omaha girls

Guys, this might be a TMI Tip but...

When shaving your “lady parts”, use conditioner and put it over the area you want to shave and then shave sideways. I used to shave in the direction that the hair was growing but it started to itch so bad after awhile so I switched it up. SERIOUSLY. I have never been happier with a shave before! It’s so soft and the shave is so close you can barely see anything when you’re done! I’ll never go back to the shitty way I was doing it before! 

Pray for this queen, she attempted suicide yesterday and social media was blowing a “cheating scandal” out of proportion right in the middle of it. I honestly didn’t buy it because even though I don’t know her personally I just feel like she’s not that type of person she’s so genuine and loving it hurts to see someone like her break and try to hurt herself, the fact that social media just focused on her “cheating” pissed me off. I never get into the drama of social media it’s just a bunch of bull shit even when it’s one of my faves I don’t contribute to it because whatever it may be it’ll blow over and no one will care then. I love you Kehlani💕👑 please stay with us


to all Sammy girls! (and not only!) imagine yourself spending a beach day with this fool 😍😍