Once Upon A Time~ Kenny Omega Imagine

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It felt like a dream for Kenny to see you again. He was out getting some Viennese coffee, he had a long day. Something has been itching in his mind and not letting him sleep for the past few days.

 Even when he was traveling. His phone dinged like usual, mostly from Twitter. He took it out his pocket to see if it was something important, indeed it was Twitter. But it was Matt who had tagged him in something. Kenny clicked on the Twitter app to see what was the fuss about. That’s when he saw the picture.

 The picture of you. 

His heart began to speed like a race car driving on a track, his hands shook. The coffee in his hand fell onto the ground, his eye couldn’t believe it was you. It was a picture of you on stage with a microphone in your hands wearing a leather jacket. 

It’s been so long since he seen you, now you were a rockstar. He saw the drummer behind you, and one of the guitarist besides you. His eyes go to your hair that has changed closer and you became more slimmer.

 But what threw Kenny off was what he saw on your hand. It was clear to see, it was an engagement ring. Kenny’s grip on his phone tightened at the thought of you marrying another man. 

It’s been a year and half since you left his life, but it felt like yesterday when he said that it was over between the two of you. He wanted to cry his heart out because deep down he still loves you with all his heart. Kenny tried so many times to reach out to your manager and to talk to you thought your social medias. But nothing. He left you thousands upon thousands of calls and texts. He missed you so terribly, he remembers when you took out all your stuff from the shared apartment you two shared, telling him how much it pains you to see him. But he deserves the pain.

 He was the one who let you go. The Young Bucks had kept tabs on you, following your band and your success. They were so proud of you and were afraid to tell Kenny how you were doing.

 You had blocked Kenny on everything, refusing to hear his name. Of course Kenny knew how much your career boosted, he had tried so hard to put you in the back of his mind. It killed him to know how happy you are without him. After a year, he had stopped trying to hear your voice and look pictures of you. He knew he never loved anyone as he loved you, but it doesn’t matter. He had lost you a year and half ago and there was not a thing he could do. 

But Kenny didn’t know that you were only behind him walking out the store with your fiancee. 

“ Yeah, remember we still have the concert tonight love” Kenny’s head raises and his eyes go wide and his heart stops as hears your voice. It couldn’t be, could it? He turns around and he was right, it was you holding hands with your fiancee. It was like time stood still, his mouth drops open seeing how beautiful you still are since the last time he saw you. 

Your name leaves his lips and it was like you had heard him. Turning your head to the side to see him standing there, everything came crashing down at you. Dropping your hand from your fiancées as you stare at your ex boyfriend and your first love. He was standing in front of you. His curls messier than ever, those eyes softer than ever, and you couldn’t believe he was right there. In front of you.  

“ Hi Kenny” you spoke first. Kenny’s phone drops from his hands, he blinks opening and closing his mouth. Not knowing what to say. You nodded pushing some hair behind your ear. No words are exchanged, nothing there. You walk by him feeling your heart fall to the ground.

me, rationally: they’re obviously gonna do the switch like in the original to omage it. also to respect shiro’s wishes.

also me: keith only trusts lance to pilot his lion that’s why he assigns red to him. red is obviously gonna choose lance because she knows how much her son is pining after the guy and she isn’t gonna let this opportunity go away—

I’m just going to dissect why I love the line “As she has done so many times before, she thinks of her friends and prays for sunrise” (Not exact) and just what it implies for Troth as a character.
In TAZ nights, it is mentioned a couple times that Troth has anger issues, and though her monk discipline helps curb some it can flare. Notably, in the most recent episode where she shouts at a guard “Go home and Pray for Sunrise.”

Now, in the latest episode of regular TAZ, the line “As she has done so many times before, she thinks of her friends and prays for sunrise” is an obvious omage to this, but it carries a few other layers of meaning. First, there is the element of how the meaning of it literally hasn’t changed, pray that you live to tomorrow, but the connotation and context have entirely changed. Now it has become a symbol of hope and survival for Troth rather than a threat from internal anger, and seemingly has been for a while due to the “As she has done so many times before” part. Also, I find it emotionally poignant that she has also incorporated her friends into this mantra of survival, and that she still cares for them after so long.

TL:DR Griffin McElroy is a genius in making such significant character development happen in the time that Troth appeared in this episode.

