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Abney Park Cemetery in north London - 2016 - Shot on an Olympus OM-D E-M10 fitted with a classif Olympus Pen F lens from the 1960s via an adapter. by Chris Osborne

That One Time Makki Got Drunk

Chat: Seijouhoes

Time: 11:15pm

eyebrowsaregay: useless fact of the day is that apples are a part of the rose family

prayforurboymakki: y’all

prayforurboymakki: i’m soooo drunk

prayforurboymakki: and we got

prayforurboymakki: mcdoland’s

eyebrowsaregay: also funfact a crocodile cant stick its tongue out

prayforurboymakki: HAHAHAHAHAHA

Gaylien: omg

Gaylien: ur so drunk holy shit

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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) dir. Wes Anderson

You see, there are still faint glimmers of civilization left in this barbaric slaughterhouse that was once known as humanity. Indeed that’s what we provide in our own modest, humble, insignificant… oh, fuck it.

KISS KISS FALL OVER ANd cry about the lack of a 2nd series

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Favorite characters!

 thank you, @pleasantdreamsart for tagging me!! this is so fun^^ the rules: name 1 favorite character from 10 fandoms and tag whoever you’d like!!

(notice an alarming amount of characters voiced by okamoto nobuhiko, seiyuu goals- ☆ )

1. nishinoya yuu- haikyuu!!  ☆

*cough* nishinoya *cough* yuu *cough* is my fucking angel that took my heart away and threw it into dirt

2. yang xiao long- rwby

my firecracker <3 syawed my heart away, she deserves happiness and what happened to her is uncalled for, i blocked roosterteeth, locked myself in my room to cry, goddamit barb

3. obi- akagami no shirayukihime  ☆

couldn’t pick one picture, lol)) he is honestly my sweetest child and he’s bodyguard goals, shirayuki’s bff, deserved better, is a goofy ass that has so much love to give

4. orihara izaya- durarara


fuck he’s pretty.png

what you doin.png

what he plotting.png

FUCK he’s prett y om f g.png

accurate summary. ((these are all file names of pics of him)) my little devil. i love him but i’m glad he was punched.

5.tom-  star vs. the forces of evil

i just?? love him??? i love him!! it was a really hard choice between marco or tom. i picked tom bc in the end of the day- marco is the better singer. tom is my dorky son, who is also a deadly demon, and he cannot sing. so yeah, tom.

6.kuro- servamp

he is just me in real life… he’s adorable and deserves rest!~ mahiru is so lucky to have him, i’d love a little vampire kitty. i’d gladly take him and give him the attention and happiness he deserves.

7. shego- kim possible

had to go back in time to kim possible! shego had a huge influence on me as a kid and i absolutely adored her. she was so important to me, i figured- might as well put my queen on the list. my badass power hungry babe. 

8.karma- ansatsu kyoushitsu  ☆

Originally posted by isa-chan194

((i didn’t have any good pics of this badass)) i love psycho characters. like- i love karma. just give me more badass babes voiced by okamoto-san. you can never have too many. the development he goes through is amazing. he’s just amazing. 

9. kuriyama mirai- kyoukai no kanata

my poor angsty princess. i love her so much- she is so strong, everything she’s been through she did alone, she didn’t have anyone. it was really close between her and akihito, like really really close. she got so far. the movie though ;A; 

10. mikoto mikoshiba (mikorin)- gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun  ☆

that picture sums up his character pretty well. a ball of sunshine who is dumb and good looking, who’s so good with girls that he embarrasses himself. he uses the dumbest pickup lines and his friendship with chiyo is adorable. 100\100.

note: i fought hard battles to make this list. please note there are shows\animes that are so good i can’t pick a favorite.  

i tag!! <3: @mybrokenrecords, @frozenlance, @tina-nightray, @tintin-hq, @eladadika (you watch these!! also post something dammit) @harelmlg (ayye it’s working) and everyone else who wants to!! 

if you saw this and want to do it this means i tagged you! have a good day everyone!


Addicted Appreciation Week (Ailin’s Day 7)
↪ One Flashback: Coballoway First Kiss, Chapter 42, Some Kind Of Perfect

I took a heartier breath and strutted towards Connor. When college exams and the texts made me feel frazzled, my wardrobe flooded me with confidence. Black skirt, sheer tights, booties with five-inch heels, a blazer over a loose white blouse, topped with a sleek pony and a Chanel handbag—I was ready for battle.
As I neared, Connor stepped from the table, his wardrobe equally put-together: navy slacks, leather belt, expensive loafers, an Oxford collar button-down and tie beneath a gray sweater. He had always dressed better than most men, but I wouldn’t dare compliment him.
I spoke hurriedly and hushed. “Did you slip and fall and forget that your allegiances are to Penn, not Princeton?”
He almost laughed like I couldn’t see what was right in front of me.
“My allegiance is to you, Rose.”
What the hell is going on? my iron walls seemed to shriek. This was unlike me. Letting him stay. Letting him help. Letting him near.
I didn’t want to push him away. I wanted Connor right here next to me.
I found my pen. I placed it on the table, and his arm extended over the back of my chair. He started talking about the equation, but I couldn’t think straight.
I glanced at him, just slightly.
He studied me with noticeable affection behind his blue eyes.
“Continue,” I told him, my voice stilted.
My eyes flamed. “No?”
His hand encased my cheek and jaw, large and assured. My pulse beat my veins alive. His other hand rested on the outside of my thigh, climbing towards my ass.
I held onto his shoulder. Our lifetimes of combatting one another seemed to flip over like a spinning coin that fell to one side.
His lips an inch from mine, he whispered something, not a quote. Not in French. Connor Cobalt murmured, “What’s inside this feeling that screams at me?” His eyes spoke of battles and wins and years positioned right across from me. “Devotion.” He neared. “Fealty.”
His lips touched mine. Our very first kiss. My rigid body stayed erect, but I heated like a thousand burning stars. He deepened the kiss, in control so I wouldn’t have to think.
I was thinking.
I thought about how my mind sparked and blistered. I thought about how his hands commanded the moment as much as his lips. I thought about how he held me like I’d always been in his possession, as he’d always been in mine.