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Javier Fernández, Pirates of the Caribbean | 2010 Winter Olympics

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It’s Farrucas Anniversary today… lets enjoy this program one more time!


Vancouver 2010 EX SKY Sport

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“It’s weird, because I’ve known him in ways a lot longer than some of the oth­er guys I played with for two weeks, and during the sea­son we play for the ul­ti­mate goal to win the Stanley Cup,” Weber said. “I dream of winning Stanley Cups with him and winning champion­ships with him.

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One day earli­er, the two Predators players took part in one of the most viewed games in hockey history. An es­ti­mated 54.1 million Americans and Cana­dians watched Weber’s Team Canada defeat Suter’s Team USA in the hockey gold medal game at the Winter Olympics.

And despite all the nerves and pal­pi­tations that Weber had expe­ri­enced the pre­vi­ous two weeks, noth­ing could pre­pare him for see­ing Suter, his team­mate and defense partner, wait­ing for a plane back to Nashville.

As they walked to­ward each oth­er, Suter im­me­diately broke the ten­sion.

"Just act the same, I don’t care. You won a gold. I’m happy for you. Just act normal. Don’t hide it,” Suter told him. “If people talk about it, talk about it with them. You should be proud of it.”

With those words, Weber felt at ease.

“He was awesome,” Weber said re­cently. “I didn’t know what to say, but he made it easy and acted like he would any oth­er time, and things were back to normal.”


Vancouver 2010 Ice Dance Medal Ceremony SKY Sport

Video by Elena C.