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The Sanctuary of Isis in the Ancient Greek city of Dion which is located at the foot of Mount Olympus. A place of magic and wonderful vibes where nature and human intervention were meant to become one.

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Another Wicdiv HoO au. I guess Frank and Hazel would be the Roman versions of their folks. Although, I could never imagine Frank having Mar’s personality. Somehow this ended up looking like a James Bond movie poster, yikes.

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Can I get a Greek god AU where Greek war god Ushijima falls for a mortal who finds him injured and patches up his wounds. Even after he’s all healed up, he continues to visit the mortal. Other gods have noticed him spending a lot of time with the human so they warn him to stop, but when he doesn’t listen they decide to go and kill the human. Your choice on how it ends. (Sorry if it’s confusing😅)

It’s not confusing, I managed to take a few creative liberties. I have a feeling that this is going to be long. And since you asked for Ushijima to be a Greek War God, he will be assuming the role of Ares! Hope you enjoy this AU as much as I do! 

-Goddess Aphrodite 💫

Among the many centuries that the Gods and Goddess existed, there were not many ways in which to harm an immortal being, except for a God itself. Consider it luck that Kratos managed to land a blow to the God of War, even more so that it proved to be deeper than simply a mere wound. It was only when Ushijima regained consciousness that he fully grasped the severity of his injuries. It would take a gift such as Apollo’s to return him to his former glory.

It was then he noticed he was not in Olympus, or any other divine dwelling. The air was warm and cozy, a fire burning near the center of the room. The sky just beyond the window dark, stars glistening above, almost as if to beckon him home. The god made a move to get up, wincing at the sudden pain that tore through his abdomen. Glancing down, he realised the bandages covering his wounds bled vermilion. 

“Oh–you shouldn’t be moving yet, those gashes run quite deep.” A soft petulant voice called out, tones tinged in concern. The warrior turned towards the source, eyes softening at the mortal who approached him, arms weighed down with medical supplies. 

His warm eyes flickered back down to his wounds before meeting your own, you could feel your heart flutter at his intense gaze. “You shouldn’t concern yourself with my well being, mortal. It will only mean trouble for you later.” Ushjima stood from the bed, retrieving his formerly blood stained garments hanging by the fire.

You cocked your head inquisitively at his words, noting how he referred tour species. “Are you not a mortal yourself…?” Peering at him closely, you could not see anymore than a mere man. Otherworldly handsome and quite fit, yes, but a human nonetheless.

The man spared a glance in your direction, an eyebrow arched. You could see the mere curiosity in his eyes among another emotion, one you were unable to place. “Do you not know a god when you see one?” This only sent you further into bewilderment, brows furrowing. This didn’t go unnoticed, he pressed on. “Who is it that you pray to?”

“I’ve devoted myself to Ares,” You muttered out slowly, considering your next words. If what he was implying were to be true, you weren’t sure how to react. “You mean to tell me that you’re the God of War? In the flesh and blood?”

His face remained stoic. “I have no reason to lie, especially considering you saved my life. I owe you a favour, ask and I shall redeem it.”

The air seemed to catch at your throat, finding it hard to process when in the presence of a God, especially the one you had devoted yourself to, praying on constant occasions. You suddenly felt small and timid, unsure of what to say or how to address the being in front of you now that he revealed his identity. “I don’t want for anything, simply meeting you is a honour in itself.” A smile tugged at your lips as you beamed up at him, clasping your palms together in an effort to appear pliant.

Ushijima considered you for a moment before speaking again. “What is your name?”

“________.” You busied yourself hurriedly as he moved to redress himself, stoking the fire with more wood. “And what should I call you, sire?” 

A good natured smile graced his lips at the title you bestowed him, that being a new one. “I am no king. Ushijima will suffice.” After fastening his sword to his hip and shield in hand, he bid you a goodnight. 

Whether it was impulsivity or pure desire to see him again, you found yourself asking if you’d be able to see him again. While it was foolish to ask a god to do so, you couldn’t snuff the small flame of hope burning in your chest. He replied with a simple, “If that is what you wish.”, before he disappeared out your front door, leaving you breathless in the prospect of being graced with his appearance once more.

