om 4t


Is it amazing how you can get in touch with people so similar to you via Tumblr. Some weeks ago Debbie contacted me. She knew me for my Tumblr page. She was visiting Barcelona and wanted a local person to show her the city in a different way. I didn’t think twice about accepting and we had a great time. We both share the passion for analog photography so I thought of taking some pics of her to remember our meeting! >> Check her Tumblr which has amazing photos!

If you are coming to Barcelona and would be interested in a local view of Barcelona or you share my passion for photography, don’t hesitate and contact me, I would be grateful to meet new people!

This is in a Asian supermarket where we took some photos (we tought it was photogenic). 2015

Olympus OM 4T // Fujifilm Superia X-tra 400 (pushed +1)

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