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  • <p> <b>dentist:</b> open up<p/><b>me:</b> well...okay. so not only does the narrative of Avatar: the Last Airbender continuously circle around themes of harmony and unity and balance, there are multiple examples throughout the show that support the idea of two opposites coming together to complement each other and ultimately bring balance to the world. Tui and La, Oma and Shu, the various parallels between Zuko's journey with his fatherlord vs. Zuko's journey with his uncle, the foils of Azula and Zuko's siblingship to Katara and Sokka's... not to mention the entire journey of the Avatar is all about bringing harmony and balance to the world. All these things considered, the importance and thematic possibility that a relationship between the last Southern Waterbender and the Crown Prince of the Fire Nation, each from wildly different upbringings (their relationship with their fathers) but still with similarities that bring about a sense of complete and absolute understanding (the loss of their mothers) would have not only completed the show's purpose of showing how two things, in this case two young people caught up in a war and each struggling with their own personal journeys, can ultimately come together to not only thrive (their complemented fighting styles) but also grow in drastic ways that serve to bring about maturity, kindness, selflessness, forgiveness and, as we see in the finale, unfaltering, devoted, unconditional love. The two of them, red and blue, fire and water, sun and moon, yin and yang, end up having a deeper connection and understanding of the other, and that is apparent in the way they tackle problems together, both offering their entire help to each other as a consequence of this absolute understanding (Zuko helping Katara find closure concerning her mother and Katara offering Zuko help when he's ashamed to see his uncle again). This also gives them complete acceptance of the other, as we see in Zuko's immediate acceptance of Katara as a bloodbender, and Katara as the only person that has been allowed to touch his scar. Their relationship development, which is a lot deeper than a simple enemies to friends to lovers trope (though that appeals to many) shows us how two people can fulfill that balance completely and wholly. Add to that the fact that Zutara was not canon and you are left with a tragic "almost" story that leaves you with very real feelings of regret and sorrow because of the way that this couple, canonically could have brought the war torn nations the same balance and peace with their devoted actions and that the people would see, through their example, that harmony was not only possible, it was beautiful and productive, and healthy. The possibilities that would be brought about by having these two characters come together would have not only opened up a world of important themes and the discussion of acceptance and love and the welcoming of differences, but it would have also allowed for a full blown exploration and self fulfilling of the show's thematic desires. Of balance. Of harmony. Of peace. Do you see what I mean??<p/><b>dentist:</b> you have five cavities<p/></p>

ATLA 30 DAY CHALLENGE: DAY 8Favorite Quotes

“Life happens whether you make it or not.”

Uncle Iroh

“The true mind can weather all the lies and illusions without being lost. The true heart can touch the poison of hatred without being harmed. Since beginningless time, darkness thrives in the void, but always yields to purifying light.“

Lion Turtle

“Love is brightest in the dark.”

Oma & Shu

“You think you’re any different from me, or your friends, or this tree? If you listen hard enough, you can hear every living thing breathing together. You can feel everything growing. We’re all living together, even if most folks don’t act like it. We all have the same roots, and we are all branches of the same tree.”


“Pride is not the opposite of shame, but its source. True humility is the only antidote to shame.”

Uncle Iroh

“The greatest illusion of this world is the illusion of separation. Things you think are separate and different are actually one and the same. We are all one people, but we live as if divided.”

Guru Pathik

So here is a headcanon that popped up recently.
Zuko and katara are the reincarnations of the two lovers. Zuko being Oma, and Katara being Shu.

When Shu was killed, this brought great dread to Oma. She promised herself, that in the next life, Shu would be protected at all cost.

Suddenly time moves in a flash, and now they are born into new bodies, opposites of their last reincarnation. One born of fire, and the other of water.

Through this life, they find themselves at crossroads where they are sworn enemies, each soul always pleading for the other to Remember…

Shu tends to always find himself in danger, Oma being the one to save him.

One occasion involves pirates.

And another involves falling rocks.

Oma, is even able to help Shu release the pain he had been feeling since he was a child.

But the most significant event was when they partnered to face off Oma’s Crazed sister.

Oma could remember as the Lightning moved to hit its target, to strike Shu dead In his tracks.

