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there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco


the holy uncle trinity of ijs men’s skaters

MC and RFA go ice skating

With fall finally here I can’t help but get excited about winter!!! I can’t wait for the snow O(≧▽≦)O Don’t forget you guys that I’m filling EVERYONE’s headcanons so pleeeease please please send me some! :) NSFW ones are accepted. Alsooooo, even if you don’t have headcanons… just come talk to me. I’m lonely!!! -Mod 606


  • Busts out some graceful moves!!! 
  • She’s super elegant on the ice. So elegant in fact that MC is feeling inferior. 
  • Wtf??? When did your gf become an Olympic figure skater???
  • She wears a leotard and everything. 
  • Has bedazzled ice skates.
  • Keeps mentioning how she’d love for Zen to star in a musical where he’s an ice skater.
  • MC falls on your ass too many times to count while Jaehee skates in perfect circles around you


  • The second you ask him to go ice skating he is 100% confused as to what you’re even talking about
  • “Ice skating? MC, you can’t walk on ice, let alone skate. That sounds utterly ridiculous.” 
  • The second you pull him onto the ice he’s already tipped over, all lanky limbs and tugging you down with him.
  • You both spend more time with your backs against the freezing cold ice than you do upright. 
  • The second you start to twirl around him he becomes more interested, asking you to teach him how to balance his weight.
  • He tells you you’re the most beautiful creature he’s ever seen and cups your pink cheeks with his warm hands!!!!!!!!!!


  • The two of you are… hopeless.
  • No matter how hard you try to stay on your feet, it’s virtually impossible.
  • Luciel clings to you as tightly as he can, practically climbing onto your back the second you get a grip on the wall of the ice rink.
  • He falls backwards more often than not.
  • “My ass is on thin ice!” 
  • MC skates a few feet and he’s so!!! Proud!! Of!!! You!!!
  • Yells at anyone who will listen about his!!! S/o!!! Being the BEST!!! Skater in the world!!!
  • You both wake up with more bruises than either of you has ever had


  • Yoosung is clumsy without the ice under his feet, so I’m sure you can imagine him on blades. 
  • He’s going slower than even the children around you. 
  • He holds onto your hand for dear life!!! Except for when he falls because he would never want to hurt his MC
  • He’s all loose limbs and red nosed and sniffling. He’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen 
  • So cute that you feel bad for laughing when he falls :( aw poor baby


  • Zen, of course, is amazing at skating, even though he insists he’s never tried before.
  • You’re clinging to him so that you don’t bust open your skull 
  • He’s giggling, trying to lift you up and spin around with you while you flail in his arms
  • He takes pictures of you as you’re mid-fall and sends them to the group chat for everyone to laugh at
  • He tries to teach you how to do a figure 8 and ends up knocking someone’s grandpa over 
Christmas/Holiday AUs
  • we’re going ice skating for the first time this year and it’s pretty obvious that you’re secretly an olympic figure skater or something how the hell are you so graceful you’re literally twirling around on one foot on a frictionless surface and i can barely make a left turn
  • what no i totally have no idea how mistletoe got under every doorway in our house… *cough cough* …but since it’s there we should really honor the tradition right
  • we’ve been just cuddling here watching movies for like six hours and this is officially the most cozy and comfortable we’ve ever been so we’re not getting up until new year’s 
  • yes you look like a movie star with your tinsel boa but the i think it suits me better so ha
  • i love you but your christmas ornaments are weird we’re not putting those on the tree
  • you put a santa hat on my head this morning and i thought i took it off but it turns out i didn’t so i’ve been walking around all day wearing a santa hat i hate you
  • yes i know it’s almost christmas no that doesn’t mean you should watch every movie with snow in it seriously i can hear you singing along to love is an open door in front of my room and this needs to stop
  • i didn’t know that this holiday party was a dress-up thing and when i came to get you, you answered the door in your full-on GRINCH COSTUME and i almost had a fucking heart attack
  • you’re jewish so we’re celebrating hanukkah and most of this stuff is really new to me so you’re teaching me how to say the names of everything and so far all i can pronounc is menorah 
  • you’re gonna fall off the roof if you try hanging lights with that ladder 
  • WHAT DO YOU MEAN THERE’S EIGHT DAYS OF HANUKKAH yeah i know we have the 12 days of christmas song BUT IT’S JUST A SONG
  • come cuddle with me there’s this movie called “love actually” and it looks really cute i wanna watch it (a few hours later) W H Y
  • you asked me what i wanted for christmas and i was feeling really sarcastic so i said “a unicorn” and you actually went out and got me a stuffed unicorn i hate you so much but actually it’s really cute and i might sort of love it
  • i already told you i don’t like ugly christmas sweater parties because everyone just wears one that’s vaguely cute anyways so what’s the point and wHAT THE FUCK IS THAT I’VE ACTUALLY NEVER SEEN A SWEATER THAT UGLY WAIT WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT’S PART OF A MATCHING SET
  • we spent christmas with my family and now we’re going to spend kwanzaa with your family we’re gonna need a vacation after all this
  • let’s go walk around and look at all the lights and stuff
  • stop eating the popcorn you little shit, i can’t make caramel popcorn balls with just caramel
  • if you try stealing the whipped cream off of my hot chocolate again i swear i will stab you with a candy cane
  •  it’s new years’ eve and i am so determined to kiss you when the ball drops
  • you know i think getting engaged on chrismas it’s the most cliche thing ever but you fucking proposed anyway 
  • ^ but you proposed in the most amazing unexpected way and i’m actually getting really emotional about it aND I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING SHUT UP)