Graves fic recs masterpost

Because i’ve had people asking me for Gradence recs, Graves recs, and I planned on doing a Gramander recs post, and then i’ve fallen into GoldGraves hell, so. Have everything in one go. Please be mindful of the tags present on each of these stories. 

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“A glittering chandelier hangs from the tallest ceiling, illuminating a landscape of too many shiny expensive things too warmly. Leather couches wear ballgowns of wool blankets, glossy coffee tables house bonsai trees, bookshelves tower with no softcovers, and a marble fireplace competes with a flatscreen TV. Windows are plentiful, big victorian things that scatter shadows over antique rugs that probably date back to the Persian Empire, and gleaming hardwood floors that mute the sound of his shoes.”

The Redd mansion, a towering three floors of engraved wood, priceless antiques, and grand embellishment, sits on the edge of Rosemary’s forest, overlooking a meadow. Designed with Robert’s extravagant taste upon marrying Kennedia, I included rich colors (including red walls as omage to the Redd name), luxurious furnishings, and almost stuffy grandeur. 

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Only asking because I'm curious, but why do people draw Cartman with two different eye colours?

Remember when Kenny “"died?”” Cartman, if I’m remembering right, drank chocolate milk with Kenny’s ashes in it. Regardless of how it got in him, Kenny possessed Cartman because he ingested some of the poor kid’s ashes. As a sort of omage to that, fans draw Cartman with one brown eye (himself) and one blue eye (Kenny). That’s why I do it at least. Also because it makes him look super cute

hey! if any of yall wanna follow my non-deh-related second blog, it’s @clarethepianist. content includes: yelling about stranger things and judaism, way too many tags (as usual), and a deep love of harry styles and being gay.👌

“ There is something really nostalgic about this show , maybe the fact that it reminds me so much of Shugo chara, or the opening theme song that is similar to the Monster buster Club, Or the fact that Thomas worked on so many of my fav Childhood shows like W.I.T.C.H and Totally spies, maybe even classical omages to the old school superheroes as well as Anime, whatever it is, i feel like im 12 again whenever i watch the show and it’s just makes me feel really happy and full of life.” 

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Your conversation with 50cyg makes me want to ask you something~ What do you think Yamato likes the most about Taichi? What is your favorite scene of them?? Do you think they think about the reasons why they two can form omegamon??!! I'm very curious *^*

You know, at first I thought these questions seemed harmless, but when I got to thinking about them…they took me a while to answer lol

I already know these answers are going to be long. So I’m just going to put them under a cut. 

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PROJECT HERE: The Doline of Wayfinding

I was always obsessed with the ocean, tropical islands and fantasy. So I was craving for things - music, videogames, movie or stories - that combine that and I could never find something that really satisfied me. There was simply nothing that did it in a way I wanted it.
In all that time, there has been only one moment that really defined this certain feeling that I was looking for.
This was when I was a young boy, playing Final Fantasy X for the first time, and I arrived at Besaid Island. This place was simply incredible.
I was captivated and this feeling never let me go. And I hold this moment very dear in my mind. But as life continued and got harder this single, innocent moment of pure wonder was overshadowed and nothing could replace it.

Four years ago, due to the circumstances in my life and in omage to everything that has inspired me, I started developing a mere idea in my head.
In all these years it became bigger, from being a place in my head, to a concept and now to a thought-through story. I wanted to tackle this idea some day, when I was more skilled to really go at it.
But I realized, I couldn’t hide this urge anymore and that the time is now!
I have to finally give a shot at this story I have to tell and that I have to show to the world.
Because after searching and searching for this particular game, story or movie that could capture this certain feeling I realized, there is nothing like it. And that I have to do it.

So here we are now, at the very beginning of a huge project that I’m starting today, with this first artwork. It’s called Project Here.
“Here” was the first artwork I ever did that tried to embrace this idea of escapism and I think the title was really fitting to summarize what I was looking for and I will now create.
A place that makes you feel having arrived in absolute paradise.

The basic idea is that I will develop a videogame, with the highest artistic skills that are available to me. Maybe I will expand the medium and will also do other things with this story.
I don’t care how long it takes me or how hard it will be, but trust me when I say that you are in for a treat.

Wish me luck.

How to make good character designs?

Character designs have fascinated me for a while now, in that they’re more than just pretty: they convey a lot about a character’s personality and his role in the story.

