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The Matterhorn.

This is one of those images that you need to see big and I hope Tumblr doesn’t compress it too much. I made this out of 45 images stitched using my long 200mm lens (400mm on the Olympus). The detail is incredible. It is almost large format. When I was editing it, I was zooming in every now and then finding new things: there is a series of tiny little huts on the last ridge line to the North face of the Matterhorn, there are chairlifts crossing everywhere and you can make out people too. Download the image and tell me what you guys can find too. {EDIT I found a helicopter at the summit and the famous cross that some tenacious dudes carried up there in the early 1900s}

The Matterhorn is a huge chunk of rock and I can see why it is so famous, hopefully this image passes of its enormity.