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(Some Of) Our Favorite Visual Stories of 2016

Images: David Gilkey/NPR; Emily Kask, Cassi Alexandra (2), and Andrew Cullen for NPR; Alyson Hurt/NPR; Adrienne Grunwald for NPR; Joy Ho and Meredith Rizzo/NPR

Olympic Sports City, Delhi, India. @hueyhoong with @jitendrasawant89

DAY 3063

Jalsa, Mumbai                    Aug 19/20,  2016                   Fri/Sat  1:24 am 

So .. yes we won another .. the Silver .. in badminton for Women .. the winner broke down after her victory .. the one that lost, our very own, PV Sindhu walked across to her, consoled her, got her up on her feet, picked up her racquet that had been flung away in the glory of victory by her opponent, and put it in the kit of the Spanish, Carin .. 

That is what INDIA is .. culture and dignity, even in a loss .. !!

Proud of you Sindhu .. so much to learn, have you demonstrated to the generation of Indians and the world, in one fell stroke .. you are a champion in my eyes and shall always remain one .. 

Dignity resides in culture of any nation .. time and evolution bring that to ethical prime .. but ethics is not always the inventory of a country or community .. there is more to it, much more ..

Italy identifies with, fast cars and fashion and food and cuisine .. France for its inherent beauty and chic and the epitome of the good life .. Germany brings the determination and its cars too, its systematic efficiency .. as does England, and China and Japan and so many other countries  …

But ..  the other mode of ethics that brings remembrance and importance .. is sports .. an identity of billions of our humanity follow and patronize it .. their passion keeps it alive and excelling .. and their International presence brings identity, distinctiveness .. 

In the times we live today, we have time for this aspect of our existence. I cannot say whether it is right or wrong .. I say that it is predominant and of importance to the generation that shall guide and rule us in time ..

Brazil, Germany, Italy and others bring me closer to Football say ..Jamaica quite obviously to track and field events thanks to a certain Mr Bolt .. Usain Bolt !!

Whhhooooosshhhpp .. that almost sounded like  “ I’m Bond, James Bond “

Australia at one time to, tennis, swimming, cricket .. Russia to almost every sport in the universe, but in particular ice hockey … Japan and East European countries to the aesthetics of gymnastics .. and so on ..

Sport .. the light that shines beyond the dignity and culture of a nation, at most times .. its development therefore a prime need to create the recognition of identity ..

Right now India is cricket and Kabaddi .. yes Kabaddi .. its viewership grew 51% from the last season and continues to grow, despite two seasons in one year ..

Excellence in sport just does not happen because you represent a particular part of the universe .. it comes from selection and guidance .. from infrastructure and training .. from patronage and interest .. and for country, to be fighting for its recognition and value .. !!

Providing means and facilities is common need .. structuring their performance with professional guidance on merit, on intricacies psychological, and above all the love and admiration of the people .. admiration that shall give them strength to excel and succeed .. a billion voices heard together can change the course of rivers , mountains and nature … but it can also speedily propel the athlete towards perfection and victory .. support and all its permutations inculcated shall be responsible for all that goes into the making of that coveted medal that we see each hour around Brazil #Rio2016 ..

Incentives .. changed the Indian Cricket team from 99.9 percent Shivaji Park, Mumbai to the smaller towns talent, one that now rules the World in the game ..

We can do it … and we will .. 2024 Olympics .. watch out for India .. not the next one in Japan 2020, but 2024 ..wherever it be ..

Good night and love to all …

Amitabh Bachchan