Several weeks passed by before he paid a visit, you had nearly thought he had forgotten about you-how many mortals had he known before you? You were positive you were nothing special, especially in the eyes of a god. However, much to your delight, he had returned, each time more frequent than the next. They were all lovely visits, both of you enjoying each other’s company. He asked about your life and family, enjoying how the edges of your lips quirked when you talked about something you were particularly fond of something. When you inquired about what it was like to be a divine being, he was open about most things, but didn’t say too much. He claimed it was dangerous for a mortal to dally in the affairs of gods. You agreed, not wanting to meddle.

It wasn’t long before his frequent visits to Earth gained the attention of the other Gods and Goddess residing in Olympus, his absence during tactical meetings was not appreciated. Tendou, the God of Laughter, warned him out of fondness of his friend, but it would take more than that to stop Ushijima, especially if he was in love.

“You went to go see her again didn’t you?” Tendou smirked, a knowing grin plastered across his features. Ushijima rolled his eyes, not bothering to answer when he obviously know the answer to that question. “If you’re not careful, it will only be a matter of time before your father finds out.”

It’s not as if Ushijima hadn’t thought about this. He did, constantly, knowing full well the consequences if Zeus were to learn of his infatuation for a human. His father had enough demigod spawns running around, and if he could help it, he’d destroy any ties Ushijima had with a mortal. 

“I’m well aware, Satori. If you keep–” He halted his words, pausing as a crack of lighting streaked across the sky followed by the rumble of thunder. A storm that big only meant one thing. “Leave.” He ordered, the redhead, not needing to be told twice, left his tent with little protest, offering a blessing of good luck. Ushijima knew he needed more than luck to reason with his father.

Heavy footsteps approached the entrance before a large figure strode in, Zeus in all his glory. He gave Ushijima a disapproving glare, brows furrowed in contempt as he eyes his son. The God of War stood tall, unflinching in his gaze. “Did I not warn you time and time again not to fraternize with humans? Are you that thick headed where you no longer listen to your father?”

“I find it hypocritical of you to criticize me when you have laid with countless mortal women yourself.” Ushijima sighed, the dark look in Zeus’s eyes growing.

“You admit to it then? You deflowered the mortal?” 

“No, I did not.” He clenched his teeth, growing more irritable by the second at his preposterous claims. He hadn’t even expressed his feelings towards you.

“You have given me no choice, Ares. That woman must be killed lest the world be delivered yet another demigod.” Zeus spoke, his tone final and authoritative. Ushijima suddenly trembled, red blurring his vision.

“You wouldn’t dare-”

“It may already be too late. I sent your brothers after her long ago.” His father didn’t bother to spare him another glance, already knowing what expression marred Ushijima’s features. He felt it once too, but he could not allow this to continue.

The day was finally coming to a close and you could not wait until you were able to bathe, muscles sore after a long days work. Hefting up the last few logs needed for the fire, you started back home. Had you not been so enveloped with your thoughts about a certain God, you would have noticed the two men approach. 

“Oh, hello. Is there something I can help you with? I’m about to close for the night.” You asked, glancing at the pair with a curious gaze. Both were tall and stature, handsome as well. They somewhat reminded you of the aura Ushijima emitted. 

The dark haired one offered a somber smile, crossing his heart. “We’re terribly sorry about this, m’lady.” A sharp gasp escaped your lips as the other man moved behind, gripping you firm as if to prevent your escape. The one in front of you began to glow, gripping a sword in his hands. You knew what they were. 


Ushijima’s eyes widened at the sight of Hermes restraining you, Apollo prepared to end your life as per requested by Zeus. He wouldn’t stand for it, he couldn’t. His form struck the ground in a hard blow, the earth beneath his feet concaving. The immortals turned to look at him, expressions unreadable.

“Do not interfere, Ushijima. This will only complicate matters further.” Apollo growled, urging for his brother to stay back. Even though he didn’t agree with his father’s decision, going against him would mean war.

“As long as I am alive, you will not lay a damn hand on her. Back away, or I will not hesitate to kill you.” Ushijima was not jesting, drawing his longsword from his hip, urging either of them to make a move towards you.

“Brother, we do not wish to fight. Let us do this and we will be on our way. There are plenty of other mortals to entertain yourself with.” Hermes tried, desperate to escape a clash between his siblings. His reasons only seemed to enrage the war god even further.

