Gruvia And Clannad Feelings Overload

I just realized after reading a comment on twitter to the director of the anime, who said they were paying homage to a certain other work in this ep.  

Mashima AND the animation team took it even a step further with the reference to Clannad. The freakin’ flower field is behind them on the board!!!! Remember Ushio running and playing in it when Tomoya took her on that trip?!

Frosch, Gray and Juvia were in front of the flower field!!!

It’s even in the manga too!

I can’t believe I didn’t notice this! How lovely! Wow! Mashima, you not so secret Clannad fan, you! 

So, yeah, lest anyone think the whole “Clannad family” voice actor connection is just a happy coincidence in this scene, I can say for certain now that it absolutely was not, since Mashima put it in there from the start, background included. I’m having so many feelings right now lol! The flower field!!!! What even! ^-^


Today’s brief:

| Lighting + Brass |

Image 1: I tried to play on the material properties of the brass light shade and the steel wire supporting it. Because the brass is a softer metal than the steel it would give way faster over time.

Omage 2: I added the pulley and bracket to continue the industrial theme. I like the warmness that the light would give to the brass and the natural patina the brass would develop over time.

Image 3: Close up of the curling brass.


Maybe it wasn’t an omage, maybe it was the Joker even, but Mirculousers…I saw The Riddler from DC Comics and I just about fell out of my chair!


I realize one’s a magician and the other is just a super genius who likes riddles, but the similarities to my comic book nerding was uncanny!

Hello from OMaG ~

One Month at Gray’s [OMaG for short] is my wonderful ‘fan game’ of the FNaF universe. It’s not really a game, just an idea. I’m not skilled enough to actually model everything and program stuff.

It’s basically just the story of Gretel, our faithful night shift security guard [pictured above. poor gal], working at Gray’s Parties & Games and dealing with several [seven to be exact] animatronics throughout an entire month, discovering clues that manage to link back to her twin brother’s disappearance when they were little kids.

In this image is Gray the Wolf [our wonderful mascot], Mystery Box[secondary mascot], Gretel Wright, and Squirrel[one of three mystery animatronics, though he’s not much of a mystery now]. I’ll make a post [and a tumblr] for the OMaG characters relatively soon.

Animatronics & Humans

Main –

  • Gray the Wolf
  • Alice the Security Gator
  • Pearls the Cat
  • Mystery Box

Retired/Mystery –

  • Chime Chimera
  • Squirrel
  • ???

Bonus/Mini-Game Animatronics –

  • Smiling ???
  • Functioning Chime Chimera
  • Mystery Box
  • Feathers

Day-Shift –

  • Mark Twan
  • Lewis Barthy
  • Coraline Harvey

Night-Shift –

  • Gretel Wright
  • Donn Smiths

Mini-Game Humans

  • Poor boy
  • Poor girl 1
  • Poor girl 2
  • Bloody girl
  • Bloody boy 1
  • Bloody boy 2
  • Tall Man
  • Horrid Man