Percy Jackson; Son of Poseidon

“The world was collapsing, and the only thing that really mattered to me was that she was alive.”

So I have this head cannon that Leo, since he doesn’t really have a signature weapon would (being the nerd that he is) design a Thor hammer.

And he would make it so that it only lets him pick it up.

And maybe even design it so that it came flying back to him when he called.

Octavian Headcanons
  • he grew up in New Rome with his mom and younger half sister
  • his mom was an ex-praetor and a very good one to
  • Octavian had always dreamed of becoming praetor one day 
  • his dad, a mortal, left during his mom’s pregnancy after she told him she was a daughter of Apollo 
  • she later had his sister with a son of Venus
  • Octavian and his sister were inseparable
  • when sister grew up a bit, she had a “Luke and Annabeth” relationship with Jason
  • Octavian disapproved of their friendship because Jason was the only one standing in the way of him becoming praetor 
  • his obsession with stuffed animals began when his sister made him play with them with her
  • he started destroying them with his sister died fighting along side Jason against the titan, Krios 
  • he also stopped talking to and about his mom
  • but he still wants to become praetor 
  • he comes to the point of threatening and blackmailing people into voting for him
  • octavian was more of a troubled kid than percy ever was