Searching For Wisdom That Every Man Seeks To Find by John Westrock 
	Barricade by John Westrock 
	I Could See For Miles, Miles, Miles... by John Westrock 

laxusthelightning  asked:

Eyelashes. Well, maybe someone did a prank... However laxus just walks in with a perfect make up face.

Honestly, the moment Laxus walked into the room Freed had to look once, twice, thrice… before deciding that laughing would probably not be the best idea even though it definitely was a somewhat amusing yet at the same time  d i s t u r b i n g  sight to behold.

Hence, all he did was to gaze. Perhaps a little bit too obviously and a bit too much, though.

                                    …so… I assume that you lost a bet…? Or is the culprit a certain seith mage?