Portable Solar Charger

Keep your phone charged when you’re miles away from civilization with aid from the portable solar charger. A true life saver, this portable charger is small enough to fit comfortably in your pocket and is designed to charge your phone via USB cable.


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Happy 9th Anniversary, Fairy Tail!

(oh yeah, count natsu and lucy’s uncurled fingers plus happy’s tail = 9 <3)

Golden Snitch Ornaments

Give your muggle tree a magical touch by accenting it using some DIY golden snitch ornaments. This easy to follow guide provides detailed instructions so that you can turn any regular ornament into your very own custom crafted snitch.

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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy

If GOM plus Kagami & Kuroko were GPS.
  • Kuroko:Please turn right at West ****. Take a left at the corner, please.
  • Kagami:Take a left... desu. 2.4 miles away from the destination... desu.
  • Aomine:Take whatever route you want. I don't care.
  • Midorima:In Oha Asa's reading for this date, take a right upon reaching the east side of the downtown. Exit #67, as Oha Asa said.
  • Murasakibara:Cannot identify your location. Please try the candy store that is located at the **** east side after exiting the highway #45.
  • Kise:*perfectly directing the driver then* Uwah, Kurokocchi is now located in the building that you'd like to visit.
  • Akashi:Do not obey my orders and follow my command. I am absolute so take a right turn, proceed until you reach the **** street and your destination would be at your left.
  • Thank you soooooo much @connorfranta and @troyesivan for being so kind and inspirational. It was so insane to meet two of the people I look up to most in the world. I hope you have a great time at #lollapalooza!!!

Take care of me- Swazz blurb ❤️

I awoke to the sound of groaning. It was only 9 am on a Sunday and I knew it was strange for John to be up this early, he was a sleeper.

“John?” I call out and he shuffled from the bathroom back to the bed with tissues in his hands. He flopped down, face planting the pillow before groaning again.
“What’s the matter baby?” I say calmly, placing a hand on his back.

“I feel like shit” he whines.
“Oh you’re sick, I get it. Well you’re in luck you know why?” I ask, his eyes peeking up from where he was buried.
“Hmm?” He muttered.

“I’m going to take care of you” I smile. I walked over to his dresser and got him a pair of cotton boxers, to keep him cool, and take his shirt off. He started to shiver but was hot to the touch.
“Baby I’m so cold” he stammered.
“I know babe, we need to cool you down though you’re on fire” I say with a cool washcloth.
“I know I’m fire” he grinned slightly, still maintained his sense of humor I see.

I gave him some medicine and crawled back into bed and had him rest his head on my chest. I played with his hair and caressed his back.
“It’ll pass baby, it’s not forever” I soothe. I know he hates to feel sick. He sniffled and nodded his head against me.

I moved to get up and prepare him something to eat but he grabbed my thigh and pulled me back into bed.
“Babygirl don’t leave me,” he sounded small.
“I’m right here John” I say snuggling into him once more. He always got a little needy and cuddly when he was sick, but I thought it was cute.

“Thanks for taking care of me, I love you” he said placing a kiss to my stomach.
“Anything for you baby, I love you” I kiss the top of his head.