Ushijima looked over, your face marred with terror, muscles quaking. You desperately wished to be at his side, and not at the hands of his brothers. The mere presence of these gods was overwhelming in itself, if you weren’t killed, surely you’d pass from a heart attack. “Whether or not there are more mortals, she is the only one I’ll love! Now get back!” He swung his sword down in an arc, the pair moving back from you to narrowly miss the edge of his blade. Your knees dug into the dirt as they released you, dirtying your once clean tunic. A feeling of nausea washed over you as the adrenaline rushed to your head. The God of War just declared his love for you.

He was at your side in an instant, one arm wrapped around your waist while the other pointed his weapon towards his brothers. “Leave us. Tell father what happened and I will be prepared to handle his judgement.”

“Ares, you know he’ll either kill you or strip you of your divine powers.” Apollo spoke, eyes softening as he realized the very real love his brother held for you. It wasn’t often when a god known for death and destruction fell in love. He only wanted the best.

“It doesn’t matter. I will deal with him when the time comes.” Ushijima said, ending the conversation then and there. Hermes and Apollo cast one another worried glances but made no move to advance toward you. With a nod of finality they were gone, leaving you to process the evening’s events.

Sheathing his sword, Ushijima pivoted all of his attention towards you, hands caressing your cheeks as he assessed any injuries. “They didn’t hurt you did they?” In the months that you had gotten to know him, you’’d never seen him worry. Not like this. Not over you. 

“N-no, I’m fine. If you hadn’t gotten here when you did, I don’t know what would have happened.” A shaky breathe escaped your chest, falling into his chest in exhaustion. The man faltered for a moment, unsure of how to comfort you before deciding that an embrace would suffice.

“I’d rather not think about that. All that matters is that I’m here now, and I won’t allow anyone, god or man, to get between us.” He pledged, pressing a kiss to the crown of your head.

“You mean what you said?”

“About what?”

“That you love me?” 

Ushijima had been so caught up in the heat of the moment that he didn’t realize what he had confessed. An uncharacteristic blush rose upon his cheeks, a sight that you would fall in love with over and over again. “As I said on the night we first met, I have no reason to lie.”

You pondered a moment, replaying the words in your mind like a broken mantra until the courage finally built up in your chest, threatening to burst at any moment. And it did. You grasped his neck, leaning up to meet his lips in a soft kiss. If there was any reasonable way to describe kissing a god, it would be surreal, but even that was an understatement. You felt as if your very essence was leaving your body as your lips molded to fit one another, warmth spreading across your skin.

It was not the first time he had been kissed, plenty of women having shared a kiss from him time to time, but it did not compare to the one he shared with you. One filled with passion and unruly desire. He truly loved you.

“But what does this mean for you? Didn’t your brothers say your father might kill you or worse?” The blissful moment ended with harsh cold reality, the threats of Zeus looming near. As much as you cared for him, you adored Ushijima too much for him to give up his godlyhood just to be with you.

“I won’t lie to you, things will undoubtedly become more dangerous now that I have openly defied my father.” The sky blackened almost as if responding to his words, thunder rattling your rib cage. “This means war.”

Numbing coldness stretched across your arms to your fingertips, the prospect of facing Zeus’s wrath would be equally as terrifying to any mortal. But if Ushijima went through all this trouble to defend you, you’d gladly stand by his side until the bitter end.

Mighty Gods; Christmas Special

IT’S HERE, THE LAST FIC BEFORE CHRISTMAS IS HERE!  You guys are such a gift to me, and I hope you all have a Happy Holidays!

SUMMARY: Gods, especially the pagans, did not care much for Christmas, but who could pass up an opportunity to attend a party on Mount Olympus?  Dark would’ve preferred too, but his husband managed to drag him and told him to get into the spirit of things, Dark couldn’t tell if he was being serious or not.


“Who’s attending this year?” Asked Wilford, leaning over his husband’s shoulder and attempting to read the letter that just arrived.

Dark sighed.  “It doesn’t matter because I am certainly not attending.”

Wilford gasped, shocked at Dark’s lack of festive spirit, so he made it a mission to convince him to let both of them attend.  Wilford draped his arms over Dark and leaned forward, causing Dark to almost fall over.

“Please!”  Begged Wilford.  “Pretty please!  I wanna see the good ol’ family again, Dark.”

Dark raised an eyebrow at his pouting husband, then sighed and finally gave in.  


The room was tense, each god remained in their respective group and avoided all other conversation as to not cause any fights, which usually happened at family gatherings.  The jumbled chatter echoed in the hall of the ballroom on Mount Olympus, divine foods and ambrosia filling the table.  

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