Of Mice & Men Preference: Picture You Tweet


your/twitter/handle: This boy is damn lucky i am not home right now. I am not one happy momma.


y/t/h: If you see this boy please tell him to stop outstretching my favorite bra.


y/t/h: This is revenge for the photo you posted where my butt is hanging out. Yeah, ;) I went there.


y/t/h: I’m thinking about shaving his eyebrows off. I mean, It’s not /that/ creepy.


y/t/h: Oh yes baby, just the way I like it!!

Over My Car - part one? - Austin Carlile

/.\ okay Can I request one where y/n is at the beach and she’s just there. Then the om&m boys come with their girls & they play beach games and eventually one asks y/n to play? But the boys leave, which leads to austin and y/n alone &smut?💕 

Slight smut warning - I’ll do a part two if requested - 4,111 words - written by Emma.

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Tomorrow (July 31st), Of Monsters and Men will play the Osheaga festival in Montreal, Canada. They remain very popular in Canada, as can be seen by the fact that Beneath the Skin just shot back to number 1 on the Canadian iTunes chart, and it remains in the top ten of the Canadian Billboard chart (currently at number 7). This is fitting, given that Canada has the largest population of ethnic Icelanders (outside of Iceland, obviously). If any of our Canadian followers are going to Osheaga, have fun!

  1. Andy Hurley
  2. Joe Trohman
  3. Phil Manansala
  4. Valentino Arteaga
  5. Zack Merrick
  6. Rian Dawson
  7. Ray Toro
  8. James Dewees
  9. Chris Salih
  10. Nick Thomas
  11. Dallon Weekes
  12. Kenneth Harris
  13. Daniel Pawlovich
  14. Justin Hills
  15. Gabe Barham
  16. Jack Fowler
  17. Nick Martin
  18. Jaime Preciado
  19. Tony Perry (turtle)
  20. Tré Cool
  21. Mike Dirnt
  22. Jason White

 I don’t think they get near enough credit - they work just as freaking hard as everyone else, yet get dismissed because they’re ‘not as attractive’ or ‘ugly’ or 'old’ or because they’re not the lead singer. SO DAMN WHAT?

  • Fall Out Boy isn’t just Patrick/Pete
  • Of Mice and Men isn’t just Austin, Alan and Paul
  • All Time Low is not just Jack and Alex
  • My Chemical Romance isn’t at all just Gerard, Frank and Mikey
  • Twenty One Pilots isn’t just Josh and Tyler (before 2011 anyway, but the other still deserve a little credit) >
  • Panic! At the Disco isn’t just Brendon
  • Sleeping With Sirens isn’t Kellin Quinn on his own
  • Pierce the Veil isn’t just Vic and Mike
  • Green Day isn’t just Billie Joe


Please reblog/add other band members from other bands and people I might have missed. There can never be enough recognition.