olypic games

Tomorrow it's Fridaaaayyy~

And you know what that means?


I really like to watch the Olympic games~

But this year I have rather mixed feelings about it…

On one hand:


On the other hand:


What the hell are yah doin’?!

I am just baffled over the way Russia has handled things with the Olympic games…

Not only the gay thing, but also the fact that people that have worked on building up the Olympic city in Sotji have not all gotten paid for their hard work, and then theres the fact that the hotels and other things aren’t finished and some even falling apart.
And some of the contestants have tried out the slopes and are scared for the outcome due to the fact that they are in such bad shape that it might be dangerous for the competitiors.
Just to mention a few things.

I am going to watch the games but I am also going to be afraid of any attacks or accidents that might happen.


The Olympic Games though :)