Rough Shower Sex With Austin

A/N: is this rough enough? I don’t think it is… Anyway enjoy;)

Your phone beeped signalling you had got a text. You stopped running for a moment to look at the text. It was from Austin.

Babe, when are you coming home? I’ve just woken up and I need your help ;)xx

You laughed at the text and slipped you phone back in your pocket. You turned around and started to run back home. You often ran in the mornings. You loved the feeling it gave you. You felt free.
Within minutes you were running up the stairs to the bedroom you and Austin shared.he wasn’t in the bed where you expected him to be. You walked over to the bed where you saw a note.

I’m in the shower, you could join me?;)

Without a second thought you were walking to the bathroom. You opened the door and you were engulfed in the steam that was escaping the room. Austin liked to have his showers hot.
“Y/N, please join me, I’m lonely,” he sang causing you to giggle.
“God you giggle is so hot!” He said, causing you to laugh again.
You stripped off you sweaty clothes and pulled back the shower curtain. Before you could step in, Austin wrapped his arms around your waist and lifted you in. The feel of his bare skin on yours made your heart race.
Austin crashed his lips onto yours as the steaming hit water ran over your bodies. You were pressed up between him and the tiles. The contrast between the cold tiles and Austin’s hot body made you shiver.
You ran your hands over his chest, feeling his stomach muscles tighten when you traced his tattoos with your sharp nails. You sucked in a breath when his hands moved their way up from your hips to cup your breasts.
You pulled your lips away from Austin’s and began kissing and sucking his neck, finding a weak spot and causing him to moan. Austin decided to get revenge on you making him moan so easily. His mouth started to explore your breasts. He licked around your right nipple occasionally biting every so often.
You were already wet, and not from the water that was showering you. He then moved across to the left nipple. He took the whole thing in his mouth and began to suck very gently whilst his hand flicked and pinched your other boob. Your hands left Austin’s body and you started to rub your clit. You knew how much this would turn Austin on. And it did. You felt him harden even more when he realised what you were doing. He pulled your hands away then crouched down so his head was in between your legs. You leant back against the tiles as Austin started to lick and suck. You gripped into his hair when he but down, causing you to scream out his name.
You started to pant faster and faster when Austin inserted one finger, then two, then three. You gasped and squeezed your eyes shut.
Just as quickly as Austin’s fingers entered you, he pulled them out.
You looked at Austin with a pleading look.
“Austin? I need you, please,” you begged.
“Lie down,” he instructed.
You did as he said and lay down. Austin the climbed on top of you.
“You ready?” He smirked, his tip teasing your entrance.
You didn’t have the energy to do anything other than nod.
Austin entered you, not giving you time to adjust to his size before he started to thrust in and out of you. Your sharp nails clawed up and down his back and his fingers tugged at your hair which made even more moans escape your mouth than usual. Austin’s thrusts started to become sloppy. You both came together.
Austin pulled out and rolled you over so you were on top of him. You both just lay there, letting the hot water rush over you as you both tried to get your breath back.
“That was amazing,” you said slowly, once you got enough energy back.
“I know. I love you, Y/N,” he said as he kissed your forehead.
“Yeah, I love you too,” you said, biting his neck.
Austin’s eyes widened and you grinned devilishly. You pulled him up and repeated everything you just did.

Austin Stops You From Committing Suicide

You had packed up and left your hometown when you were 18. Your parents no longer loved you, they hated you. You were an only child and found it difficult making friends so you were all alone. Moving to the South of the U.S.A was the best decision you had ever made. You had met someone there. That someone was Austin Carlile. You met him when you trying to find a job in your local record shop when he walked in. He asked you out on a date and you agreed to go with him. He helped you get over your fears and your depression. he was your hero. Soon the two of you fell for each other and you’ve been together ever since. It’s now three years later but things aren’t as great as you thought they were going to be…