Question : What kanji do you choose to represent this 1 year of 2016?
“長”(length/long). Last year i chose “成”(become/turn into). So if it’s combined with this year’s kanji, it would be “成長”(growth). Started from January this year, I have been suffered by injuries. What a long one year it is, (I) took long time to rest, so in that sense it’s (what i mean by) “Long”.

Yes, honey. It’s been a long journey of one year, hasn’t it? So that’s why, I hope you can rest well enough, take your time with your family that have been far away from you, and then go back to the ice with the best of you. I will aaaalllllwwwwaaayyysss support you, no matter what. You are the champion in my heart (*^_^*)/♡

Okay but can we just acknowledge that Victor Nikiforov is actually an Olympic figure skater?

Now, we all know that Victor is an amazing skater. However, he’s not just the one of the best in the figure skating world, but he’s also one of the top in the Olympic world. His jacket is a jacket for the Russian Olympic figure skating team. We know that to win major competitions as many times as Victor has is an extremely large achievement, but even to be considered a place on an Olympic team for anything is a huge fucking deal. Only the best of the best of the best can do this, and Victor Nikiforov fucking has.

Just think about how much he left behind to coach Katsuki Yuuri. Not only did he leave behind his status as five-time consecutive world champion and his own home, but he also left behind his status as a potential Olympic champion. Frankly, I don’t think I’d be able to leave behind the first two, let alone the third one. But Victor did. He gave it up because he saw his crush skating his routine and thought that maybe his feelings weren’t unrequited after all and that he should coach him. Victor fucking Nikiforov left behind everything he had achieved throughout his entire career as a successful figure skater, and even the fact that he was willing to do this is overwhelming.

Basically, I’m just implying that Victor was willing to give up the highest honour any sportsman could get just to coach the drunken Japanese boy he met at the Grand Prix banquet, and, if that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

an au where dean owns one of those vintage burger restaurants, u know the ones where waiters go around using rollerblades.

and cas was an ex olympic figure skater who suffered an injury and couldn’t figure skate anymore

so the closest thing cas could find to skating was this restaurant, and dean hires him with out knowing about his past job.

also cas attracts a lot of customers bc not only is he super handsome but he also does some pretty neat tricks on the rollerblades

dean falls in love with cas and starts calling him angel bc he looks like he’s flying whenever he’s using the rollerblades


TV Asahi presented a full live orchestra playong music of SEIMEI (from movie Onmyouji) accompanied with Yuzuru Hanyu’s masterpiece free skating performance [SEIMEI] @ Grand Prix Final Barcelona 2015. I got goosebumped more than the previous one they did (they also have played this before, matched with Yuzuru’s SEIMEI at skate canada 2015). A must to watch!



If you remember the US swim team doing carpool karaoke before the olympics.. here are some figure skaters lol 


In order of appearance:
Maia Shibutani
Charlie White
Jeremy Abbott
Mervin Tran
Jeffrey Buttle
Takahiko Kozuka
Alex Shibutani
Javier Fernandez
Takahito Mura
Kanako Murakami
Mirai Nagasu
Mao Asada
Meryl Davis
Adelina Sotnikova
Yuzuru Hanyu
Narumi Takahashi
Alena Leonova


a comparison version of my earlier post on the latest Persona 5 trailer and figure skating techniques not in sync because reasons and also because i’m mcfucking losing it

Anyways I’m pretty sure the first protag gif is a lutz because the gif couldn’t capture it and the clip itself was pretty vague but i’m pretty sure he does a back entrance but either way he does FOUR ROTATIONS WHAT THE FUCK

in order, correct me if i’m wrong: the [quadruple lutz] [one-handed biellmann spin] [spiral] [ina bauer] [camel to sitting spin]

EDIT: thanks to nicayall for telling me the proper name for a figure skating arabesque!