of storm clouds. Alan pulled out his phone to check the time and grinned as soon as he saw it. Turning to me, he kissed my nose.

“Happy Birthday, my pretty girl.”

Best birthday ever by far.

I'll leave you scratching, gasping, screaming


“I’ll leave you scratching, gasping, screaming”

Song – O.G. Loko


A/N: Enjoy. And keep sending requests (They don’t have to be Alan requests by the way ;P )

You sat down in your bunk and sighted. You loved your job as a merch girl for Of Mice and Men, but Alan could just suck your dick! You hated him and he hated you! At least you pretended to hate him, because deep down you had a big crush on him. You couldn’t show him, obviously. He hated you more than everything. Everytime you two were in a room it ended up being completely fucked, cause either you wouldn’t even talk, or you’d scream at each other and everyone got pissed.

Today was one of these days off and you had spent your whole day with Of Mice and Men and the rest of your crew, which meant you had to spend all day with Alan. Luckily you two have just ignored each other.

The dudes had decided to go out to a club this night but you would just stay home after that rather not relaxing day off. You grabbed a pair of comfy pants and opened the button on your sweaty hotpants you’d been wearing all day.

Suddenly you heard a muffled sound and two seconds later a rather short - but much taller than you – person came into the bunkarea. You rolled your eyes seeing that familiar face with those brown eyes, these cute lips, the nostril and especially the orange- ginger hair.

Alan froze seeing you standing in front of him. “What are you doing here?” He finally asked, an unmistakable undertone of annoyance resonating.

“Standing, if you can’t tell.” You tried to keep calm though these words weren’t really the right choice to keep him calm.

Alan gave you a pissed look. “I’m not blind. If you can’t tell.” He mimicked you. The sounds coming out of his mouth as if you were some kind of whore.

“Fuck you, Alan!” You growled bugged and tried to send him death wishes with your eyes. Actually you weren’t even sure why. You lay away late nights, thinking about Alan and how you liked him and couldn’t have him, but now you wanted to see him dead. Probably because he hurt you, everytime you talked.

“Fuck you, Alan! – What are you, huh? A 3-year-old?” He laughed at you.

“How funny you are!” You spat at him. Fake laughs coming through your numb mouth.

“Cause you act like one. Every fucking time and I really don’t know what should be so great about you. Y/N, I swear if there’s something you’re really good at, I haven’t found it. Probably you should go search it somewhere else and get the fuck off this whole band!” He had raised his voice and taken a few steps towards you, threatening. He glanced down at you, his face disgusted.

You started tearing up from these words, that went deep. You felt your heart tensed up and your stomach turned over. You felt like you had to throw up and at the same time you wanted to cry and rip something apart. In the end the urge to cry took over you the most even though crying was the last thing you wanted to do in front of Alan.

“FINE!” You screamed, your voice breaking. You pushed him aside with all of your strength. The sound of him hitting the bunks gave you a satisfying feeling. You wanted to run away, or at least walk away, but then you turned around and faced him. Blind rage arising from the pain that was now gone. Your tears that had already been streaming down your face ran dry and you faced Alan.

“You know what?! I really like you. And I don’t even know why you acted like this butthead in the first place, bu…” You couldn’t go on talking because Alan smacked his lips against yours, dragging you backwards until you hit a wall hard. You whimpered silently, still being surprised by the kiss, but moving your lips with his.

Hungrily Alan ran his tongue about your lower lip, immediately entering it, as you opened it. There was no such thing as fighting for dominance needed because obviously he was in charge.

Alan ran his hands up and down your body, making you want him badly. Finally his hands stopped, squeaking your ass, going down slightly to your thigh to pull your leg up to his hip. You moaned, wrapping your arms around his neck. Alan pressed himself closer to you. Sending chills all over your body you felt every part of him and you smelled his scent like sun cream and Alan.

You jumped and wrapped your legs around his chest, wanting to be closer to him. This time Alan moaned. “A/N”

Your lips were still interacting, Alan suddenly biting down hard. You felt the pain shocking but it turned you on. Not needing to mention that Alan pulling on the hem of your shirt to get rid of it, didn’t help to make you want him less. He quickly removed your shirt and then kissed you against the wall again. You felt yourself getting wet and feeling a sudden need for him. You grabbed his hair and pulled it slightly to balance the sensation you felt already.

