om shakti om

"It is commonly known that Brahma is the creator of this universe; and the knowers of the Vedas and the Puranas say so; but they also say that Brahma is born of the navel-lotus of Vishnu. Thus it appears that Brahma cannot create independently. Again Vishnu, from whose navel lotus Brahma is born, lies in yoga sleep on the bed of Ananta (the thousand headed serpent) in the time of Pralaya; so how can we call Bhagavan Vishnu who rests on the thousand headed serpent Ananta as the creator of the universe? Again the refuge of Ananta is the water of the ocean Ekarnava; a liquid cannot rest without a vessel; so I take refuge of the Mother of all beings, who resides as the Shakti of all and thus is the supporter of all; I fly for refuge unto that Devi who was praised by Brahma while resting on the navel lotus of Vishnu who was lying fast asleep in yoga nidra. O Munis! Meditating on that Maya Devi who creates, preserves and destroys the universe who is known as composed of the three gunas and who grants mukti!"

-Chapter II, 6-10 of The Devi Bhagavatam


ॐ शक्ति ॐ - Om Shakti Om


This one is really good too