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The rare ‘dying starfish’ dive! Olympics here I come 🌊

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⭐ Happy sea star Sunday! ⭐

NOAA biologist Greg Williams examines an ochre star on Tatoosh Island in Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. This August, Greg and other science divers collected information on kelp forest communities within the sanctuary. Kelp forests are an important habitat within the sanctuary, providing refuge to juvenile fish, invertebrates, and more, which in turn feed predators like seabirds and sea otters. 

(Photo: Steve Lonhart/NOAA)

Take a dive with the sea lions of Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary!

The rich waters of Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary in the Pacific Northwest support 29 species of marine mammals, from baleen whales to sea otters – and sea lions! 

This goes for all wild animals, in the ocean and on land! While watching wildlife can be an absolutely amazing experience, always give animals plenty of space – for your safety and theirs. 

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Request: “You should make an it imagine where she is the first girl and when bev comes around she self conscious because she is thicker than other girls her age and she likes bill and her fear is being alone, like no one wants to be with her because maybe her dad left at a young age. She wears all black and stuff like that. With the cliff scene where they jump, a scene with her fear and when penny wise is trying to be killed. Sorry for it’s so long it’s just I watched it Friday and fell in love with them.”

Pairing: Bill Denbrough x Reader

Warnings: Body insecurities 

A/N: The reader will have Hannah’s body type in this imagine and there’s nothing wrong with that because she is beautiful everyone is in their own way I just wanted to let you all know.

You were pretty secure about your body, well sometimes. There were times when you absolutely loved your body but then there were other times when you hated it. You were a complicated person with a complicated way of thinking but that still didn’t stop you from having friends. It was pretty easy to love your body when your friends were just guys.

Bill, Stan, Eddie and Richie were boys and although they were a lot thinner than you it didn’t bother you because they were men. That all changed when Beverly came into the group. Yes you were happy that you wouldn’t be the only girl in the group but you envied her petite figure and small frame. 

She was beautiful and so were you but you still couldn’t help but feel inferior and a slight bit jealous. What you didn’t know was that every girl in Derry High School including Bev envied your curves. You had a beautiful hourglass figure that made your curves stand out even more. Guys commented on this as well but they were more perverted about it saying how since you had a big butt and breasts they would ___ you anyday. 

Expect for the gentlemen that were Bill, Stan, Eddie and Richie they would say that you were really beautiful. But that’s it no nasty and disgusting things they were the definition of a gentleman. They were the only group of boys that truly respected women (as well as Ben and Mike but they haven’t met them yet)

You however mostly focused on Bill and what he thought about you. You had a huge crush on him and the only person who knew at the moment was Stan. You felt like you could trust him the most obviously you wouldn’t tell Richie because he was the big mouth of the group with no filter. As for Eddie you trusted him but not enough for him to keep a secret like that.

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