“Alan.” You moaned out as he smacked your ass, carrying to his bunk. He lay you down and quickly removed all his clothes, before turning back to you. His lips searching for your sweet spot. Him finding it gave you satisfaction for a short time until he started biting, kissing and sucking, making you gasp and moan at the same time. He unclasped your bra and tossed it away. He then ran his hands down to your hotpants, his touch making you soak wet.

Alan slid down your pants and threw them to the rest of your clothes spread on the floor. His lips kissed down your body to the hem of your panties, taking them off with his hands sliding down your legs. You felt extremely turned on when he finally placed a kiss on your clit and started licking you.

“Fuck!” You groaned, bucking your hips forward.

“If you’re a good girl” Alan teased, pushing your hips back. Next he pumped two fingers inside you fast, curling them up to his your g-spot. You started moaning uncontrollably. “Fuck Alan! Faster!”

So Alan went faster and you came fast, screaming his name while you did. “That’s right! Scream my name!” Alan said, slapping your ass roughly. You breathed sharp in and at the same moment he slammed hard into you with his full lenghts. “Fuck!” You screamed.

Not letting you adjust to his seize, Alan thrusted in and out a few times before you wrapped your legs around him, so he would hit your g-spot. Your hands found their way to his back, scratching it, while he thrusted into you faster, hitting your g-spot with every thrust. “Alan, faster!” You screamed his name, digging your nails deeper into his skin probably drawing blood, but you didn’t care.

“What was that?” Alan asked slamming hard into you.

“Faster! ALAN!” You screamed.

“I couldn’t hear you!”

“FASTER! ALAN FUCKING ASHBY! FUCK ME FASTER!” You screamed louder then you thought you even could.

“Alright, baby!” He said, thrusting even faster into you. You felt that familiar knot building up in your stomach. You could tell he was close too, because his thrusts got sloppier.

“FUCK! ALAN YOU FEEL SO GOOD! I’M SO CLOSE!” You screamed, clenching your walls around him.

“Y/N” He moaned. “ME TOO! FUCK YOU’RE SO TIGHT!” Alan groaned while coming at the same time with you.

He collapsed next to you, both of you breathing heavily.

You heard laughing from somewhere else. “ALAN! FUCK ME FASTER!” Austin screamed in a high-pitched voice. “FUCK Y/N YOU’RE SO TIGHT!” Aaron’s voice sounded.

You blushed and covered your face with your hands. “SHUT THE FUCK UP! DICKHEADS!” Alan yelled next to you, terrifying you. But then he lay an arm around your waist and pulled you under his blankets.

“Sorry for being this rude all the time and sorry for what I said, but I liked you from the first second and then everyone said you had a boyfriend and I thought it would be best to stay away from you. I’m so sorry Y/N. I really didn’t mean all those things. I … I love you.” Alan whispered in your ear.

“It’s okay, Alan. I’m sorry too. And I love you too!” You whispered back, snuggling into his chest.

What I Thought Was Love Part 1

A/N - Wow I have a lot to say haha. First of all I don’t know if this gif ^^ is working, the gifs I’ve been uploading haven’t been working xc. Number two, I stuck a kinda Skins reference in this imagine and if you find it I’ll write a personal imagine for the first person who messages us where it is, message us your name and the band member you want to be in an imagine with and I’ll stick you in my next one (the band members we have left are Chris Drew, Josh Woodard, Alex Koehler, Austin Carlile, Max Heyler, Matt Barnes, and Kellin Quinn). I’m not quite sure which of my three fanfics to update next so if you guys would let me know which one I should(if you read them) that would be awesome!Last thing I wanna say, I’m sorry I keep writing in parts xc I’m weird and sorry they’re kinda longish.

This party was different from the ones you were used to going to with Austin. The music wasn’t loud at all instead it played quietly in the background, everyone was wearing appropriate clothes that covered there bodies, dainty martinis were being passed around rather than shots and overflowing mugs of beer. It was a nice change of pace from the fast life you were used to living with Austin. Austin and you stood in a small group of people talking about what ever came to mind, some of them you recognized some of them you didn’t. Austin’s arm was slung protectively around your waist while the other one was shoved in his pocket. You noticed Austin’s silence when he stopped joining in on the conversation, you looked up at him to see him smirking at something across the room. You followed his gaze to see a familiar red head flirting with two beautiful woman, one of the ladies quickly looked at Austin but returned her attention to Alan. A small smile grew on her face, probably from some cheesy pick up line Alan shot at them. You lifted your drink only to be met with an empty glass.