“It didn’t mean anything. I promise!” Austin yelled at you.
You and Alan had caught him with his ex girlfriend, Shona in a bar. At first they were only chatting but then she leaned in and kissed him. You thought he wouldn’t kiss her back, but he did. He did worse than just kiss her back, he started leading her towards the bathroom. That’s when you walked over to him and slapped him before running home and crying.
He found you curled up on the floor in the bathroom, by the toilet. Whenever you got this upset and cried this much you threw up. It usually made you feel better. But you hadn’t done it in years; you hadn’t done it since you started dating Austin.
“Then why were you leading her to the bathroom?” You screamed back at him.
For a whole hour you and Austin fought. You threw things at him and he got angrier and angrier.
Then he did something he promised he would never ever do. He hit you. Not just once either, but repeatedly. He hit you so badly that you started to cough from the air in your lungs escaping where he repeatedly punched you.
You were stunned into silence.
You ran out of the apartment and ran to the deserted building you always found yourself in whenever you felt like giving up. Years ago you had stored a box of the things. Pills, alcohol, razor blades and lighters. You told Austin you had got rid of them. At least they were out of your apartment.
You took a handful of pills, moving them around in your hand, thinking about everything that had happened. You thought about how Austin was the first person to care about you. Or so you thought. He didn’t care about you at all . If he did then he wouldn’t have kissed his ex girlfriend. There was no one else. Once again, you were all alone. There’s no way you and Austin could ever sort this out, not after he hit you. You were scared of him now.
You opened the bottle of vodka and walked over to the balcony. You climbed up and sat on the railings, looking down at the traffic and busy city below you. No one would miss you.
You took a deep breath and drank half the bottle of vodka. You took one pill. Then another. Then a third. You then stuffed another two into your mouth and you were about to take another sip of your drink when two strong arms pulled you back, off the railings.
You looked around, glaring at the person who had interrupted your escape. It was Austin. He was crying. He looked awful.
“Y/N, you can’t leave me.”
You snorted at what he said and tried to get out of his grip but he wouldn’t let you go.
“Please. I was stupid and wrong. Tonight shouldn’t have happened, I shouldn’t have seen my ex and I definitely shouldn’t have hit the woman I love.”
You looked up at him. He was a lot taller than you, he toward over your tiny frame.
“Really, I should be the one jumping from this height. I was the one who ruined everything. I ruined you.”
You raised your eyebrows at him.
“I love you, Y/N. I’ve never met anyone as strong and beautiful as you. You’re stronger than me. I understand you might not want to take me back but please, please don’t jump.”
You thought for a few moments. You thought about everything that the two if you had gone through in the last three years. It was true, you had got a lot better. It really was all thanks to Austin.
You turned to look at him again. You didn’t say anything. You pulled him closer and connected your lips with his. You kissed him with all the passion you could. His hands wrapped around your hips, protectively. Your hands tangled in his hair.
He pulled away and picked you up. He pressed his forehead to yours and whispered, “there’s no way I could live without you, Y/N. I love you.”
You started to cry. But these tears weren’t full of pain, regret or sadness. They were happy tears.
“I couldn’t live without you either, Austin. I love you too, remember that always.”
Austin walked you back to your apartment. He placed you in your bed before getting in next to you. You turned around and buried your head in his neck, holding on tightly to him. Austin stayed with you throughout the whole night, he never let you go and you both fell asleep in each others arms.

Austin Takes Your Virginity

You parked your car and ran the rest if the way to your local music venue. You worked there part time. It wasn’t so bad, you got to watch some great bands perform live. Tonight was your night off but your boss had given you a free ticket to see your favourite band; Of Mice And Men.
You flashed your work pass to Joe, the security guard and he let you through.
“Evening, Y/N. Excited for seeing Of Mice And Men?” He grinned.
You returned the grin, “you bet I am!”
Joe laughed at your enthusiasm and waved to you as you walked through the doors.