For today, I thought I ought to pay omage to a series that masters character designs: Voltron. From the first episode, these get you hooked: and it’s not just simple designs either; it’s about color symbolism and connections made between parties and arcs through colors, which I find a feat! So, whithout further ado, I’ll discuss the characters in the order they appear (accent on the 5 main paladins) and what their desins convey.

First off, we have Lance, whose main color is blue: blue jeans, blue hem of the shirt. Now blue symbolises peace and loyality, but it can also be associated with water, which is a form of being free. All if these hypothisis are confirmed by the animated series: Lance is a free and fun spirit (from the way he always keeps his coat open, even if he is cold, to the way he nonchalantly walks), but he’s also one to be trusted. You may argue that if he was so free, he wouldn’t wear a coat: however, he is bound by his insecurities, from which he wants to escape. As such, he is a pillar of Voltron: the leg. One more important aspect of his design is how good he looks, which is a testiment to the fact that he always takes care of outer appearance.

Then we have Hunk: from the first look, we can tell he’s a bit… Round. His chubby aspect conveys his love for food, whereas the orange headband of his means joyfulness. His whole figure is covered in earthy clothes, which make his aspect pleasant and endearing. The favct that he’s chubby and that his main color is yellow (joy) conveys his trustworthy attitude and positive outlook on life. Even so, yellow also means fear, which does indeed characterise Hunk: he’d rather fleet than fight (once again, the chubby figure helps convey this), but he’s there when most needed, being the other leg to Voltron.

Pidge has a very compelling appearance: it’s hard to tell her gender. She looks like a teenage boy who doesn’t care about their looks (unlike Lance), wearing baggy clothes and a messy hairstyle. Her glasses tells us she’s tech-oriented and that she probably prefers the indoors (her clothes aren’t that practical for outdoors). Once you find out she’s a girl, though, her looks starts taking on new meanings: a girl being so negligent about her looks is unique, even more so when she doesn’t even need to wear glasses (she never does when she pilots her lion). It all make sense if you link it to the picture in the first episode: she takes on the look of her brother. Right now, it clicks: her clothes are borrowed, the hairstyle copied: she doesn’t care about looks enough to want to be girly, her family has priority! This is how design can tell us more about a character’s personality than anything else.
Also, note that Pidge’s color is green, symbolizing growth (befitting for her petite stature) and freshness, also a fitting as she is the only female paladin. Another link can be to nature, which often is related to knowledge: Pidge’s definitive thirst.
Another intersting aspect is that Pidge is the only one in the group who doesn’t wear any type of blazer: that’s because she’s honest and always in the open, not hiding anything. When she tries to hide her gender, everyone finds her out, because she is like an open book.

Now come the most intersting designs:

Keith wears layers of clothing, just like his layered personality. He wears a red jacket, symbolizing danger and anger. He does indeed have a quick temper and he is danger (as proben by his past), but it’s interesting that his coat has two yellow stripes, meaning that he can be joyful, just be aware that he can revert to his angry state very fast (shown by the lines surrounded by red).
Another aspect to his design is that underneath the surface, he wears black. This translates to inaccesibility and danger, a hidden, misterious past he won’t show anyone.
The fact that his outfit is so practical and battle-oriented tells a lot about him, too. Moreover, his attitude is one to convey much: he is usually defensive, crossing his hands in front of him as to form a wall. With time, he gets more familiar with the team and slowly drops his guard, only to put it up again after the meeting with the blade of Marmora.
Also, the use of red, an opposing color from the cool, relaxed blue witn its intensity and passion depicts a great rivarly between Lance and Keith. See, we have the couple figured out just from colors!

The last character I want to talk about is Shiro. Now this is a character with a lot of contradictions. His name means white in Japanese (and note it’s the only Japanese name in the whole series), yet he mostly dresses in black. Of course, there’s a reason for that: Much like Keith, Shiro has a past he hides. Unlike the former, though, who doesn’t know what the pasts holds for him, Shiro does. He remembers little by little, realising he is more and more bound to the Golra. Even so, stained with black (which happens to be his color), Shiro is still pure. Maybe only a lock of his hair holds the color white, but his whole soul is pure and Shiro is he one who wants to defeat Golra the most (after Allura, who is whole white). The contrast between black and white in Shiro’s design exteriorises the fight between his inner good self and his Golra bits. But he quickly learns to accept who he is: the fact that he has a Golra arm is meant to convey that.
Here, the color black also tells us hat Shiro is confident and calm (also look at how he always holds himself straight) and how he is the leader. Being the most muscular and well-built one, one look at the group is enough to tell who leads Voltron. His scarred face tells us he’s been through a lot, but he’s always looking forward, as a true leader should.