Not again, not this time; he would not die this time.

Shu had died last time, and in the name of love.

So now it was Oma’s time to die for love..

So she leapt and caught the Lightning, absorbing it into her flesh.


Katara:These pictures tell their story. They met on top of the mountain that divided their two villages. The villages were enemies, so they could not be together. But their love was strong and they found a way. The two lovers learned earthbending from the badgermoles, they became the first earthbenders. They built elaborate tunnels, so they could meet secretly. Anyone who tried to follow them would be lost forever in the labyrinth. But, one day, the man didn’t come. He died in the war between the two villages. Devastated, the woman unleashed a terrible display of her earthbending power, she could have destroyed them all. But, instead, she declared the war over. Both villages helped her build a new city where they would live together in peace. The woman’s name was Oma and the man’s name was Shu. The great city was named Omashu as a monument to their love.

Except Republic City wasn’t named Kataraang (or Kataang)…


We’ve chased each other for generations. Always brushing hands, but never much more. Something always keeps us apart. I sometimes wonder why we deserved this. I thought we were done with war-torn love. We were so close last time, but again he left me. Not by choice. Never by choice.

I was sure of it this time, though I was of water and he of fire. Every sign pointed for us to finally be together again, but it was not to be. Sometimes he’s with another. Sometimes so am I. But sometimes I’m just too late. How does this always happen? Did we do something wrong? Maybe our love is too much for one life, so we must take what we can as the years and lives go by. I wish I knew the answer. I wish he wasn’t leaving, though I know we’ll meet again.

I feel like I’m not in control of my own story. I am strong, yes, as is he, but it’s like someone else hold the quill that writes our fate. If I could I’d write his name always next to mine, but the ink of our tale never lets that be. Too far to take his hand, but close enough to see his soul. He always knows it’s me. I am always chasing him. Forever chasing and he is forever leaving. Maybe next time.

Maybe next time.

cosetteskywalker  asked:

Do you think it's possible Katara and Zuko could have been Oma and Shu's reincarnations?

I think that was most likely the intention, given that Zutara is based on the concept of Twin Flame relationships and the Cave of Two Lovers was a parallel to the crystal catacombs. Here is a quote about Twin Flames:

When Soul Mates first meet they sometimes feel as if they already know each other. They may feel very familiar to each other. Soul Mates can have a beautiful relationship together, but it will take work. Soul Mate relationships may last a lifetime and others may only be for a particular purpose and be temporary. You can have more than one Soul Mate in a lifetime. Twin Flames are very different and very rare. Twin Flames are two people in two separate bodies that share the same Soul. Twin Flames meet each other in their first incarnation so that they remember the soul frequency of the other being. They are then usually reunited on their last time to this planet. If Twin Flames meet before they are ready they can be the total opposite and not at all compatible. When Twin Flames meet and are ready for each other, it is the most enjoyable experience possible on Earth.

Twin Flames also reincarnate many times until they can achieve balance of their own masculine and feminine energies. In order to do this, they reincarnate many times as the opposite sex than they did originally. And given the red and blue color scheme, there is a very good chance that not only are Zuko and Katara the reincarnations of Oma and Shu. But that Zuko is Oma, and Katara is Shu. :-)

Two lovers,🎎 forbidden from one another 💙↔️❤️
A war divides their people🔥↔️💂🏼💂🏼💥💂🏽💂🏽↔️💧
And a mountain divides them apart🌙🗻☀️
Built a path to be together⬅️🌚🌝➡️

…Yeah, and I forget the next couple of lines, but then it goes…

Secret tunnel!⬅️🎎➡️
Secret tunnel!⬅️🌊🔥➡️
Through the mountain! ⬅️🎎➡️
Secret, secret, secret, secret tunnel! Yeah!🌚👧🏽👦🏻🌝👊


Omashu and Zukaang parallels:

  • Their respective villages/nations were enemies with each other (well, in the Fire Nation’s case, they made the Air Nomads and the Avatar their enemy).
  • Oma and Shu learned earthbending from the badgermoles, Aang and Zuko learned the ancient origins of firebending and the pre-war form of firebending from the last dragons 
  • Omashu was built as a place where citizens from both villages could thrive in peace, after the war had ended. Republic City was build so that citizens from all over the world could live in peace, after the war had ended. 

anonymous asked:

Can you explain how the Oma Shu story from the Cave of Two lovers episode was foreshadowing Zutara?