“Babe, I’m gonna go get another drink.” You smile up at Austin.

“I got it, Sweetie.” Even with his rough voice it came out soft and gently.

He took your drink and walked through the crowd headed for a waiter with a platter of glasses full of wine. You looked back to where Austin was staring, you doubt it was Alan who had gripped his attention so tightly. Alan was still there talking avidly to one of the girls but the other one had left. You searched the room for Austin and found him with a new drink in his large hand, he was immersed with the black haired girl who was previously with Alan. She leisurely sipped on her on drink while Austin sipped on the drink that was supposed to be yours. She said something causing both of them to laugh, she reached up with slender hand and cupped his cheek. Her hand was clad with surprisingly long stiletto nails which looked like they could be lethal in a fight.

You tried your best not to become jealous because Austin tended to flirt with everyone whether you liked it or not, it was just his personality. This girl was getting a bit too physical for your liking though. You excused your self from the group and made your way over to Austin. Austin looked over at you and he gave you a smile that made the corners of his eyes crinkle, he also took a step back from the girl.

“Hey.” You wrapped an arm around Austin sending a message to the girl saying you were Austins and Austin was yours.

“Y/N, this Kinley. Kinley, this is Y/N my girlfriend.”

“Nice to meet you, I’ve heard so much about you from Austin.” She said with a sickeningly sweet voice.

“All good things I hope.” You laugh nervously and look up to Austin.

“Of course.” Austin squeezes your shoulder.

“Um, I’m getting kinda tired. Are you ready to leave yet?” You say quietly to Austin.

“Yea, whenever you are.”

You bid Kinley farewell before pulling Austin towards the door. He stealthily winked at Kinley causing her to giggle before following you.


The next month or so consisted of Austin being very secretive and controlling of his phone and computer. When ever you were around he would either sit against the wall so you couldn’t come up behind him or he would just turn off his computer. He had put a lock on his phone which he didn’t have before. You were up late one night lounging on your bed when you heard his voice coming from the living room. You got up and walked into the room catching the tail end of his phone conversation.

“Everything is gonna be fine, don’t worry, babe.” He chuckled “ See ya tomorrow.”

He hung up the phone and tossed it on the couch. You knocked on the closest wall to make your presence known. Austin swiveled around and the  edges of his mouth jerked up in a smile when he saw you. You crossed your arms under your breasts and slowly walked over to him, your eyebrows furrowing with curiosity.

“Who was that?”

“Kinley, she has some new ideas for merch and she’s afraid I won’t like them. I’m going to check them out tomorrow.” He states pulling you down onto the couch with him. Why on earth would he call Kinley ‘babe’?

You shift your position so your straddling his lap. “Oh cool, what time should I get up?” You ask, lovingly running your fingers through his dark hair.

“Oh, uh sweetie. We were planning on getting some more writing done too and our manager thinks your a distraction.” He looks down as he says this.

“Oh.” You reply quietly “Can Kinley be there?”

“She’s only coming to show me and the guys her stuff then she’s leaving. I wish you could be there with us but you know how our manager can be.” He begins to absentmindedly wrap a strand of your hair around his long finger.

“No, it’s fine. It’s not your fault your manager is a dildo.” You softly kiss his lips “I wonder where he got the idea that I’m a distraction?” You smirk.

“I have no idea.” He says against your lips.

He pulls you into a rough kiss which you happily fall into.  He cupped your ass and pulled your body closer to his. You put feeling into each kiss but you couldn’t help but feel like you weren’t getting the same response from Austin. Even though the feeling you were getting wasn’t the one you desired the action of having Austin in the most intimate kind of way is what made you continue kissing him.

Austin stood up taking you with him, he carried you up the stairs only breaking the kisses a couple times to make sure he wouldn’t trip over the stairs. That night was filled with you now know was fake love. and the illusion of a happy, prefect couple that would do anything for each other. Well half of that was true.