I now want to turn my attention to the lions, which have the same main color and personality as their paladin: the blue lion is fun and loyal; the yellow line is trustworthy and reliable; the green lion seeks knowledge and is intelligent; the red lion is agil but stubborn and short-tempered; the black lion has no element to relate to, like the others do: he’s a leader and was born from all of them. The color black is what you get when you mix all the other colors, a color able to not be influenced but to influence everything. This is proven by how Shiro works with every member of the group!Despite that, you’ll see that during the opening sequence, the black lion is surrounded by purple and that its interior is the same color.

As we all know, violet is associated with Golra and Zarkon. The Golra empire is filled with shades of red, grey, black and violet, which creates a sense of danger, but also establishes connections with the paladins: Keith’s color is red, and he is half-Golra, whereas the black lion is violet on the inside, since Zarkon was its original paladin. This establishes the bonds Althea used to have with Galra, and also the fact that Shiro has to defeat Zarkon.

Another impressing feat about the design is that the black lion isn’t jut black, but has traces of every color on its design: the red and yellow stripes, the blue and green emblem when formun Voltron.

Another reaccuring color is white, which characterises the paladins and Allura and Coran by representing the good, innocent and faithful side of the battle.

Why I bring this up is because I want to make you realise you subconciously knew it: you knew Keith was more than his appearance, you knew Lance was insecure and you knew Shiro had a dark side. You also knew Voltron fought for the good of the universe, you just had a gut feeling. That gut feeling is induced by good character designs, that make you go: “aha” when rewatching. What makes a good design? It’s foreshadowing. It’s knowing exactly who your characters are and what they have been through and potraing that in a way that isn’t obvious, but subtle.

What makes a character design stand out isn’t only how cool it is, but how fitting it is in the context and how it portrais that character. It may be a contrast like with Shiro or it may hide a weaker persona, like with Lance, it may surround a character with mystery like Keith, or just make him overall likeable, like Hunk or simply give his personality away like Pidge. As long as the desing doesn’t stray from the character’s personality, it’s a good design. Throw in some well thought metaphores and you have yourself a stellar design like Voltron’s.

@bookstvseriesandanimes @paperrabbit13 have I missed or misinterpreted anything?


“It’s the circle of liiiiiife!” 🐶😂😂😂
Hi Everyone! It’s time for another
👏🏻 Figure 👏🏻 Skating 👏🏻 Fridays!!!!!!
This post was supposed to be for last week but Facebook didn’t allow me to post the video coz of the bg music playing 😭 Anyway, you know how figure skaters are sometimes associated with cute pets or animals? Like Yuzu related to Pooh Bear 🐻, Victor to Makkachin 🐶, and Phichit to hamsters 🐹 right? If I were to choose, I would choose a Shih Tsu as an omage to my pet dog, Curry Katsuki ☺️☺️How about you? If you were to be a figure skater (or any athlete for that matter) what animal do you want to be associated to and why? I’d love to know in the comments!

That’s it for now! Tune in for another episode of #FSFridays!! 💙❄️⛸

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Gruvia And Clannad Feelings Overload

I just realized after reading a comment on twitter to the director of the anime, who said they were paying homage to a certain other work in this ep.  

Mashima AND the animation team took it even a step further with the reference to Clannad. The freakin’ flower field is behind them on the board!!!! Remember Ushio running and playing in it when Tomoya took her on that trip?!

Frosch, Gray and Juvia were in front of the flower field!!!

It’s even in the manga too!

I can’t believe I didn’t notice this! How lovely! Wow! Mashima, you not so secret Clannad fan, you! 

So, yeah, lest anyone think the whole “Clannad family” voice actor connection is just a happy coincidence in this scene, I can say for certain now that it absolutely was not, since Mashima put it in there from the start, background included. I’m having so many feelings right now lol! The flower field!!!! What even! ^-^