someone just told me that i don’t even look that skinny heh heH : ) ok k thanks : ) im not even gonna cry or anythisng you know its fine no big deal im OK : ,) imok :,) im just gonna
never eat again heh its :) fine :)

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hey, this is probably a little out of context with what other people may be asking you at the moment, but can you please please PLEASE teach me how to be as tough as you? o: also have a lollypop. they're usually sweet but this one's 100% made of salt ^-^

*he seems mesmerized-

@sycophanticvisionary because duh we need another thread

   ‘ i’m melody’s mother— i’m amythest, ‘ ami introduces herself to her
   daughters best friend’s dad ( goodness that was a mouthful ) since it
   was the first small play the school put on. ami had tried to be available
   for most of melody’s school activities, but since she was in kindergarten
   and everything had to be a big deal, she only chose the ones her daughter
   actually participated in. this one was a play about sharing. sure. 

   during this whole time, melody had chattered on about how her best friend
   cassie, had to be the worlds greatest friend ever ( in those words exactly )
and while ami had no problem with her baby girl having friends, she did want
   to meet her parents before anything more than that was given. 

   her bouncing girl had kindly shown her the seat next to a handsome man,
   dressed in a casual suit with a stoic, but proud look on his face. this was
   mr. macmillian! her daughter had chirped before running back to cassie
   who was giggling behind the backstage curtain with the rest of their class.

   ‘ you must be cassie’s father ?  ‘