The stages of my hyperfixations

1. Seems cool. I’ll check it out.

2. Oh gods it’s sucking me in. No, you won’t have me!

3. It has me.

4. Downward spiral. Lasts anywhere from 1 week to 2 years

5. Decline

6. Becomes casual background interest but I still perk up like a scared cat whenever it’s mentioned and it has had its way with my personality.

Arranged Marriage AU|The Privilla: Chapter 1|Archive of Our Own

Almost ten years after their first introduction, Will and Prince Nico meet again. But this time, they are no longer children. Will, the illegitimate third son of Duke Apollo, has had a few prospective suitors, but none of the offers have been as lucrative as his family has hoped. Prince Nico has had his fair share of suitors, as well; with the pressure of being heir to the throne of a kingdom in economic turmoil, Nico is expected to marry for profit and security. However, his icy personality has driven many impatient suitors away. The two young men may prove to be exactly what the other needs.