olympus i trip 35

euthymiclurker  asked:

SHIT I'M LATE (for the ask thing). All the ones you haven't done yet?

DAH! Okay, just for you, I’ll do the rest. (I hope nobody else sends in an ask while I’m writing this…)

1. If you had to describe yourself in two words, what would they be?
“so tired”

2. What colour(s) are the walls in your bedroom?
A sort of yellow colour? It’s hard to describe, possibly because I am terrible at describing colours.

3. How fast is your internet connection?
15 meg down, 1.5 up.

5. Have you ever owned a film camera (i.e. a non-digital one)? What kind?
I’ve owned a few, but my favourite is an Olympus Trip 35 I inherited from my mom. It has an aftermarket flash (a Keystone I think) and it’s reliable and takes good photos.

7. What’s your favourite toy?

8. How big is your music library?
Counting just my music, that I have in iTunes, it’s at 1148 songs, clocking in at 3.7 days of music.

10. What’s the oldest video game you own?
Hmm, probably The Legend of Zelda. I don’t think I own an original NES copy of Super Mario Bros. anymore, but I do still have my old Zelda cart.

11. What’s your favourite piece of jewelry?
It’s cliche, but my wedding ring. I think I’ve taken it off maybe twice since Jess put it on my finger 8 years ago. :)

14. Have you ever made someone a playlist (or a mix CD or mixtape) to convey your feelings for them?
Several times, and in all but a couple cases I never ended up giving it to them.

15. Do you have a cable subscription at home?
Nope, haven’t for many years. Too damn expensive, and who the hell has time to watch TV? All my free time is taken up by my daughter, and by anime/video games/tumblr.

17. Are you a part of any clubs or organizations? Which ones?
Well, I’m one of the founding members of our local vegan activist group, but other than that not really. Oh, I’m in the TOM Fan Club on FB lol :P

19. Do you wear shoes inside your house? (Slippers don’t count.)
No, and I can’t imagine why anyone would. The soles of your shoes are filthy from walking around out in the filthy, filthy world, why would you want to bring that filth into your house? If anyone out there does this, how often do you clean your floors? Just thinking about it makes me cringe.

20. Are you an organized person?
HELL no. I am very much a live-in-the-moment, fly by the seat of my pants, type of person. I’ll make plans when I need to, but other than that I’m just like “whatever lol” about most things. I’m messy and scatterbrained and I’m sure I would benefit from a little organization in my life, but…

21. Do you do most of your non-essential shopping online, or at a physical store?
Hmm, I guess online? It depends on what it is, really.