Well, I think the point of The Cave of Two Lovers was to tie in to the Book 2 finale. I wrote a more in-depth meta here. The plot was being set up for Aang to learn the difference between love and attachment. Aang needed to learn what real love is to be a good Avatar. So his “love” for Katara is teased in the episode. He is infatuated with Katara and wants to kiss her and he thinks he is in love. It seemed like a Kataang episode, but it wasn’t.

In this episode, Katara and Aang happen upon the story of Oma and Shu, two lovers who were separated by a war and who could not be together. But their love was strong and they found a way. This sounds far more like Zuko and Katara than Aang and Katara. Especially with the red and blue color scheme.

During this time, Zuko is also struggling with his attachment to what he thinks is his destiny. Capturing the Avatar, going home and restoring his honor. He rejects Song’s kindness and will not let her touch his scar. He is not ready to let other people love him. Once they find a way out of the cave, Katara says that the lovers found each other by following the crystals and she leaves Aang. Katara does not share Aang’s romantic feelings. 

In the Book 2 finale, Aang is struggling to let go of his attachment. He assumes Katara will be there “waiting for him” and he is upset when he is asked to let go of her. Katara is thrown in a cave with her enemy and they are surrounded by crystals. Zuko lets her touch his scar after he tells her that he is free to choose a new destiny for himself. He has let go of his attachments. Katara and Zuko were originally going to fall in love. Aang was going to need to learn that love is wanting happiness for another person without expecting anything in return. His love for Katara would grow into a more profound love by letting go of his attachment. 

Avatar and Recreation

I don’t really have an excuse except I was watching the episode ‘Lil’ Sebastian’ and it just spiraled from there. Like 98% of the dialogue is straight from the show, but I did ad-lib a couple moments to fit in the Avatar-universe

Alright, pull your dress down a bit… fluff your hair… 

Katara stood in front of the door to Suki’s office. Bless the warrior, her best friend really pulled through on this one. After the war ended, Suki and the Kyoshi warriors moved to the Fire Nation to serve as Zuko’s personal guard. Being head warrior, Suki was granted her own office. 

Which made sneaking around with the Fire Lord that much easier.

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There are 2 different explanations in the ATLA/Korra universe about how earthbending came to be. One is that Oma and Shu learned it from the badger moles in order to see each others, but the other is that avatar Juan learned was given the ability from the lion turtles. The only way it can be both is that people forgot about earthbending and relearned it from the badger moles, but theres no way people could forget earthbending.

The explanation I’ve heard is “there’s a difference between learning to bend/move the element, and just bending it.” 

But I won’t lie, the story is still inconsistent. 

anonymous asked:

On anon 'cause I try to avoid arguments - I just saw that bit discussion on Aang's behaviour and one person brought up the kiss in The Cave Of Two Lovers and that's a really ambiguous scene that can be taken either way, can't it? Two people can watch it and come to different conclusions as to whether or not they kissed. Plus, the balcony scene in EIP makes me think they /didn't/ kiss 'cause then they would have been together, right? Or that conversation would have happened much sooner at least

For those of you who don’t know, here is the discussion in question. It’s pretty clear to me that Aang and Katara did kiss in that episode, because the crystals only started glowing after their faces were almost touching when the torch cut out, and not when Aang and Katara were working together or making up after they had a minor spat. The fact that the figures of Oma and Shu were kissing and the writing on the wall said “Love Is Brightest in the Dark” all strongly hint that Aang and Katara not only did kiss, but had to. (According to the Avatar wiki, Mae Whitman confirmed on the DVD extras that Aang and Katara kissed in “The Cave of Two Lovers”.)

It’s also reasonable to believe that Aang didn’t count it as a “real” kiss, as opposed to his kissing her on “The Day of Black Sun”, because the kiss was performed under pressure of not making it out of the cave alive. Also maybe because this is Katara’s reaction to it:

Katara: That’s how the two lovers found each other. They just put out their lights and followed the crystals.
(She lets go of his hand as the camera pans down the tunnel. She points down the tunnel.)
Katara: That must be the way out!
(They hug.)
Aang: (uncertainly) So… um… 

Katara: (excitedly) Let’s go!


