Morning play (Austin Carlile x reader)

Hope you really enjoy this.

- Time to wake up pretty little lady… - my skin shivered and my heart started beating so fast when I heard his voice whispering in my ear.

I mumbled a “no” against the pillow.

- Come on baby girl…- I feel one of his hands sliding under my nightgown, causing me goosebumps. His warmth touch feels like heaven on my skin, he was touching my waist and then, with his fingers, he started tracing up a path all over my back.

I move my face out of my hidden spot against the pillow and turn it to the left not letting Austin see my blushed face and right then, my mouth let escape an involuntary moan. I listened to Austin’s soft laugh right on my ear.

- Someone likes what I’m doing, I see -  he placed his hand again on my waist he turns my body, gently, against his.
My back now was touching his bare chest. I place one of my hands on his, the one on my waist, and entwine our fingers.

- Austin… - I say his name half pleading, half moaning.
- Yes, baby? - he asked while his lips were kissing my neck and then, feeling his teeth biting it softly.

I bit my lower lip trying to keep silence and not letting my moans to get out of my mouth and trying to find a way to tell Austin what I need more than ever right now.

- Let them out baby girl - he whispered seductively. At that moment, I was melting in his arms. He let go my hand untwining our fingers and moved it again right under my nightgown, moving it all over my belly, then, all over my stomach till he reached one of my breasts and he pinched and twisted, between his thumb and index finger, one of my nipples, driving my crazy, making me moaned louder.

- That’s what I want to hear -  he said fascinated with the sound of my moans. He continued pinching and twisting both of my nipples and I can’t control anymore my moans and the wetness between my thighs was literally dripping, so I decided to move my hips backwards against him, rubbing my butt against his bulge, making him moan roughly and causing him to pinch my nipple even harder.

- You should be careful of what you are doing sweetheart -  he said growling and breathing harder and taking my earlobe between his teeth, biting it softly.
I can’t stop moaning at this point, I was feeling right now like a cat purring because of his touch.

Once more, I move my hips against him and then, when I was about to do it again. I feel his hand between my thighs…

- There… - I say moaning.
- Uhm… there baby girl? - he asked while his fingers were sliding up and down my dripping lips.
- Yes! Please, Austin. - I pleaded.
- Say it baby girl. What do you want from me? Say it Y/N - he asked me, still playing with his fingers and introducing one of them inside my wetness and rubbing my clit with his thumb.

The feeling was breathtaking. I feel his finger inside of me, in and out of me, hitting that specific spot inside of me, driving me crazy, making me shiver and feeling a knot getting bigger and bigger inside of me.
I managed to take my hand backwards and press my palm against Austin’s bulge.
Taking him by surprise and, by the feeling of my hand on his cock he, unexpectedly, introduces another finger inside of me making me moan louder.

- This is a game that can be played by two, baby. So don’t play with fire. - Austin growled with difficult breathing because at that moment, I introduce my hand under his pants and I take his cock, making slowly up and down movements.

Austin at that moment can’t handle it anymore so he, unexpectedly, placed me right against the bed, facing him and his intense gaze.
The hand that I had on his cock continued inside his pants but not touching him, because of the new position.

I look at him, heavy breathing and with my still red cheeks, I bit your lower lip and…

- It’s better if you continue doing what you have been doing Y/N or… -  he said with that deep voice.

- Or… what? - I say with a weakness voice.

- You will regret it baby girl - Austin says while he bends down and kisses me passionately and aggressively, biting my lower lip.