Today’s brief:

| Lighting + Brass |

Image 1: I tried to play on the material properties of the brass light shade and the steel wire supporting it. Because the brass is a softer metal than the steel it would give way faster over time.

Omage 2: I added the pulley and bracket to continue the industrial theme. I like the warmness that the light would give to the brass and the natural patina the brass would develop over time.

Image 3: Close up of the curling brass.

nonbinary-netherlands  asked:

hello! i saw one of your tags on a hetalia post and i have to ask, what is 'msfau'?


So in my friend group we got something called ‘MSFAU’ or in other words, Magical Sausage Fest AU. It’s basically an au of an omage/inspired by magical girl animes with a lot of our ocs (down to us categorizing what happens by episodes and seasons. we nerds). Though by accident we made most of the actual magic trope men, hence the title. So theyre kinda hetalia ocs we gave their own human… ish au in a way.

Some characters ya might find familiar, others not so much.

Reve’s in it! Sorta, it cant technically be Reve so his names Rene. Also got Vanya ( @lambofthelions ), Adam ( @nonsensicaljello ), Annie ( @disgruntled-dogmusher ) , Mani ( @manisnowba), Volker ( @tangentially-displaced ) and also an Ivan ( @chaoticshchavel ) in there as well! (Also got a special appearence from World in the second season, though his characters been changed to be more independent, and his own name. Nevol’nik (or Nevo for short)). It’s a great au, that we’ve had plots for for like 4 seasons (up to the point of a next generation arc with their kids) its crazy

We’re not sure what to do with it really. We havent rped it out, and some of us thought a webcomic would be cool, i kinda thought a game would be neat, but usually ppl dont play original character games very much so it makes things tough.