When you woke up the next morning Austin was already gone. You didn’t exactly have a packed schedule so you got up to try and find something to busy yourself with. Your day consisted of tidying up the house, changing the sheets, re watching the first season of your favorite show, and catching up with an old crush friend, Jackson. You had to admit, the years had definitly done him good.

It was nearly dinner time and Austin still had not come back, which worried you a bit. You were about to get up and find something to eat when you got a text from a Austin.

I’m gonna be later than I thought. Why don’t you come down and keep me and the guys company :)

What about your manager?

He left and when the rest of the guys leave I’ll fuck you over the sound board ;)

That’s all he had to say to get you by the door and putting on your shoes. It didn’t take you long to get to the studio since rush hour was already over. You walked through the glass front doors and continued to the front desk.

“Hello, can you tell me which studio Of Mice and Men is in?” You smile.

“Name?” The haughty woman asks dully.

You give her your first and last name and tells you the room is two doors to the right. You follow her instructions and quickly find the door, it had been awhile since you’d seen the boys so it would be nice to see them again. You stopped at the door a bit surprised that the large group of boys weren’t making a loud racket. You opened the door and was about to say something but paused when the door was open about an inch.

“Oh, fuck.”

That sounded like Austin you thought. You opened the door just a smig more, enough to see Kinley under him; bent over the sound board, ass high in the air with Austin’s member buried inside of her. Austins phone was curled in her hand, it didn’t take much thought to realize she sent the text; Austin wouldn’t be stupid enough to invite you here with what he’s currently doing. You balled your fists up, millions of thoughts were running through mind. You weren’t sure whether you should shove them apart and scream at Austin til your lungs burst, or just stand there as time stood still and try and wrap your head around what was happening. Your mind was blurred with anger and all you could do was slam the door shut and march down the hallway. You were halfway down the hall when you heard the door open and close again along with the ruffling of pants.

“Y/N! Wait!” Austins croaky voice sounded behind you.

You didn’t answer him, you hoped nothing you said would compare to what he was saying to himself.

“Y/N, stop! Just listen to me!”

You walk through the clear doors, Austin close on your heels. You swivel around once your out in the courtyard in front of the building, Austin was still shirtless and his zipper was down. The sight of Austin just made you even angrier, that’s what he was supposed to after having sex with you not some skank.

“Uh Austin, I think it would be better if we stopped seeing each other.” Your voice came out shaky, this was not the time and place to start a argument.

“Y/N, don’t be like that…” He breathes out.

“No, Austin, I think we both know this would be for the better.” You turn back around and begin to walk back to your car.

Austin grabbed your arm but you yanked it back to your side. “Austin… Please, don’t…” You whisper.

Austin studied your face for a second, he rubbed his chin and gave a curt nod. He had his puppy dog eyes plastered on his face, usually they would be successful in getting him out of trouble but this mess was a bit too big to be fixed that easily. You turned back around and walked a bit faster back to your car.

Someone once said to you What hurts most about a broken heart is not being able to remember how you felt before. Try and keep that feeling because if it goes you’ll never be able to get it back. If you do lose it then you lay waste to the world. That feeling was slipping through your fingers with every step you took. You squeezed your hands tighter trying to remember how happy you could be before you met Austin or when he wasn’t around, but it was getting harder and harder to keep hold of that feeling as your favorite memory’s with Austin would wiggle in. You kept telling yourself this is a lesson and this is just a bump in the road, but you knew Austin was more to you than a bump in the road. He had been there for you through thick and thin as you were for him, but this was like a knife had been stuck in your back and you knew you couldn’t just leave it there. If you wanted your wound to heal you had to remove the thing that had created it.

You slumped into the drivers seat of your car and shut your eyes, you took a couple deep breaths to calm yourself. Your butt vibrated from your phone. After sitting there for what felt like an hour you reached down and opened your phone, you had a text from Jackson. You were a little shocked, you didn’t think he would contact you so soon after giving him your number just over an hour ago on Facebook.

Hey, Y/N. Are you in town?

You hesitated, all you really wanted to do was drive straight home and eat your feelings with tubs of Ben and Jerry’s while watching chick flicks.


Would you wanna go and get something to eat? I mean just as friends, I know you have a boyfriend

Not anymore I don’t.

Sure, sounds great! Just tell me where to meet you :)

The first steps to recovery have been taken, so far so good.