olympics: vancouver 2010


If you’re Canadian & you’re ever having a bad day, watch this 10-minute compilation of reactions to Sidney Crosby’s Golden Goal in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games & try not to smile throughout.

I still laugh and cry every single time I watch this & I will never forget this day. 😃🍁

@__________@ Whyyyyyy?????? @________@

Scott expression, his hand….. he is strong but also delicate.. his hand (and i mean the WAY to hold her head) is really an important detail…

I see a man who want to kiss his woman…. with all his love, with all his affection, whit all his passion, with all his heart…..

This pic is something to die for…………….


Now it seems like such a sad omen, that the last Olympic Gala, that Plushenko skated was to the song “ Je suis malade” (“I am ill”) :(

You don’t tell me that you watch this and seriously believe that someone as passionat, artistic and technically perfect will come along in the next 100 years…LEGEND