But a better question than whether they kissed is whether that kiss is really relevant as far as arguing in favor of Kαtααng. This episode has all the trappings of a romance–its title, the fact that Aang and Katara are cut off from the rest of the group, the love story backdrop, the fact that a kiss is mandated by the story … but where’s the substance? Two people being forced, by circumstance, to kiss is not a romance. Two people reading a love story that bears no resemblance to their actual relationship is not a romance. Two people who share an adventure alone and yet come out of it with no better understanding of who the other person is or greater appreciation for the other person is not a romance. Yeah, Aang and Katara talked about kissing. But did they talk about their values, their goals in life, what they considered right and wrong? Did they compare their dreams and fears about the future? Did they share empathy for each other’s backgrounds or past life experiences? What is happening with their characterization that makes them compelling to watch as a couple? 

This is why Kαtααng is so weak as a story in itself–because even major Kαtααng-centric episodes like this one can be skipped with no real impact on their characterization or development as a pairing. Katara blushes for .5 seconds at the end of the episode … and then their character dynamic immediately resets itself with no indication that it changed their relationship. Compare this with Sukka, where every interaction Sokka and Suki had solidified their feelings or explored a new dynamic between them. From learning to respect each other (”The Warriors of Kyoshi”), to talking about loss and protectiveness (”The Serpent’s Pass”), to losing a battle over their emotions (”The Day of Black Sun”), to mutual help and support (”The Boiling Rock”), to jealousy and having fun together (”The Ember Island Players”), to facing an epic battle as nonbenders (”Sozin’s Comet”), each building block helped us get to know Sokka and Suki both as a couple, and as people.  “The Cave of Two Lovers”, by contrast, is more of a signal to the audience that the narrative is pushing Kαtααng than it is a milestone in the lives of the characters themselves.

anonymous asked:

Ok so if the Cave of Two Lovers is connected with Zuko and Katara's moment in The Crossroads of Destiny and Oma Shu was foreshadowing Zutara then what was the whole point in having Aang and Katara look like they were kissing or actually did kiss in the darkness when they were in the cave? What role did that have in all this? Then have Aang blush when they came out and I think Katara blushed too if I remember correctly, what was the point in all that?

So in the Cave of Two Lovers episode, Aang and Katara were never meant to be a couple around this time which is why when they kissed the screen went dark, was this intentional? Like was this what the writers wanted to show or was it just because it just so happened that the light from their fire went out at the same time? Like the reason they kissed in the dark was to show that they weren’t going to be together right? Otherwise they would’ve just shown them kiss right there.

I think the reason for the kiss was to be a fake-out. Aang thinks he is in love with Katara and the plot put them in a situation where they are forced to kiss. Aang feels like he is meant to be with Katara, and things like this build up the expectation that he has to be with her, as well as the audience’s expectation that Kataang is going to happen. This would set up a twist, when he has these expectations subverted later. It was important to develop Aang’s feelings with episodes like The Fortuneteller and The Cave of Two Lovers. This was an important part of the story by the time he meets Guru Pathik. It was why he felt like he couldn’t let her go. I imagine the reason the scene went to black was like you said. It was symbolic of them not being together in the end. At least, that was the plan at first.

It is true that Katara did blush at the end. This was kind of confusing because she seemed to be sending mixed messages about how she felt about Aang. I think the reason for her blushing was very simple. Bryke were still unsure of who Katara would end up with and they wanted to keep Katara’s feelings ambiguous. Although Ehasz was directing the story in a Zutara direction, it was not 100% decided. Bryke wanted to at least keep Kataang open in case they changed their minds. Which they ultimately did.


Earth is the element of substance, making earthbenders and their people diverse, strong, persistent, and enduring.The first earthbenders, Oma and Shu, learned this art from badgermoles. The key to earthbending is utilizing neutral jing, which involves waiting and listening for the right moment to strike and, when that moment comes, acting decisively. In other words, earthbenders generally endure their enemies’ attacks until the right opportunity to counterattack reveals itself.