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The first ever yoga-class-finder for your iPhone.

Meet lululemon’s om finder app :) 

I’ve been super excited and waiting to share this with you guys, as I’ve been doing a little bit of work as an Educator preparing studios in my area and making sure they are listed in the app and other things. TODAY THE APP IS LIVE! And it’s free!! So far I love it. Super cute.

Check it out!!

Soon, (once I figure it out), you’ll get to see class and studio recommendations from Educators like me who work in the store in your area! Store ambassadors will also have a presence as well.

Rock on, lulu social media team. Hats off.

IXNAMIKI OME (“People finder” in Aztec nahuatl) is an exploratory rescue robot designed by Mexican students from the Universidad Panamericana who at RoboCup 2013 won 1st place in manipulation.

IXNAMIKI OME utilizes cameras, robotics, navigation recognition technologies, and even sensors that can detect CO2 and temperature levels. It can run either autonomous or via mission control.

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