The show was defiantly the best concert you had ever been too. Austin looked amazing up there, and so did the rest of the boys. You were walking out the back door of the venue to avoid the crowd of people out the other end when someone ran into you, knocking you completely off your feet. The person also fell and landed on top of you. You groaned at how heavy the person was; and how sweaty they were.
“I am so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was going and I’m just so sorry,” the person said, brushing themselves off and standing up.
That’s when you noticed who it was. It was Austin. He was standing there, holding out his hand and apologising to you. YOU. You stared at his hand for a moment before he said, “I’m trying to help you up.”
You blushed and mumbled a sorry before taking his hand and standing up. You looked up at him and noticed him smiling down at you. You almost melted under his stare.
“I’m Austin,” he said.
“Y/N,” you said, still staring at him in amazement. You must’ve looked quite strange, you really didn’t take your eyes off him.
“Nice to meet you Y/N. I’m sorry for knocking you over, can I at least buy you a drink?” He asked, looking at you with hopeful eyes.
You looked away. No one ever asked to buy a drink. Men didn’t really notice you ever. They never had done, even throughout school you never had someone ask you out or ask to buy you a drink.
“I er.. I don’t think..” You started to decline his offer for the drink but Austin wasn’t having any of it.
He linked his arm with yours and steered you out the back door to his bus.
You spent the whole evening with Austin and the Of Mice And Men boys and by the end of it, you were really growing to like Austin. He asked for your number and promised to call you the next day. He kept that promise and asked you out on a date the day after.

A few weeks later, you were round Austin’s house. Even though you had only been with him for a few weeks, you already found yourself falling for him. And you were falling hard.
Austin had taken you out that evening. He took you to the beach and you had a picnic whilst watching the sun set. You felt relaxed around Austin. He made you laugh and smile, he brought out the best in you. You knew that he was the man for you.
You were sat on the kitchen counter whilst Austin was making you a drink.
“Austin?” You asked.
“Yes, beautiful?”
You blushed, it wasn’t unusual that Austin would compliment you like that but you still weren’t used to it.
“I really like you,” you mumbled, looking down at your hands.
Austin stopped what he was doing and walked over to you. He lifted your chin up with his finger making you look into his eyes. He leaned down and kissed you. The kiss was short but it was the sweetest kiss you had ever had, making you blush once again. Austin smiled when he noticed he made you blush.
“Good,” he said, “because I really like you too.”
Austin bent down and kissed you again, but this time the kiss lasted longer and it was less delicate.
“I was thinking,” Austin said once he broke away, “would you be my girlfriend?”
You looked at him with wide eyes before grinning and nodding your head.
Austin wrapped his arms around you, pulling you tight into his body. Your arms wrapped around his neck and he started to kiss along your jaw and down your neck. You wrapped your legs around his waist and he lifted you up. It wasn’t long before things started to get heated. Austin carried you all the way to his bedroom being careful not to trip over anything on the way. He dropped you on the bed before climbing on top of you and connecting your lips to his once again.
You knew where this was heading.
You’d never had a serious boyfriend and you weren’t the sort of girl to have one night stands and Austin knew this. He knew that you were still a virgin.
Austin stopped kissing you and looked at you.
“Austin, I want to do this.” You said, calmly.
“Are you sure babe?” He asked.
“I’m positive, I think I actually love you Austin,” you said.
Austin grinned when you said that.
“I think I love you too, Y/N,” he said before taking off his clothes.
You took of your clothes and underwear leaving you completely naked. Austin stared at your body for a few seconds before whispering, “My god. You’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid eyes on.”
Once again you blushed. You pulled Austin back down to kiss you. His hands started to roam around your body. Without warning you, he slipped on finger into you. Then two. He started to pump his fingers in and out of you. Your breathing quickened and you felt yourself heat up.
“Austin, I want you now,” you said, gasping.
Austin wasted no time and slowly pushed himself into you. You gasped at how big he was and your nails dug into his shoulders. You squeezed your eyes shut hoping the strange pain would go away.
“You’re doing good, babe,” Austin whispered in your ear causing you to shiver.
You winced as he started to thrust in and out if you. Austin kissed you to distract you from the pain. Soon enough, the pain turned into please and your whimpers turned into moans.
After a while, Austin’s thrusts started to become sloppy. The two of you rode your orgasms out together and you screamed his name.
By the end of it, you were lying in Austin’s arms. Both of you sweating and breathless.
“That was… Just wow,” you said once you got your breath back.
“You were amazing babe,” Austin said, kissing you softly on the lips.
“I love you Austin,” you smiled.
“I love you too, Y/N,” he said before you fell asleep in his arms.