your friendship with neighbor!calum would always have been competitive and borderline spiteful ever since you were kids but as you got older it matured and it turned into him working out very shirtless and very sweaty in front of his window for you to see and you passing by your open window in just your bra and underwear until one night you’re standing with your back to the window in just your underwear because you just got out of the shower and you hear your phone vibrate with a text from him saying “give me permission to come over right now. please.

a non-musician's names for the instruments: a summary
  • Taken from my various interrogations of my non-musician friend
  • Violin:violin
  • Viola:violin
  • Cello:big violin
  • Double bass:big big stand-up violin
  • Piccolo:short flute
  • Flute:flute
  • Alto/bass etc. flute:long bent flute
  • Clarinet:clarinet
  • Bass clarinet:long silver-black saxophone
  • Oboe:what happened to that clarinet
  • English horn:what happened to that clarinet part II
  • Bassoon:brown tube
  • Saxophone:saxophone
  • Trumpet:trumpet
  • Trombone:slidey trumpet
  • French horn:round trumpet that you stick your hand into
  • Tuba:huge gold trumpet thing
  • Euphonium:slightly smaller huge gold trumpet thing
  • Timpani:large drums
  • Glockenspiel/vibes/marimba/xylophone etc.:whacky piano
  • Piano:piano
  • Harpsichord:weird sounding piano with the keys backward coloured

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KENT STOP, WON’T STOP: A Kent Parson Fanzine

do you hate kent parson? then this free, online-only PDF fanzine is not for you!


  • 18 pages of kent parson-y goodness from 12 very talented contributors. (including the lovely cover by ponypops!)
  • a nsfw version that includes 3 bonus submissions.

this fanzine was compiled to celebrate kent’s birthday, and to show our appreciation for him as a character. we hope that you enjoy!