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Some Nate Maloley smut for you 😏

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You're not okay (Derek Luh)

I tossed and turned trying to fall back into some state of sleep, but without Derek here it was almost impossible. “No not now” I say to the tears tugging at the edges of my eyes. I rub them trying to dismiss my feelings but it’s no use, I’m hurting without him, but I am the one to blame, if I hadn’t gotten so angry he’d be here now.
FLASHBACK- 3 weeks ago ________________________________________ “Derek it’s 8:15 in the fucking morning, do you really have to smoke right now” I had never cared about Derek smoking most of the time I did it with him, but lately it was like he couldn’t spend time with me without blazing up. “(Y/N) not this shit again, just let me be". I pulled my hair into a bun and got in his face. “Let you be? Let you be! I let you be when you were high at my sister’s baby shower, I let you be when you left dinner with my parents to go smoke with the guys, I let you be when you were late for my birthday and you ate the cake while everyone was singing happy birthday to me, so no I’m not gonna fucking let you be” he stands up towering over me. “don’t play the fucking victim, I’m the one who has to deal with YOUR mouth all the damn time!” I push him away from me “get out, GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE” Derek shakes his head and grabs his keys. “fine, I’m done with this shit you aren’t worth it” he leaves slamming the door and making the house shake. ________________________________________ The only distraction is when my phone rings. I look at it to see Nate’s name flashing across the screen. “Hello?” I sniffle up any evidence of my crying. “(Y/N)” Nate’s voice sounds panicked and I am instantly on high alert. “Nate what’s wrong”. He’s rushes everything out and I have to tell him to slow down. “ It’s Derek, he’s having a bad trip and I don’t know what he took or what he’s been taking, he’s locked in the bathroom yelling and–” I hear a loud shatter in the background “Oh shit! Bro open the fucking door! (Y/N) you have to get here now and talk to him please, I know you don’t want to be around him,but please he needs you” I slip on my sweats and a pair of shoes running out of the house and to my car. “Nate are you at Derek’s?” “yes, the door’s unlocked, just hurry please” I blow through the red lights and pray there are no cops out at 3:00 a.m. I make it to Derek’s and my car screeches to a stop. When I walk in there’s shit everywhere, paper cups filled with alcohol and several unmarked pill bottles. “Fuck,fuck,fuck” I say rushing up the stairs to Derek’s bathroom. “Thank God” Nate embraces me. “what happened?” Nate starts to explain, when I hear Derek in the bathroom yelling and breaking shit. “Nate I don’t know what to do!” I sob and motion towards the door. “(Y/N) just talk to him, please” I walk over and press my cheek to the cold wood. “Derek Baby let me in, please I just need to know you’re okay” he’s quiet for a few minutes “(Y/N) I know you don’t want to be here, I know you hate me” I press my forehead against the door and try to show him that I still care. “ Derek, you’re not okay, I want to be here just please let me in, let me help you” I stand there for a second looking back and forth between the door and Nate, until I hear the lock click. I shut the door behind me and observe the bathroom, the mirror is broken and there are little baggies of small tablets on the sink. “Derek Baby what did you do,what did you take?” I cup his face with my hands. “it doesn’t matter baby, you don’t deserve someone like me, I’m such a fuck-up” he is sweating bullets and he can barely keep his eyes open. I pull him into my chest and just hold him “Derek it’s okay I’m here now, just let me help you” I bring him down to the floor and we both kneel while I hold him and rock back and forth. “I’m sorry, I just want you to love me again (Y/N)” his words are slurred from whatever drugs are in his system. “it’s okay Derek, I never stopped loving you” he envelopes me with his big arms and squeezes tight I help him up off the floor and lead him out of the bathroom. “Is he okay?” Nate’s voice is full of worry “yes, I’m gonna take him to my place to sleep it off and we’ll see what happens in the morning” Nate helps Derek into the car and hugs him. “ Thank you for calling me Nate” he grabs me in a hug and whispers to me “he really does need you”. When I finally get Derek stripped down to his boxers I cover him up and lay beside him. “(Y/N), I love you so much thank you for being there for me” he cuddles up beside me and I hold him till he falls asleep “I love you too”