Welcome to Olympusdaily’s first Tumblr Awards! Thank you for helping us reach 1.7k in just a few months!


  • Must be following olympusdaily.
  • Must reach 150 notes.
  • Reblog this post, no likes. 
  • Ends December 16th.


  • Aphrodite Award: Mandy’s Fave (prize: url graphic/graphic request/dedication, I’ll do my next tumblr awards with winner, nutella and eternal love <3)
  • Apollo Award: Ana’s Fave (prize: graphic, new friend woo, a saved url that you want, )
  • Ares Award: Nia’s Fave (prize: graphic request, saved url, 9 icons and a new friend yay)
  • Artemis Award: Shannon’s Fave (prize: link on my blog for the rest of 2013, daily promos for a week, my eternal love and friendship)
  • Athena Award: Di’s Fave (prize: graphic/icon/sidebar request, potatoes + any reasonable request)
  • Demeter Award: Andie’s Fave (prize: url graphic, icon pack of your choice, sidebar/header/saved url request and my eternal friendship. ♥)
  • Dionysus Award: Tyler’s Fave (prize: follow back if not already, fan art of choice, url graphic, you get to be part of my next tumblr awards, wine and eternal glory)
  • Hades Award: Hsiao Shan’s Fave (prize: a spot in my blog for a month, graphic request, promos and eternal glory)
  • Hecate Award: Syuan’s Fave (prize: URL graphic)
  • Hephaestus Award: Caro’s Fave (prize: a URL graphic and a spot on Olympusdaily as blog of the month)
  • Hera Award: Gwen’s Fave (prize: link on sidebar for the rest of 2013, cookies, icon/sidebar on request, saved url, my eternal friendship & admiration)
  • Hermes Award: Jem’s Fave (prize: sidebar link, a picspam or icon pack of their choice, 1 new potato friend)
  • Nyx Award: Lana’s Fave (prize: follow back, my ever-lasting friendship, a saved url of your choice, promos every week for a month, a link on my blog for the rest of the year)
  • Persephone Award: Melarie’s Fave (prize: will be on hold for a couple of weeks, if she doesn’t come within the deadline we will eliminate her award)
  • Poseidon Award: Maria’s Fave (prize: new friend, and short fic of your choice)
  • Zeus Award: Caele’s Fave (prize: url graphics/giveaway)
  • Olympus Award: Best Overall (prize: become new member on the blog)


  • Follow back from the owner of your award.
  • Promos by them for a month.
  • A link on their blogs for a month.
  • All winners with more than 85% PJO content will be added to olympusdaily’s blog recs page.
  • Individual awards listed next to names.
  • Winner of the Hephaestus Award (Caro’s Fave) gets a spot on olympusdaily as blog of the month.
  • Winner of the Olympus Award (Best Overall) gets to be a member of the blog.