om symbol tattoo

Growing up as a desi hindu abroad struggles:

“So what did you guys do for Easter?”
“What did you get for Christmas?”
“So do you, like, celebrate De-wah-li?”
“What’s that dot on your head?”
“Nice hand drawings”
“Omg you HAVE to bring me to an Indian wedding”
*white girl gets Om Symbol tattoo* “it means namaste!”
“So do you speak Indian?”
“Why is there a weird elephant painting on your door”
“Don’t you guys like pray to an elephant?”
“Why aren’t you eating meat? Is it cuz you’re Hindi?”
“So you’ve never had bacon? You’ve never had a hot dog? Omg you’re missing out on life!”
“So are you like a feather Indian or a dot Indian”
“Do you speak Hindu?”

Real life experiences, man.